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SeC 12-26-2011 11:27 AM

Self-Realization Is Not What You Hope It Is
Self-Realization Is Not What You Hope It Is

by Seymour Freeman

I repeat: Self-realization is not what you hope it is. This is because you want to bestow some spectacular, dazzling, powerful or miraculous realization on the wrong “self”, which is your everyday social brain self, your physical and talkative neurotic ego. “Neurotic”, after all, means “of the Nervous System”.

Not until you have asked a thousand questions of the Vernon Howard Oracle and deeply listened to the answers, including especially the ones that made you uncomfortable, do you have a hope-in-hell of getting a genuine realization for your Real Self.

Think now of the fundamental change of perspective you urgently need in regard to Self-realization and not allow your usual everyday self to deceive you about it!

On the average, Extraterrestrial People are usually more aware of the levels of Selfhood than are even those Earth people who think they are spiritual aspirants. Try to see why this happens rather than staying on the kindergarten level of merely believing there are indeed “Extraterrestrial” People. That they are usually more real than Earth people is the big issue at this time. Since Earth people are usually their outer physical and therefore false self, it does not matter much where real selves may be physically located in the Universe.

Have you noticed how false and social “selves” of the “New Age” like to greet one another with “Love and Light”? If that doesn’t make you feel like throwing up, there isn’t much hope of Self-realization. If you accept the silly slogans and nonsense of the unreal people, you will never make it to the company of Real People.

What is your real center-of-gravity in all this? Can you get more deeply into this inquiry right down in your lower belly, which the real Japanese people call Hara? If your Real Self is not awake right down into your lower belly, your Quantum Energy of your body, your Kundalini Shakti, cannot rise and get the Ugly Fish of Dull Normalcy off your back, which Mexican Nagual Seers call the “Flyer” as in Carlos Castaneda’s excellent book, The Active Side of Infinity.

What degree of passionate intensity can you give rise to in yourself about shifting upward into your Real Self beyond your Flat-Fish controlled everyday persona social self? Can you make a real Decision about all this from your real Self? Or will you just retreat back into your low energy daydreaming and self-enclosed dull worry about your so-called “spirituality” as an everyday usual self?

If you can get real about all this, you are beginning to realize that this article, here and now, is an unprecedented opportunity in your life and not just another thing to pile into the whole bundle of things you have already accumulated chaotically into your self-improvement brain. Waking up is clearly way beyond mere brainish comparison of various teachings from various sources. Comparison is a mere shallow pastime done with low energy by your seeking but all-too-normal everyday physical social self. Is this not so? Are you waking up to your real spiritual problem?

Self-Realization Is Not What You Hope It Is

mrzgiks 03-29-2012 07:19 PM

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