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igwt 10-31-2005 06:56 AM

Three schoolgirls beheaded in Indonesia

truebeliever 11-08-2005 07:11 PM

Re: Three schoolgirls beheaded in Indonesia

Indo is FULL of high quality crystal Meth. A potent antagonist to this religious strife and a VITAL tool of the Globalists to foment trouble.

It is extremely difficult to cut off young schoolgirls heads while in a "normal" state.

As it is to fight any war. Drugs are involved in ALL massacares.

And I might add...all occult killings and activities.

redrat11 08-12-2006 05:24 PM

Re: Three schoolgirls beheaded in Indonesia
Chinese Noodles...Duck Soup!

The "New and Improved" China. :roll: The Braindead world is supposed to beleive the CHINKS are "westernized" and therefore no threat to World Peace! B.S. Only the Goverment Middleclass of China is prospering in that Commie nation, and most of those are prospering because of the "connections" in goverment, China is and will always be a SHITHOLE nation!

The NWO Model Nation

redrat11 08-23-2006 04:18 PM

Re: Three schoolgirls beheaded in Indonesia
Ther'es only so much makeup and lipstick, you can dress a pig with! (speaking of China) ;-)

The NWO Model Nation

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