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10-16-2005 04:49 PM

Urgent Notice To Our Australian Friends
Urgent Notice To Our
Australian Friends
10-15-5 has been informed that last week's paradigm shattering, SBS-TV 'Dateline' program 'Inside Indonesia's War on Terror' will be repeated next Monday at 1:00 pm. See:

In this Documentary, which is describes as the world's most explosive expose of International Intelligence Agencies ops and cover-ups, the former President of Indonesia (who Australians describe as the only honest high-level Indonesian politician), disclosed that the Indonesian police or military are behind the Bali bombings.

Also in this program, Indonesian journalists and researchers state, unequivocally, that 'Moslem terrorists organizations' DO NOT EXIST as portrayed by the government - that they are created and coordinated to act by military-connected provocateurs.

They further claim that the Indonesian military is totally corrupt and that Generals and politicians are pocketing vast hordes of money they receive to 'fight terrorism' - 'terrorism' which, in fact, they are creating themselves.

After you view this documentary you will never see the world the same. The fake, contrived 'war against terrorism' in Indonesia has beed exposed, completely. Imagine how many other governments around the world are also invovled in fraudulent 'wars against terror' which provide their top political and military 'leadership' with billions to siphon off for personal gain.

See more at:
Bali bombing details:

Shannow 10-17-2005 04:19 AM

Re: Urgent Notice To Our Australian Friends
Thanks for the heads up.

Interesting Doco indeed.

Ozziecynic 10-17-2005 06:25 AM

Re: Urgent Notice To Our Australian Friends
8-) Yes I believe the CIA use to fund Suharto when he was in power mainly because they were scared of the red menace domino effect in Sth est asia at the time!.
Even Pm Howard took several months to mobolise the army for east Timor in 1999 even though while they sat on their hands timorese were being butchered and raped, it seems they had to get Clintons nod to just to proceed!.

However i very much doubt many ordinary asssies would hear of such a blasphamy of conspiracy as this Dateline Program claims, so far as they are concerned Howard is spot on and the mass of gulllible fools over here which in many ways are worse than those in the US will fall for it hook line and sinker!. :-? 8-)

igwt 11-20-2005 11:44 PM

Indonesia - Inside Indonesia's War on Terror
Are Islamic extremists operating not only under the noses of Indonesia's security agencies, but under their auspices? Do the terrorists in Indonesia have friends in high places?
“There is not a single Islamic group that is not controlled by Intel. Everyone does what they say”, states convicted terrorist Umar Abduh. He claims his group were manipulated by intelligence agents. Former President Abdurrahman Wahid agrees. He believes the second larger bomb in the Bali attack was planted by “the police or armed forces.” Indonesia’s police have benefited significantly from the war on terror. Millions of dollars is pouring in from the West. Some analysts believe the police now have too much to gain for the attacks to stop. “We need funds … And to convince the foreigners, bombings do happen”, confides security analyst John Mempi

Journeyman TV

Ozziecynic 01-25-2006 06:04 AM

Re: Indonesia - Inside Indonesia's War on Terror
:-? Question if the person that posted this thread was not in Australia how was it that they new this program was going to be on SBS(Special Broadcasting Service) Australia at a certain EST time and place just seems strange to me that Annoymous would have all this info and be asking aussie viewers to do this if he/she wasnt in Australia somewhere also as foreigners dont usually go out of their way to access foreign Tv programing!.Strange indeed! Would annoymous whoever he/she like to respond to the the query!. :-?

MRST 02-14-2006 06:42 AM

Re: Urgent Notice To Our Australian Friends
yes we watch these documentaries but wonder are they a part of the whole disinformation set up. logic being if we tell a heap of lies, then the truth, then more lies, and we do it for long enough, the great masses will not know the difference

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