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55132 07-01-2005 10:38 AM

We will be criminals
ADL's New 'Hate Bill'
The Death Knell
For Talk Radio
By Rev. Ted Pike

The Anti-Defamation League's new, tougher hate bill, "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005," HR 2662, if passed, will very soon end FREE SPEECH and FREE SPEECH TALK RADIO. The ADL, through similar legislation, has already ended free speech in Canada. It wants to do the same in America.

Here's a summary of how this bill would make law.

HR 2662 intends to enforce nation-wide the working ADL/federal definition that 'hate' equals bias against federally-protected groups. Particularly against:

Homosexuals. Any specific public criticism of homosexuals will eventually be considered a hate crime, just as it already has been for eleven Christians under the ADL's Pennsylvania hate crime law on Oct. 10, 2004.

Transvestites. Female impersonators, and persons with confused or altered gender, will gain special federal protection against bias-motivated threat. This includes transvestites who are threatened for sexist reasons by males who perceive them as really being women. Such men will be prosecuted as 'hate criminals' against women, even though the 'woman' they were biased against was actually a man!

Women. Any woman who claims, "The last time I had sex with him, he used a sexist word against me. He raped me!" can press charges for a 'hate crime' of rape. Punishment will be triple the usual penalty - about 30 years in prison.

Jews. B'nai B'rith, a Jewish religious organization, invented 'hate laws' to make public criticism of homosexuality a 'hate crime.' Yet this is only a step toward B'nai B'rith's REAL objective: making public criticism of Jews, matters Jewish, and the State of Israel, a hate crime.

HR 2662 intends to give the same special federal protection to Jews as to homosexuals, providing a green light for corrupt Jewish leaders to intensify their domination of the media, Congress, and the Mideast. Hate laws will eventually empower Jewish leadership to imprison those who criticize them, be they Jews or Gentiles.

HR 2662 will invite pedophiles, witches, warlocks, Satanists and even 'sinners' to acquire special federal protection from anyone who criticizes them, including pastors. Witches and warlocks in England are, today, lobbying hard for inclusion under Britain,s ADL hate law.

If passed, HR 2662 will provide immediate special FBI, Justice Department and local police assistance to protected groups that claim to have been offended. On the slightest evidence of bias, the police will descend [as the world saw happen last October in Philadelphia] upon Christians, pastors, talk show hosts and radio station managers, indicting them with trumped-up 'hate crime.' charges and exorbitant penalties.


A huge barrier to establishment of a federal hate bureaucracy has been the sovereign right of states to enforce the law as they see fit. Heretofore, the federal government has had to prove that such abuses as jury tampering, voter fraud, and slavery existed in states before it could meddle in state law enforcement. HR 2662 would legitimize as law several devious strategies to break down all barriers to federal intrusion.

HR 2662 asserts that if a violent bias crime within a state in any way affects interstate commerce, the federal government has the right to invade state law enforcement. This means that, if a homosexual has been called a 'faggot' and been threatened to have his butt kicked by a gas station attendant, and as a result does not patronize that gas station, whose products have come from across the state line, the federal government can intervene. Or if the homosexual buys a Greyhound ticket (vehicle of interstate commerce) to re-settle in San Francisco as a result of such threatened 'violence,' the federal government has a green light to take over state hate crime law enforcement in that state. Sec. 7(2)(B), Sec. 2(5-8).

HR 2662 asserts that bias-motivated violence in states is a 'relic' of slavery. This bill contends that the presence of bias-motivated violent crime within a state is proof that slavery still exists in that state. This provides the same justification for intervention that the federal government had in putting down slavery during the Civil War! Sec. 2(10,11).

Under HR 2662, the government can take over local law enforcement if
1. states do not have hate laws; Sec. B (b)(2A)
2. states are not enforcing state and federal hate laws as zealously as the federal government wishes; Sec.B (b)(2A)
3. states do not produce the kind of verdicts in hate crimes trials that the federal government wants. Sec. B (b)(2D)


HR 2662 is in flat violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits government from favoring any particular group.

HR 2662 will give ADL complete control of the federal anti-hate agenda. Very quickly, via enabling legislation and judicial precedent, any pretext of respect for the rights of Christians or dissenters will dissolve. This has already happened under the ADL anti-hate law in Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and under Pennsylvania's ADL hate law in Philadelphia on Oct. 10th.

All criticism of protected groups via politically incorrect terms, such as 'homosexual' or
'sodomite,' will become hate crime, just as it is under the British ADL hate law.

A huge number of legal precedents will continuously widen hate law jurisdiction.

Courts will quickly become clogged with federal indictments.

Staggering backlogs of unresolved cases, will make the federal hate law, like Roe vs. Wade, virtually impossible to repeal.

FCC restrictions will soon descend on talk show hosts with lists of unapproved topics. Talk show hosts will be fined or imprisoned and stations will lose their broadcast licenses, just as in Canada today, if they violate those restrictions.


Talk show hosts - Do you get the picture? If HR 2662 passes, your occupation as a free speech talk show host will go the way of Diplodocus.

You have two main options. First, wait and see what happens, fearful of offending a huge religious organization, B'nai B'rith, and their sycophantic yea-sayers, the Israel-first evangelicals. If you opt for this, you might as well start taking night classes to prepare for another line of work.

Or, you can invite me on your show for a very spirited and persuasive program, thoroughly convincing your audience to help save your occupation by protesting now to Congress.

In Canada on Aug. 28th, 'CHOI FM,' Quebec City's most popular talk show station was dissolved by the Canadian government. Its 33 employees were put out of work. Its offence? One of the talk show hosts criticized African dictators who had their children educated in Canadian universities. This was considered a 'hate crime' against blacks.

