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Koomz 12-19-2010 11:17 AM

A few of questions regarding the Illuminati, nwo and bloodlines etc.
Hey people.
This is the first time I've registered to one of these sites as I have a few questions which I think you'll be able to answer.
1.If it really is bankers who are running our goverment(s) then where does the bloodlines come into this? The brittish monarchy are meant to be related to many of Americas power elite, does that include the Rockerfellers etc? If the Rothschilds own the UKs money then where to the royal bloodlines come into that?
2. Is the Illuminati made up of the royal and ancient bloodlines or does that exist outside of that? I read that they were formed in Germany.
3. I'm confused about what these elites actually believe in. Do they worship the sun or do they worship Satan? I've heard about elites believing in different things. Do they share a common belief or do they have different ones?
4. Zionism- I personally don't know enough about this and I'd just like to know some basic info about the zionists.
5.Did the Illuminati allow ideologies like communism, capitalism, fascism exist as a sort of testing ground?

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