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Peter 12-01-2007 07:50 PM

The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
Fluoride is an interesting molecule. The first time I read about it seriously was about volcanic eruptions in Iceland. A few hundred years ago some volcano erupted and emitted a large amount of fluoride. The effect on peoples health was enormous. People got black spots on their teeth and their bone structure was damaged.

In the second world war Hitler wanted to put fluoride in the water of the occupied countries in order to make people more docile. Thats why fluoride is also a component of many tranquilizers. In germany the addition of fluoride to the drinking water is considered unvoluntary medication. In most european countries no fluoride is added to the drinking water. In the Netherlands they give children fluoride pills instead. In the US almost all the drinking water contains fluoride. Its for maintaining good teeth says the goverment. This is bullshit, because in europe, were there is no fluoride in drinking water, peoples teeth are as healthy as in the US.

The real reason to add fluoride to the drinking water is reducing peoples IQ and to make them more docile.

Fluoride accumulates in calcified tissues. One of these tissues is in your brain. In brittain they found very high levels in this tissue in dead people. Some people say that that exposure to fluoride is linked to Alzheimers disease. Some time ago they did an interesting experiment in some US town. Half of the town got fluoride in the water. The other half got normal unpoisend water. They found that woman in the side of the town with fluoride in the water got their period earlier. Probably this has something to do with the organ in the brain in which fluoride accumulates.

Anyway, I am not drinking the tapwater in the US. I buy water in bottles. Than ofcourse you have the problem of all the chemicals leaking into the water from the plastic. The question is than, what is more toxic to your body, fluoride or bisphenol A. The illuminati leave us no choice. We will be poisoned either way.

Enjoy drinking your water and think about if you still can.

Barbara 12-01-2007 09:22 PM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
Very timely post, Peter. You might find this bit of information interesting.

In Deaf Smith County in Texas there is so much natural FLORINE - not floride - in the soil that not even one dentist can make a living there. Guess where they want to build a nuclear waste dump? That's right, Deaf Smith County.

You know, I am beginning to think that the architects of the New World Order are sadists, as well as Satanists. We've learned of their plans to reduce the population drastically and there isn't much doubt that they have the weapons with which to do it almost instantly.

Instead, they "toy" with us, making us sick, deforming our bodies, the bodies of our children and the unborn, destroying our ability to think.

I've read that serial killers start out by torturing and killing small animals before they "graduate" to people. What you want to bet, the so-called "elite" have left a trail of dead animals behind them.

Barbara 12-02-2007 01:43 AM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
Did anyone else besides me hear that giant sucking sound???

It made my ears pop!!!


Barbara 12-02-2007 03:00 PM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
Peter, if you would like, we can continue the discussion attempted on fluoride before we were so rudely interrupted.

There are some communities that are wising up and demanding that fluoride not be added to their water. If you manage to avoid it by drinking bottled water, you still have to use it to bathe and the skin is the largest organ of the body; fluoride, chlorine and who knows what else can enter your body through the pores.

Don't ever leave a tube of fluoride toothpaste where a toddler can gain access to it. There is enough fluoride in one tube of toothpaste to seriously harm a small child if they ingest it.

This is just one more instance where the big corporations found a way to make money off their waste material and "do us in" in the process.

Most people, including one of our posters, is unaware that FLUORINE that occurs naturally in soil is what we want to take into our bodies through the fruits and vegetables grown there. It DOES what the false claims for fluoride DO NOT and CANNOT do.

Years ago when the bright idea of putting fluoride in the drinking water was first "floated" (no pun intended), it was well known by some of us that fluoride was used as a tranquilizer for animals in circuses. Lawsuits were threatened against those who were putting this information out and, of course, big money had their way.


Another thread of interest would be about Aspertame and how "Rummy" (Donald Rumsfeld) became head of the FDA in order for Aspertame, which affects the brain and causes symptoms of many other diseases to manifest, to be marketed in this country.

Keep posting, Peter. Good threads make for good discussions.

Peter 12-02-2007 04:17 PM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

On this website they site several studies from china which show that fluoride has a negative impact on the IQ of children. Naturally occuring fluoride is as bad as the fluoride which is dumped in the drinking water. In the chinese study the found negative effects on intelligence at levels comparable to what is added to the US drinking water supply.

