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Chaser Tiponi 05-02-2011 10:09 PM

Bin Laden?
I read a couple other threads and I will likely opinionate them in a minute. But I'm wondering? Where is the USA some how ahead for yesterdays blunder? I mean blowing the guy's head off is not an accomplishment the best I can tell? It seems to me that captured alive would say more to Americans then dead and buried at sea?

Nothing about this whole new development seems to add up in my mind. Some thing is goofy here. And I can't quite put my hands on it because (like the rest of you) I don't have all the facts.

Something just isn't on the up and up here? I mean, maybe they captured him? Maybe he was dead long ago?
Maybe they captured someone else and claimed its him?

The reason I can't get my brain around it is because why blow his face off? Wouldn't it make more sense to capture him? Interogate him and find out what are his plans for the future?

It just seems to me that NOTHING is accomplished because now the next guy down in the chain of command will now take over. So how is this such a great historical day? Will some one please explain? Because I don't get it? Taken alive and we could celebrate, but blow his face off and what is gained exactly?

Help me out here because I can't get my brain around this one?

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