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Martin Timothy 03-07-2014 02:57 AM

Barak Obama's Support Likened to the Gallows Trapdoor :(
Support messages to Barack Obama


Barak Obama's support should be likened to the gallows trapdoor, that supports a condemned felon moments before his hangin'.


Check the pic .. Vice President Joe Biden appears grim faced standing behind Barak Obama, his eyes are focused not on the cue board but upon the President's cranium, it looks like he has Obama in his sights, the same way VP Lyndon Johnson had President Kennedy in his!


As well O should be placed under arrest then brought to trial on capital charges, for turning from evidence linking Biden to the outrage of 911 in the first place, before we get to the allegations surrounding his alleged involvement in the 2007 killings, of his alleged butt buddies Nate Spencer and Donald Young.

Martin Timothy 03-07-2014 02:58 AM

Re: Barak Obama's Support Likened to the Gallows Trapdoor :(

Then for war crimes including drone attacks and "extra judicial killings," carried out under the auspices of the vastly unjust War on Terror, and for turning from evidence the 911 attacks which were the impetus for the same WoT, were an inside job formulated by Zionist Jews.


That his former Chicago mentor Rahm Emmanuel is up to his armpits in it all .. which is what the Jews who selected him had in mind, when they raised him from bath house bandit in a Chicago men's club, to high office via the Illinois state legislature and the US Senate, in the first place!

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