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uswgo 02-15-2010 12:02 AM

Does Socialism lead us to tyranny, communism, or dictatorship? Check your history!
Source: Does Socialism lead us to tyranny, communism, or dictatorship? Check your history! - USWGO Alternative News


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Author: Brian D. Hill

Info Library: This article has been nominated for the Info Library because it references reliable mainstream sources and the Wikipedia pages will be archived to protect the knowledge from being erased by pro communists and pro socialists. All archived files will be stored in a Compressed archive since they canít be altered easily.

Sources: Wikipedia articles: Cuba, North Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Nazi Party, Nazism, Soviet Union, Vietnam, Laos

Does Socialism lead us to the way of tyranny, communism, or dictatorship? Well from my research do your history

First lets bring out about China from Wikipedia

The Peopleís Republic of China (PRC), commonly known as China, is a country in East Asia. It is the most populous state in the world with over 1.3 billion people, about one in five humans. China is ruled by the Communist Party of China under a single-party system
,[10] and has jurisdiction over 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four directly administered municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing), and two highly autonomous[11] special administrative regions (SARs) (Hong Kong and Macau). The PRCís capital is Beijing.[12]

Also from Wikipedia on the Peoples Republic of China article it states that China is a socialist state and from another thing Iím quoting from the article it states that China controls their media

Chinese journalist He Qinglian in her 2004 book Media Control in China[81] documents government controls on the Internet and other media in China. The government has a policy of limiting groups, organizations, and beliefs that it considers a potential threat to ďsocial stabilityĒ and control,

Well from everything I read in the news China is a communist state and tries to control their people so why even call it a peoples republic. It seems to be the term that fascist dictators, communist regimes, and nutjob crooked politicians use. They all like to make out like socialism is good for the people and that the country will remain or become a peoples republic but then sadly becomes like 1984 by George Orwell.

So first of all China calls themselves the People Republic of China and yet they keep a tight control of their citizens, have the central government monitor all internet access in China, require ID just to access the internet, and much more. China tries to control the media and itís citizens yet it is known as a peoples republic and socialist. Also China is a single party communist state, a socialist state, and is one of the biggest federal human rights violators in the world.

Also from Wikipedia I have found lines and information that the USSR was a communist and sociaist republic

As the largest and oldest constitutional communist-led socialist state, the Soviet Union became the primary model for a number of ideologically close Marxist-Leninist nations during the Cold War. The government and the political organization of the country were defined by the Bolsheviks and their successor, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Now onto the Soviet Union they are also a single party communist state, a socialist republic, and were once known as a worldwide superpower. Also the Soviet Union was one of the bloody communist countries where millions have died for their communist empire and finding out it os socialist is stunning.

Now I donít want to talk too much about each regime I am just bringing out the important stuff for those that donít want to read too much about each communist regime this is just bringing out my research that each communist regime was socialist as well.

So onto North Korea one of the most scariest dictatorship type of countries that had that scary man (I think his name is Kim Jong II) that was said to have concentration camp like places (I saw this on a TV Show or documentary) where Kim Jong II actually stick knifes in pregnant women and made them strip naked, and did all sorts of horrible crimes in North Korea (Tourism is also controlled by the government) and also North Korea is you guessed it a socialist republic,
and has a Single-party system. Also Kim Jong II is known for being apart of the Korea Workers party (hmmm just like the NAZI German Workers Party). Also North Koreas government controls tourism and other ways of society like communism and yet they are a socialist state.

So now onto The Republic of Cuba (yeah right they arenít a republic they are communist :P ) with that horrible leader Castro that the people are afraid of and hoped he died but then his brother would take over and guess what? Itís a one party communist state, and itís a Socialist Republic. Why do all these different fascist governments and murderous leaders use the term a republic because Killing dissent, forced labor, government control of everything is NOT a damn republic and ainít even worth a damn.

Now onto another (This time not communist but close, A Dictatorship!) country using socialism and Iíll tell you more after this

Aww isnít that sweet a Nazi man that kills Jews and wants racial cleansing and control of the world wants the Nazis to control all facets of human activity and call it socialism. The NAZIs started out before it was known as a racial cleansing psycho group of people they were actually a political party known as The Nazi Party and they were socialists known as the The National Socialist German Workers Party or the German Workersí Party (DAP) before the name was changed in the year of 1920. So the NAZIs that were racists (sounds like Obama because his book and scary ex-preacher tells a different story) used to be known as the socialist workers party (hmmm very interesting!).
This is very scary stuff. Why is it many communist countries are socialist as well :(

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