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Fahrenheit 912 03-01-2010 07:46 PM

8.8 Chilean Earthquake - all out scalar warfare?
Ok, guys... this one's up for grabs. Feedback time. What the hell is going on in Chile? Looks like another potential HAARP strike. Clue me on this one. Can't quite figure this one out. An 8.8 quake occurance is extremely, extremely rare. Who is to benefit and/or who is being punished. Look into the most recent political/economic history of Chile and very slowly work your way backwards, page by page. If scalar weaponry is involved, an answer will eventually emerge.

View this from both broad and narrow perspectives, interchanging views and examining all the evidence. At times, think like a total, remorseless Nazi, as they would. A picture will slowly begin to form. At the same time, do not fall into the same trap as most conspiracy theorists - jumping to hasty, ill-thought conclusions.

For you see, much is at stake in the world. Unrepentant madmen are apparently in control of horrific weapons of mass destruction at this time, and little or nothing is being done to either expose or stop them.

Fahrenheit 912 03-05-2010 08:15 PM

Re: 8.8 Chilean Earthquake - all out scalar warfare?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 65562)
Farenheit sent me the following PM and asked me to only reply to him via PM.

Sorry, that ain't happening.

I don't converse via PM.

I converse here on the forum for all to read.

How is it that Farenheit knows Obama just took out two Haarp sites in Chile and Taiwan?

Obviously, Farenheit has access to information that the rest of us don't.

Either that, or he's lying.

Oh, my.

Chile is world -reknowned for its university sponsered programs in astronomy and astrophysics according to Farenheit.

What a threat that poses.

I have no clue why 912 didn't respond to the comments/questions I posed to him in this thread rather than sending me a PM.

Oh, yes, I do have a clue.

Obviously, he is incapable of doing so.


PM from Fahernheit:

Apparently OBama has just taken out two HAARP sites in Chile and Taiwan with US scalar weaponry. Both of these sites have been co-opted by elements of the Far Right in this country, and one or both of these scalar weaponry installations was responsible for the Haitian earthquake carnage. Chile is world -reknowned for its university sponsered programs in astronomy and astrophysics, and much of the northernmost part of the country is dotted with both optical and radioastronomy facilities. The Universidad de Concepcion (University of the Conception) is heavily involved in interferometer research, and the host city to this university (Concepcion) was located near the epicenter of the quake. Please respond only with PM..., this shit is getting serious, honey....For more information, Google up "Universidad de Concepcion Chile Astronomy Research."

Whoa.... You are really bipolar, aren't you? Maybe you could PM me on the days you are relatively stable...., you know, in between extreme highs and lows, and inform me in advance. Otherwise, check out some of the various mood-stabilizing agents on the market (lithium, depakote, etc.). I'm sure you'll find something to take the edge off.

You could have at least extended me the courtesy of not responding to my PM publicly, so I will no longer extend any courtesies to you. This is an extremely grave, sensitive matter with social/political implications of enormous significance. But being the half-wit that you are, I should have assumed you weren't able to comprehend matters of such complexity.

You are about as intuitive as an amoeba - and that's mighty damn little. You should get away from this forum that you occupy incessantly and try reading .. say.., a newspaper. There are all kinds of relevant things about today's world to be found in newspapers, books, and magazines - things that you'll actually have to work at to really understand..

None of us here are true intellectuals - not even you. I'm sorry if you think that way. If so, then you are truly delusional. I will gladly address you on this openly hostile level that you choose for now, but in the future I will most likely regard you as irrelevant.

Yours truly,
Fahrenheit 912

P.S. And that's Fahrenheit, not Farenheit.

Fahrenheit 912 03-16-2010 01:16 AM

Re: 8.8 Chilean Earthquake - all out scalar warfare?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 65676)
The main HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in the US is located in Alaska.

I don't know if there are any other HAARP sites within the remaining states.

Fahrenheit states that Obama took out two HAARP sites.

One in Chile and one in Taiwan.

I just need to know.

How did Obama take these two sites out?

What did he do?

Blow them up?

Is HAARP the same as SCALAR weaponry and if so, why did Chile experience two more earthquakes after Obama took out the HAARP site in Chile?


I'm here to learn.

I'm willing to work with you, but you've got to work with me, too.

I respectfully request answers to my questions.

If you can't answer them, we will have to ascertain that what you have presented is false.

OK, I have some answers now, but let me put a few more pieces of the puzzle together. I think it would be better to start an entirely new thread, so look for it in the near future.

Fahrenheit 912

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