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Uploading Images
You’ve captured a bunch of photos using the camera of your mobile phone – now how do you upload these pictures directly to a forum thread without having to transfer them to a desktop computer? With RoamingThreads you can either add images to an existing thread or start your own thread.

Older Mobile Devices/MMS Phones
If you don’t have a Smartphone but have phone that is MMS-capable via addressable email provided by the carrier, then you can create a RoamingThread on your computer before leaving home or work. You follow the same steps listed above with the only difference that you may receive your ‘email’ as a MMS text.

To use MMS, you will need to use the email address that is designated to your mobile device for MMS in one of the following formats:
Alltel - <phone_number>@message.alltel.com
AT&T - <phone_number>@mms.att.net
Boost Mobile - <phone_number>@myboostmobile.com
Nextel - <phone_number>@messaging.nextel.com
Sprint - <phone_number>@pm.sprint.com
T-Mobile - <phone_number>@tmomail.net
US Cellular - <phone_number>@mms.uscc.net
Verizon - <phone_number>@vzwpix.com
Virgin Mobile - <phone_number>@vmobl.com
Helio - <phone_number>@myhelio.com

Image Captions
Image captions: Each image can now have its own caption. In the body of your email, you will need to use the following format to caption your images.

@image_number your image caption@

example, assuming we have attached 3 images

@1 the first caption@
@3 some other caption@

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