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upsidebackwards 06-13-2008 05:18 PM

Greetings. I've run across this site in the past, but admit to never really spending much time here. I'm weary of Henry Makow (basically his uber-Christian, anti-feminist approach to pretty much EVERYTHING), but have enjoyed some of his articles in the past, especially the "Surviving the New World Order" series.

I just wanted to drop off word that I run the website , and over the next couple of days we're going through a major overhaul and upgrade. Since I see that 'Club Conspiracy' does have some good discussion and information going on here, I'd be more than happy to include an RSS feed for this site on my front page. Perhaps in return, a few members here will stop by and leave some news and comments at in the coming weeks?

Basically just sending out an invite, letting the Admins here know that I'm placing a news feed for this site up at my website, and that a completely new will be launched in the next few days with a dynamic new forum and front page. Hope to maybe see somebody there for the grand opening.


PS: Please don't be one of those type of places that delete this message, start bickering with me, or send me a 'warning' because I'm 'spamming' or promoting myself. I really f*cking hate it when you try to be cordial with websites, and they get this self-righteous attitude of narcissistic control freaks. If the Administrator of 'Club Conspiracy' wishes to reach me personally for some reason (promotional or otherwise), I can be contacted at .

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