If HR 2662 is passed, exactly the same will soon happen to you and your station if you stray to the slightest degree from the new 'politically correct' FCC guidelines.

May I hear from you soon? My number is (503) 631-3808.

The ADL is lobbying hard for passage of HR 2662 - legislation that will not only end free speech, but free speech talk radio. ADL still has tremendous power in Congress. All it might take is one outrageous hate crime, such as a homosexual being dragged to death behind a pickup, to ignite ADL-assisted national outrage, stampeding Congress into quickly passing HR 2662.

We must lay a foundation of education that will help resist storms of 'anti-hate' hysteria in the years ahead. The best way to do that is to read the articles against hate laws at and purchase online Rev. Ted Pike's gripping video documentary, 'Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians' for $24.90.

Show this video everywhere you can, especially in your church.
This video is free to talk show hosts who request it.
TOLL-FREE: 1-877-762-8762

Rev. Ted Pike, an authority on hate crimes legislation, will help your audience fully understand the threat and vagaries of hate crimes laws. He is available for interview at (503) 631-3808.

PO Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

nohope187 07-01-2005 05:44 PM

Re: We will be criminals
So this is where the bullshit road of PC leads. :-P

07-01-2005 07:48 PM

Re: We will be criminals
What do you mean we will be the criminals? We are the criminals as far as they're concerned.

We're all guilty of being terrorists at the airport until proven that we are not carrying any weapons of mass destruction onto the aircraft.

We are all suspects. Each and every one of us. They can enter our house when they desire and accuse us of whatever they choose without habeous corpus!!

Welcome to the NEW AMERICA!!

Ain't it great!!

In Peace,

nohope187 07-02-2005 04:46 PM

Re: We will be criminals
No, it sucks, but thanks for the welcome anyway. :-P

07-02-2005 06:32 PM

Re: We will be criminals

You are so FUNNY!! I know it sucks, but one must find some HUMOR somewhere or they will drag us all down into the pits of HELL!!

I ain't going there again!! I prefer they do!

In Peace,

07-02-2005 06:41 PM

Re: We will be criminals
Amendment IV of the Constitution of the United States of America states the following:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, suppoorted by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Call me naive, but I said I would REFUSE!!

You'd bail me out, wouldn't you??

In Peace,

P.S. Those in the Senate who voted for the Patriot Act without reading it, should be fired by the PEOPLE!!

I ain't kidding!!!

I pay my taxes and I want representation of the people, by the people and for the people not for the wealthy elitists.

I want my representatives and Senators scrutinizing everything the "evil" doers put forth and making it known to the public.

This "secret" government has got to go!!

Mute 07-06-2005 03:47 PM

Re: We will be criminals
I think the whoever made up the bill of hate crime against homosexual's, transexual', etc; must have got the Akhenaten Frolich metasphore wrong when it should have connected to the Bible text's relating to the spirit and bride in the book of revelation. It's the meaning of Frolich, the supposed genetic disease that Akhenaten had had that implied that he was figuered as femanin in shape and relitively the same in mind. but the actual meaning is given in two halve's of a picture, or rather, two eye's between two picture's! Akhenaten represent's the the body of Nefertiti in it's opposite polarity context, hense, Akhenaten's right eye blacked out to represent the left hemisphere of the brain, and the dark energy surpassed. and Nefertiti's whitened out left eye, representing the right hemisphere of the brain, indicating the white energy achieved, and the actual meaning of Frolich in German mean's 'Spring'which relate's to the flight of the spirit body when empty, ie; the Ba, negative mass, which become's the body of the soul when an exchange of magnetic polarities is activated, and then become's the full colour doppelganger of the self, or rather, only the image of Nefertiti if you Hap to have the same face! And in this case, there's been a witch hunt going on for 8 thousand year's until the next face of Nefertiti arive's! This make's quite a good story for an organization pretending to pretect someone of some Christ line import over such a long period of time dosn't it!
Oh well, at least i'm still Constant-in-pole's!!!!

I know one half of me can't spell, and the other half is a widow!

nohope187 07-06-2005 04:57 PM

Re: We will be criminals

BlueAngel wrote:

I pay my taxes and I want representation of the people, by the people and for the people not for the wealthy elitists.
This "secret" government has got to go!!
You're right, but you're asking for an act of God that won't happen. :-P

07-06-2005 05:04 PM

Re: We will be criminals

nohope187 wrote:

BlueAngel wrote:

I pay my taxes and I want representation of the people, by the people and for the people not for the wealthy elitists.
This "secret" government has got to go!!
You're right, but you're asking for an act of God that won't happen. :-P


NoHope, please change your username. Psychologically, it might have alot to do with your "outlook" on life.

One can still hope!!

In Peace,

:lol: :-( :-o

Mute 07-07-2005 06:18 PM

Re: We will be criminals
I used to wonder when i was a kid, why people alway's associated panic stasis with "The Russian's are commin!" like they were real alien's or something? But if you think about it, with what's really happening in the world now, all lead's back to the Illuminati Umbrella of organized crime.
What we shouldn't be doing is shouting our head's off about the increasing rate of government injustice's going on all over the globe. they'll only make more law's to prevent victim's from complaining about being victim's anyway!
There's only one force that's caperble of ending war's between nation's like this, and that's with the revealing of the true meaning of religion as a whole. Their conditioned belief system is their Achilese Heel, break the foundation's within their doctrine of interpretation's that originally created their belief system with which they acrue their power, then they become powerless to the public, and rank's begin to crumble.

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