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Solve et Coagula 11-20-2017 11:27 AM

Coping with Collapse
Coping with Collapse

There has been a lot of talk about various forms of “collapse” lately -- economic, ecological, political -- and many of us are involved in ongoing conversations, arguments, debates, and the like about said same.
Well, whether or not you’re talking about it, you’re more than likely thinking about it. Here are four articles that address, in some form, the main “collapse” themes we have been discussing over the last six months, and how we might want to respond to these growing realizations. They contain incredible nuggets of wisdom and information. Each presents a very different kind of approach about coping with our current predicament, along with unique, honest and certainly surprising perspectives on hope and optimism. I don’t agree with everything that is said here (particularly in the Gitlin/Monbiot interview) , but I think these are honest and say a lot, and I have found them incredibly helpful. I hope you do too.

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