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truebeliever 07-31-2005 09:40 PM

Good Luck Everyone.
I start full time work hopefully...soon.

Depending on if I can keep my mouth shut.

My dream is my property and a self sufficient lifestyle away from the powers that be...if they'll let us be.

I simply cant stand this woman BA and I'll be taking my posts elswhere...or maybe simply going off line.

What does the future hold? Probably 2/3 rds of the Earth laid waste...but who is to say? Only God knows for sure.

07-31-2005 09:52 PM

Re: Good Luck Everyone.
Oh, no, TB, I wouldn't want to be the cause of breaking up the relationships you have with those here at ClubConspiracy and the reason you resign from posting any more.

They admire you, respect what you say and so then, I will be the one to step down!!

It's in my nature, TB!!

It's just the kind of person I am!!

Good Luck in your JOURNEY!!

It was nice meeting all of you and, perhaps, one day, our paths will cross again.

rushdoony 07-31-2005 10:23 PM

Re: Good Luck Everyone.
Here's a song:

I hate to see ya both go
I hate to see ya both go
I hope you never come back again
I hate to see ya both go
Now that is not serious and is just a joke. OK ?

But I bet you dollars to doughnuts
that you'll both be back before
30 days are out. It's in your nature.
This site is part of you, in your blood :~)

Dreak 08-01-2005 06:29 PM

Re: Good Luck Everyone.
You know TB..Ive looked at alot of you past posts ..

You really are a Dick if someone doesnt prescribe to your thoughts .. look at Ahmahd you were hard on him.. Dickish hard..

You were Dickish hard on me to M8... really need to get a life !

Good luck on your job truely..


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