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carrotjuice 08-04-2005 01:13 AM

close up ufo sighting caught on video
didn't used to believe in UFOs, but last night i saw one and was lucky enough to capture it on video. I bought a digi cam a little while ago, and i went outside in the middle of the night last night to shoot some footage of a bike under harsh illumination. but when i turned the light on, i noticed that there was a faintly glowing spherical craft about two and a half feet in diameter sitting in the yard. it scared the hell out of me, and i jumped back and fell over, but i managed to keep the camera on it as it flew away. it didn't make any sort of noise, and it accellerated amazingly fast. I did a little research, and saw some credible-looking videos of spherical lights zooming around in the sky. i think this might have been one of those.

you can watch the video here:

a few words about the URL: i make short animated art film. that is why the site is called grinning idiot films- that's where my webspace is, so that's where the video is. it's not a joke video site, as some people have seemed to believe (apparently without actually visiting it. ) for proof go to

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