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summerops77 06-07-2008 09:04 PM

P2P to be made totally illegal
Not even public domain information will be allowed on P2P.

Secret super-copyright treaty MEMO leaked - Boing Boing

Secret super-copyright treaty MEMO leaked
Posted by Cory Doctorow, June 6, 2008 12:44 AM | permalink
Wikileaks has the full text of a memo concerning the dread Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a draft treaty that does away with those pesky public trade-negotiations at the United Nations (with participation from citizens' groups and public interest groups) in favor of secret, closed-door meetings where entertainment industry giants get to give marching orders to governments in private.

It's some pretty crazy reading -- among other things, ACTA will outlaw P2P (even when used to share works that are legally available, like my books), and crack down on things like region-free DVD players. All of this is taking place out of the public eye, presumably with the intention of presenting it as a fait accompli just as the ink is drying on the treaty.

Honestly, it's becoming clearer and clearer that the entertainment industry is an existential threat to the idea of free speech, open tools, and an open communications network.

stompk 06-08-2008 05:19 AM

Re: P2P to be made totally illegal
Add to this list secret congressional meetings, secret prisons, secret black budget programs, secret societies and one can see where we are headed, and fast.

Buckle up, because it's going to be a rough ride.

jester5150 06-15-2008 06:55 AM

Re: P2P to be made totally illegal
I guess I should go download whatever i can while i can

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