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01-23-2007 10:24 PM

don't become one of the initiate
I'm getting to be an old fart, I once was young with many haphazzard opinions but I took the red pill, which is from the movie the matrix, and realized that there are so many that don't try to think, or give a damn if they think or not,
We can't approve ourselves if we are not first honest with ourselves.
Wake up those around you.
I won't say its political but, if this present regime of two parties being supreme survives we will have no other obtion but to say we did not help our country in its hour of deepest need.
America needs honest to goodness thinkers, it will not survive with those that are now in power.

Shannow 01-23-2007 11:28 PM

Re: don't become one of the initiate
To my mind, party politics is an act of conspiracy.

Instead of representing the people doing the electing, they are practicing a prepared agenda.

I can't get people around me, either liberal or conservative to understand that their elected "representatives" are anything but representative.

Was lucky enough to have a decent independent in our electorate for a few years, until the independents formed a defacto party, to "give them more bargaining power".

Anyway, govt redefined the electoral boundaries, putting us in a safe Govt electorate, and making the "independent" responsible for acres and acres of nothing, with a few houses in between.

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