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07-23-2005, 10:48 AM
I couldnt really find anywere else to put this ..so here it goes..

Ive seen alot of Posts on multiple forums that have that " funny thing " going on..

So I decided to share my knowledge of PC protection. READY ? lets start !

1. Really if you can, make your backups of things that are important to you..

2. The best thing to do is Wipe your entire hard drive and reinstall your OS ( operating system IE Windows ) I do this about every 3 months regardless. :) IF you dont want to do this then goto step 3.

3. Like TB said " GET yourself a router " if you have Highspeed Internet. Once installed go into the routers settings and "Stealth" certain ports.
( Look online for suggestions of what ports should be Stealthed )

4. As soon as your up and running again ( assuming you reinstalled your OS ) go download a simple Browser. I use Opera myself..but some prefer Firefox or etc.

5. Next is to download a free Firewall program..I use Zone Alarm myself..( though after stealthing my router I never have any incoming troubles seen with ZA. but..I keep it running as a secondary anyways :)

6. Ok..now Download something like Spybot. this is just another safty net that I use. ( though once again after "Stealthing" my routher..nothing has been found ) RUN it..reboot..run It again. Buut..If your Into downloading porn.. then You might wanna get some kinda Virus Proggie.. Your risk..your call.. ok..gettin on with it..

7. Now WinXP users..go search out a nice simple web page explaining how to " safely remove services ". These things are unnessasary programs running in the backround that most of us single PC home users dont need ! ( you might want to set a system resore point before messing with these options.. but I dont think your gonna mess up anything up. I could later post what "services" I have if needed for some of you that want it )

8. Okies..almost there..Now go find a FEW websites that offer free " internet firewall tests ". Run the tests and find where your most vulnerable.
Tweek your Router if needed. ( stealth another port or two ). then run those tests again..
You may find a port just cant be hidden..but Its Alot safer then what you have now !

ok..thats about it m8s..

How I run my machine is like this..I use Opera for all my "main" browsing. I have ALL cookies Disabled all the time. If a page Needs a cookie..90% I wont continue on that page..they dont need it that bad..nor do I.

I Have to Use IE for only 2 web pages I realy want to see.. ( pisses me off that I HAVE to use cookies and JaVa for those sites )

I scan using Spybot every night before I log off..( It never catches anything anymore..but hey :) )


GET ROUTER ( stealth it ! ), GET FIREWALL ( like Zone Alarm ), GET ANOTHER BROWSER ( like Firefox,Opera,etc. ), TWEAK YOUR XP "SERVICES", GET SOMETHING LIKE SPYBOT, DO A COUPLE " Internet security scans ".

You should be FAR better off if you follow these steps ( and only take you a couple hours depending on your knowledge ).

Trust ol' Dreaky