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Martin Timothy 05-09-2014 08:47 PM

New Computer Blues - Apple Mac and Windows Are Not Compatible :(

A high pitched screaming tone accompanied compu start up, rebooting over and again for the same result, the tech guy told me over the telephone the hard drive on the five yo machine was worn out, that I needed a new one.


I had bought a Canon printer from the local computer outlet which printed ok but refused to scan properly, they said they were unable to either refund the purchase price or replace the unit, since the warranty had expired.

I told them the scanner function was never used for that period, and when I finally did need to use it there was a malfunction, I thought maybe it had been loaded wrongly, then after reinstalling the software and testing the same scan function, the same result appeared.

Checking the internet, everyone with that model Canon printer had the same problem .. they did not care about that, so I declined to buy the new Power Unit they had which is what I needed, and took my custom elsewhere.


The other compu outlet down the road had become a gym, so it was into the city and the only outlet I could find which had the brand new Apple Mac for sale..


It is marvelous and consists of a grand 24 inch screen, a tiny cordless keypad and a cordless touch friendly mouse, there is no Power Unit, all the workings are in the space behind the screen.

The same tech who told me to get a new 'puter came over and started it up, after about six unsuccessful attempts to load Flash Player, he disclosed it was going to be a nightmare getting email and other stuff working, and after hittin' me with a bill for 200 buck$ advised its return.

In the meantime he had repaired my old machine by installing two RAM boards and it was working, I rang the supplier and he agreed to accept the Apple Mac back and return the money, so at the end of the day we were finally up and running after all. :)

Martin Timothy 05-20-2014 06:46 PM

Re: New Computer Blues - Apple Mac and Windows Are Not Compatible :(

Update ..


I had bought a Canon MG2560 printer at the same time as the Apple Mac computer, the salesman said it scanned perfectly so it stayed on after the compu went back.


It suffers from the same problem ie it makes huge files, insofar as an A5 document scanned to become a file 4500 x 5400 pixels, as well the manual that arrives with the download is useless.


The installation put nineteen icons on my compu desktop, while the "My Image Garden" software has a pop up feature which puts pedo images onto the desktop upon start, feedback from sales ppl degenerated to the same bullsh*t the enquirer above received, re software and DPI's!
Then contacting a computer specialist, who assured one all multi function printer scanners do the same, that there is no way around the problem, while the document scanners available which do the job start at around 1000 dollar$.

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