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marypopinz 05-26-2006 08:32 AM

SOS from parliament square England
Brian Haw.


Read about it please any way you can


rushdoony 05-28-2006 03:08 PM

Re: SOS from parliament square England
What does this mean Marygirl?

marypopinz 06-01-2006 10:18 AM

Re: SOS from parliament square England



Brian Haw

730 words

Your Honor: Excuse me please. I do not agree with today’s proceedings.

It is my opinion that:

1. I cannot make a plea today until I have received advanced disclosure from the CPS or the police. I understand there should now be an itemized list of all items seized on the morning of Tuesday, 23rd May, 2006 from Parliament Square. I understand that I should be provided with a written documented list of each individually tagged item.

2. Two black Bibles were also seized on the aforementioned date. I am requesting that they be rescinded into my care immediately as I have been fasting and praying for peace. They were gifts of love and compassion given to myself from dear friends to comfort me - to comfort us all. I believe that they convey the message that a time of peace shall come to pass - a promise by God. And as Mr. Tony Blair has been quoted in the paper yesterday as desiring to commit his faith to the Christian faith and the Roman Catholic Church, I am certain he can appreciate that this request is most reasonable.

3. I am requesting the return of all personal property required for my living needs such as clothes to my permanent address as recognized by the Royal High Court of Justice: Brian Haw, Parliament Square, Westminster, London, .

4. I am requesting to carry out a personal inspection, today, in the presence of my solicitor and/or barrister and an one independent witness of my choice and that this inspection be carried out and video recorded by an independent party to be jointly agreed upon today, of all the admissible evidence pertaining to today’s proceedings which I assert is my personal property seized on the aforementioned date. I assert I have just cause to question what state any of it any of it is in due to the video-taped nature of the afore mentioned seizure of said property from Parliament Square. I am also requesting to personally re-locate the entirety of he afore mentioned admissible evidence to a location of my choice, and to commence removal within forty-eight hours of today’s date, with a person of my choice, to be jointly agreed upon today. I am requesting I be given twenty four hours to complete the relocation of afore mentioned admissible evidence.

5. I am requesting that all privileged confidential legal documentation between my solicitor, my barrister and myself, along with tape-recorded and video-recorded and photographic evidence be returned immediately as I assert the legal documents were illegally seized. The police were told at the time of the seizure of these items that I believed that they had no legal right to take these items, by myself and others.

6. I personally have many questions regarding the legalities and/or illegalities pertaining to the continuation of these proceedings. Almost all of my evidence for not only this case, but many other cases and actions, pertaining to the police, has been seized by said police. It is somewhat ironic that the admissible evidence in question and privileged confidential legal documentation pertaining to various on-going cases and actions against the present government of England has been seized by force from Parliament square in a dawn raid which, in my opinion was a great waste of the taxpayers monies and used somewhat excessive force and bullying tactics. I cannot see how this case can proceed for if I had stolen all the evidence from the CPS, they could not have possibly proceeded to trial for even a first hearing.

7. I am humbly requesting that I be treated fairly and justly by the courts of this land and allocated a minimum of 20 feet to store my admissible evidence of what I consider to be genocide by this government, as has been the approximate length of most prior demonstrations, and to have the width also set as according to that of previous prior government authorised protests, as filmed by the City of Westminster which I am presently requesting of yourself. Lastly, I humbly request that the limitations set regarding the amount of people who may choose to show their support be questioned and be set in line with other government permitted protests on parliament square.

8. Your Honor, with all due respect … is this Westminster gate?

__________________________________________________ _
Anti copyright acknowledging Brian Haw


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