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get_real 05-22-2005 11:56 AM

Hello again and good-bye: it's been fun, but not funny!
Hi there everyone.
Great posts lately, I've enjoyed reading all.
Before I go, I would like to leave some food for thought with the link below.

In todays day and age we all need to do a reality check, on all issues relating to what we all are against---the evil side of the NWO.

Some very disturbing plans are just ahead.

There are those that believe a time has come to pull the world together for the betterment of each and every individual. They believe that is what the NWO is really about.
I would like to believe such an agenda, however, it is not the AGENDA of the masterminds of the NWO.

Because of my own personal experience of the nastiness of the NWO 'groupies' and 'ass-kissers', I find myself holding on to a string of hope that nothing will happen to me and my family as far as extermination goes. Not so much for myself, but I hope (at least) my family will not suffer any "set-up" or "scapegoating", and more.

You might be thinking: " hmmm, is she really on to something" or just a bad day.

No, not a bad day. Yes, truly on to something.
And they know I know, and they don't like!!!!

My support for the average, or helpless, and at times hopeless individual has put me on a 'list'.

I am not on drugs, nor an alcoholic, nor a sufferer of any mental health disorder or limitation. Just a good person, with a very kind heart.

For those of you who get up each day for your 9-5 job, or whatever hours!---please be aware that there are those amongst you that keep a tally on your personal and work environment. Watch what you say at work. Watch what you say to your neighbors. The 'info gatherers' for NWO masters is very real. Don't fool yourself. They are working like you and me in average jobs, shop at your hometown malls, and go to your beloved church!!!
You would be surprised to find what a certain "file" has on YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!! And most of it 'non-factual'. But 'they' say what they want, and you might NOT be able to do anything about it!!!

But anyway, my dear CC posters, I will continue to read all your posts.

Be at peace with yourselves and your loved-ones. Hold close to you the institution of family and loved-ones. Quietly in your minds question your friends and neighbors and workers. But, never let them know. Keep safe, be as wise a serpents, but keep a clean mind and heart.

Helen (get_real)

nohope187 05-30-2005 10:07 AM

Re: Hello again and good-bye: it's been fun, but not funny!
Hey Real, that stubborn link won't work for me.
was nice havin' you here. You're right about the TIPS program being played out under a different name. Same with TIA becoming the MATRIX and then whatever the hell else they named it. :-P

05-31-2005 09:07 PM

Re: Hello again and good-bye: it's been fun, but not funny!
Sorry, Helen, but if you have to watch what you say then truly you are under their SPELL!!! and being controlled by THEM!!!

I say, you have but one life to live and you should live it well!!

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