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12-04-2004 07:07 AM

Ok folks, here we go. First off I'm talking about Christianity because that is what I am or at least that is where I was baptised. I'm starting to study the Quran as well, but I understand the Bible so that is what I'll talk about.

The prophetic stories of the Bible are just that, Prophesy. Now imagine if Rulers could just switch a few words, names, places, etc.. Imagine the control over peoples minds that they could exert. I think this is reality and most of us here realize that.

There is no historical proof of the Exodus. There is no historical proof that the Jews were ever enslaved for 400 years. National Geographic has said that the Pyramids were not built by slaves.

The Bible talks about Adam being the first man and he came about 6000 years ago. But why does it say, Gen. 1:26 "let us make man in our image," Who do you think us was? And the pyramids were being built around this time! Those pyramids required a very intelligent people.

Christians pray to Jesus, that my thinking friends is idol worship. One of the Commandments says "Thou shall have no other gods before me." Hmmm.
Jesus of 2000 years ago is a dead prophet. Yes he was a prophet, and he is worthy of praise but praying to him is no different than praying to Bush. And to say that he was born to the virgin Mary is physically impossible, not to mention that this would mean that God commited adultery.

Christians believe that the Jews are the Chosen people of God. Check out John 8:42-48 Some quotes, "if God were your father, ye would love me", "ye are of your father the devil," It doesnt sound like Jesus thought much of the Jews back then! I wonder what has changed since then?

The Christians supposedly follow the turn the other cheek stuff: Luke 6:26-29 "Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you" ???? What kind of a righteous God would say that? What better thing for The Powers that Be, the Devils, to teach the Sheeple.

Come on folks WAKE UP!

Daniel 12-04-2004 07:20 AM

Re: Christianity
Hey Folks, just wanted you all to know that I (Daniel) wrote the above piece on Christianity. This was the second time I wrote this article. Couple of days ago I wrote something very similar and after I hit the submit button, I was thrown off, and told I coudn't submit anything. I wrote to the administrator and asked what happened to my post. He didn't know and hadn't seen it. I assumed I hit the cancel post or something? Today, I printed my post first and very carefully hit the submit button and Boom I was thrown off again, this time I was able to hit the back button and after a couple of more submit tries the same thing I was thrown off. So I hit the post anonymously button and was able to submit the above.

Lets just assume THEY are watching all of this!

Ana 12-04-2004 08:08 AM

Re: Christianity
I've had the same problem Daniel, I spent ages typing a post, previewed then clicked the submit button and it was lost.

I must use the copy/paste more often!

falcon 12-04-2004 09:31 AM

Re: Christianity
Daniel you said:
but I understand the Bible so that is what I'll talk about.
That is where you are wrong. After reading your post Daniel I must say that you are Biblically illiterate. You do NOT understand the Bible nor its basic precepts (Trinity, Jesus). I know I am sounding harsh but even Jesus used tough love. I would like to address your topics however they vary greatly so I am having trouble finding a starting point. Perhaps if you provide me one (a topic that has troubled you the most) I can provide answers, and if I cannot then I can definitely give you some excellent resources.

Daniel 12-04-2004 09:52 AM

Re: Christianity
Bird of Prey,

Think what you want, obviously, but where can you prove me wrong?

zanyzan311 12-04-2004 12:11 PM

Re: Christianity
Daniel your opinions show that you have thought about these things quite a bit. However, i believe that your "christian instruction" was done poorly. You do not have a great grasp on scripture. Furthermore, i can look through he bible and select key verses which will back up my opinion. Thats not hard to do. When making an arguement from scripture it is important to use multiple verses and see the whole scope of the bible. As for your arguement regarding national geographic, don't you think they are controlled by the same people which we are discussing here on this forum. Obviously, they would have an agenda. Why else would christianity constantly be under attack these days? If our "leaders" knew it was false why would they let people constantly try to disprove it? Wouldnt they just let us live in our ignorance? If they had planned to use it to make us sheep, why is it such a danger to them? As for praying to Jesus- I do not- but falcon aptly observed your lack of understanding of the Trinity. Also, christians believe the Jews WERE the chosen people. If they believe they still are they are being misled. The Jews broke their covenant with God and so he gave Jesus to the world so that whoever would follow Him would become one of the "chosen". As far as turning the other cheek, youre just giving your opinion on what you think "righteous" means. It is far easier to to hit someone back than to restain yourself. That is righteous. As for the physical impossibility of a virgin conceiving, there can be no proof of that. Faith is something that asks you to accept things which you cannot understand. This is one of those things. And God did not commit aldultery, LOL. Thats to assume there was intercourse involved. A comment which does not even deserve another. If you would like me to quote piles upon piles of verses to back up what i say i will. But its taking me long enough to write as it is. And do not believe the science of man. Not that man hasnt discovered useful things. But, scientists are in the business of proving themselves right at any cost, even if they have to disregard other findings which disprove theirs. Not only that, but the powers that be have a great interest in getting man to believe in the power of man. That is pride. Satans sin. and he wants us to be just like him. But one who has looked into conspiracy theories should know all that.

Daniel 12-04-2004 02:19 PM

Re: Christianity
Mr or Mrs. Zany,

Oh Lord where shall I begin?

Yes any body can provide verses out of the Bible to nitpick their point. Why don't you? You said you will, please do, I challenge you to prove me wrong.

"Christianity is constantly under attack these days". Gee I wonder why. I wonder why this Christian nation is despised the world over, how could that be?

"If our leaders knew it was false why would they let people constantly disprove it". Well Thanks to the internet they can't really stop the heresy any longer. The powers that be, will try but their time is up.

Whoever follows Jesus is Chosen? Wow! I guess that means W is one of the chosen.

Faith is not to be understood? If I don't understand it why should I have faith in it. I'll never be so naive to have faith in something I don't understand.

"Do not believe the science of man" ??? ha ha ha

Yes it is harder to not hit back. I'll agree it would usually be better not to hit someone back after they hit you. But in general principle that is foolish. Are you going to tell me that if They enslave me than I should pray for them and then offer them my son. Or if they rape my wife I should offer them my daughter. You go ahead, I prefer something like an Eye for an Eye.

They have a "great interest in getting man to believe in the power of man". That is a great example of opposite speech. No Zany, they have been trying to suppress the power of man. For if we believed in our own power than we would't be in the toilet today.

55132 12-04-2004 03:06 PM

Re: Christianity
Daniel is exposing the muslim apologetics, I think he is a muslim trying to preach.

If he where a muslim having 2nd thoughts of his faith he would get killed by his muslim clergy or brothers. If it where a Christian saying that about Muslims in Muslim country he would also be murdered.

So feel free to be openly say what you want nobody here is going to kill you for it.

This is due mostly to the Christian heritage of our the western society.

Say more, all you whant


Daniel 12-04-2004 03:35 PM

Re: Christianity

Is that all you can do is slap a label on me? Go ahead label me a Heretic, Mason, Muslim, Christian, Whatever you want. What an intelligent thoughtful person you must be.

sablefish 12-04-2004 05:17 PM

Re: Christianity
Daniel.. I like what you are saying.. Keep up the good works .. You are challenging us sheeple to rethink our attitudes.. Good for you.

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