Fluorin is just another name for fluoride and its as bad for your health. It really does not matter how you get your fluoride. Both natural or artifcially supplied fluoride is toxic.

In this article they talk about fluorin, which is the same as fluoride.

My mother fed me fluoride pills when I was young. It did not make me very docile however. I almost got kicked out of primary school. I wonder what effect these pills had on my intelligence. I guess I will never know.

Peter 12-02-2007 04:22 PM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
Fluoride can indeed be absorbed by your skin. I did not know about that.'s/sodiumfluoride.pdf

Peter 12-02-2007 09:12 PM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
It seems that fluorine and fluoride are the same than. I do not know BlueAngel why my mother gave me these fluoride pills. I have to ask her. Maybe it was a habit in the country I grew up. They do not put fluoride in the water, so they have to poison kids in a different way. I read they want to put fluoride in some foods now in europe. I also heard that you can buy baby water with fluoride at "Wall" mart. These masons like walls. The fluoride pills did not stop me from being the biggest pain in the ass for every teacher I encountered, my parents and friends. My father and my teachers warned me many times that I would not make it far in society if I did not shut up. Imaging what I would have been without fluoride pills. Ha, ha. I have to ask my mother how much fluoride she fet me.

Shadow 12-03-2007 09:43 AM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

Peter 12-03-2007 07:49 PM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
Allright this makes it more clear:

Fluorine: F of F2, very reactive.

Fluoride: F bonded to positively charged atoms.

Peter 12-03-2007 07:51 PM

Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride
Part of a book from a dutch writer. He writes about fluoride. Ofcourse the book is not available anymore. The writer describes the same effects as I mentioned: making people docile and cancer.

There was a story prevalent in post war Holland that the Nazis had experimented with fluoridation because a secret research study had found that fluoride made people more docile and thus more accepting of dictatorship. A Mr. Perkins, an American, was alleged to have discovered right after the war that the I.G. Farben Company had discovered that this effect of fluoride was caused by damage to a particular part of the brain. This was the kind of bizarre story that never made it into the history books because no one could ever document it. The story may seem credible to some because fluoride is a component of many high strength tranquilizers. (p. 51-52) Although this story was never used in any of Dr. Moolenburgh's anti-fluoridation campaigns, it probably did a lot to sway public opinion against fluoridation.
A similar story was told by an eye witness who said that during the war he shipped fluoride to Russia and when he asked them what they were doing with it they said they fluoridated the water in POW camps to keep the prisoners calm. The same witness had lived in a part of Ireland where the water was fluoridated and it seemed to him that the children were quieter and more subdued under its influence. (p.57-58)

Indonesia used to be a colony of The Netherlands. There is a report that the Indonesian Government fluoridated a town in Papuan New Guinea (where the Indonesians are the unwelcome colonial rulers). No one got the Indonesian Government to admit that the reason was because it would make the population more docile, but in The Netherlands, this was presumed to be the likely reason, since the Papuans already had excellent teeth. (p. 67)

Dr. Moolenburgh relates the following incident that occurred in about 1971:

"One day, Henk, Emily and I visited Mr. Baardse, a flower-grower. We were cordially received and shown into one of his greenhouses. He kept pheasant chicks there: breeding pheasasnts was one of his hobbies. The little birds ran around underneath the plants in his greenhouse.

"Something creepy occurred there. He showed us his chicks and told us that when the mother pheasant had drunk fluoridated water before laying her eggs the chicks often showed birth defects: an extra toe, or a deformed beak, maybe. This did not occur when the mother had drunk only rainwater. Later, in the eighties, it would be Mahomed who would demonstrate that fluoride gives rise to breaks in the DNA-chain -- and that does spell birth defects, and cancer. Although we knew about the increasing number of children with Down's Syndrome in fluoridated cities, we did not yet understand, back in the seventies, what exactly fluoride did. But these chicks brought it home to us.

"This, however, was not the only thing Baardse would teach us. He put a non-fluoridated chick in our hands and it immediately fluttered away into the foliage. Then he put a fluoridated chick in our hands and that little bird just sat there looking round and did not flutter away.

"'Fluoridated chicks are born hand-tame. That is quite unheard of for a pheasant,' explained Baardse.

"For a brief moment that afternoon, a kind of surrealistic image touched our minds: a tame population with wry noses and an extra toe on one foot." (pp. 89-90).

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