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Yeoshua 05-11-2005 03:34 AM

Albert Pike
A brief note about Albert Pike is in order. Pike (1809-91) was a Confederate brigadier general during the American Civil War who was almost single-handedly responsible for the creation of the modern form of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Wealthy, well read and possessing an extensive library, he served as Grand Commander of the order from 1859 until his death and wrote a number of books on history, philosophy and travel, the most famous being Morals and Dogma. Outside of the perhaps half a million members of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, most masons have never read Pike's work. Pike is often criticized by fellow masons who charge that his mystical and often controversial views have provided ample ammunition for enemies of Freemasonry.

Albert Pike took ritual that he did not understand and bastardised it ripping out the substance of the ritual and turned it into a meaningless farce of acts.

The interpretation of Pike's work by masons and non masons is also as shoddy, there's no "Lucifer" in Masonry. "Lucifer" appears in a couple of huge books by Albert Pike, but Pike was essentially writing an encyclpoedia of all religions of the world, and trying to say where IN HIS PERSONAL OPINION all the ancient and modern religions had beliefs that were similar or different to something in Masonry. For various foolish reasons there are people who have never actually read much of Pike who claim that he tried to say that Lucifer was God. He didn't and Masons don't believe anything like that.

On a personal level, I do not regard Pike as a brother, more a foolish second cousin twice removed.

truebeliever 05-11-2005 04:44 AM

Re: Albert Pike
York Rite Masonary

The York Rite, which is composed of 13 steps, is supposedly for those of the Christian persuasion, although it differs very little in results.

The York Rite branch of Masonry starts after the first 3 degree's. Masons make quite a show of Christian piety in the initial degree's of the York Rite to make it acceptable to new comers who might have doubts. One of the maxims of the York Rite route of Masonry is: "Masonry, after all, is but a rule for orderly righteousness".

...It is at this point - The Royal Arch degree - that many members suffer a severe shock if their consciences are still active. In this degree, the candidate must sware to keep the secrets of a fellow Mason, "muder and treason NOT excepted." With his hand on the bible, the candidate for the Royal Arch degree must sware to the following:

I will aid and assist a companion of the Royal Arch Mason when engaged in any difficulty, and espose his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, if within my power, whether he be right or wrong.

In other words, Royal Arch Masons are obligated under blood oaths to help extricate their fellows from any trouble legal, or illegal. Rev. Finney has observed that:

Here then we have a class of men sworn, under most frightful penalties, to espouse the cause of a companion so far as to extricate him from any difficulty, to the extent of their power, whether he is right or wrong. How can such a man be safely entrusted with any office connected with the administration of law?

NWO: The Ancient Plan Of Secret Societies. Bill Still. p.111.

Hence this...

GMC names freemason members

...and this...

New judges must declare masonic membership

...and this...

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Suggests Jailing Freemasons

...and a million more articles. Do a search.

"But I say to you, make no oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, or by Earth...But let your statement be, 'Yes, yes' or 'No, no'; and anything beyond these is evil."

Matthew 5:34 - Christ.

Yeoshua 05-11-2005 04:56 AM

Re: Albert Pike
Oh dear me, I've just stopped laughing!

You can tell that none of your links were written by York Rite or indeed any other rite freemasons.

What's the big deal about declaring membership?

I'm proud of the fact, and bore anyone to tears who'll care to listen.

I have detailed some fact, not speculation and conjecture.

Royal Arch

"The Master Mason who wants to be 'exalted to the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch' must fist prove himself by answering the text questions of the Craft Third Degree before he is given a grip and a password (the meaning of which is 'my people having obtained mercy') to allow him to enter. The candidate wears his Master Mason's apron and is blindfolded with a length of rope tied about his waist."
- Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

In the ritual of the Royal Arch, or Seventh Degree, the candidate re-enacts the excavation of the first temple of Solomon. In the first part of the ceremony he must search in darkness until he finds a vellum scroll. The candidate is then readmitted with two other Companions playing the parts of the three Master Masons of Babylon: Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego.

"As they enter they take part in a ceremony known as Passing the Veils, which represents a Priest of the Temple approaching the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Solomon."
- Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

The three sojourners, freed from captivity in Babylon, offer their services to Zerubbabel to help rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem after the Jews returned from captivity in Babylon. They are assigned the lowly job of repairing the foundation.

"The whole narrative is told as though those conducting the excavation were Jews from Babylon digging in the ruins of the first Temple, but we believe it is actually describing the discoveries of the Knights Templar at the site of the last Temple. It can only refer to the ruins of Herod's Temple because the type of arch described in the ceremony is an arrangement of stones supporting each other in compression to form a curved load-bearing structure which was unknown at the time of Zerubbabel. The curved arch employed wedge-shaped, precisely cut stones requiring little or no mortar, and since it is that type of arch with three keystones which plays such a prominent part of the Royal Arch ceremony, it is absolutely certain that the setting of the story re-enacted in the ritual is Herod's Temple, which was constructed using Roman engineering principles."
- Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

In the next part of the ceremony, the three masons return and discover the keystone of the principal arch of King Solomon's Temple and the master's jewels. The account continues as they are questioned by the First Principal:

"A. We repaired to the place as before, which I descended as before. The sun shone forth with such redoubled splendor that I was enabled to descend; in the eastern-most part thereof was a trunk of curious form, overlaid with gold, having on the top and sides certain mysterious characters; availing myself of this I gave the signal and ascended; on arriving at the top of the arch I found my hands involuntarily placed in this position to guard my eyes from the intense light and heat that arose therefrom above; with the trunk we repaired to the Grand Council.
Q. What was their opinion of the trunk?
A. That it was the Ark of the Covenant.
Q. What were its contents?
A. A pot, a rod, and a book.
Q. What was their opinion of the pot?
A. That it was the pot of manna, which Moses by divine command, laid up in the side of the ark as a memorial of the miraculous manner in which the children of Israel were supplied with that article of food for forty years in the wilderness.
Q. What was their opinion of the rod?
A. That it was Aaron's rod, that budded and blossomed, and bore fruit in a day, which Moses also, by divine command, laid in the side of the ark as a testimony, to be kept for a token.
Q. What was their opinion of the book?
A. That it was the book of the law in which it was written, I am the Lord, I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac and Jacob by the name of God Almighty, but by my great and sacred name was I not know unto them.
Q. What does it contain?
A. A key to the mysterious characters upon its top and sides, by which they found those upon its sides to be the initials of our three ancient Grand Masters, S. K. of I. [Solomon, king of Israel], H. K. of T [Hiram, king of Tyre], and H. Abiff. Those upon its top, the Grand Omnific or Royal Arch word, which we as Royal Arch Masons should never give except in the presence of three Royal Arch Masons, we first agreeing by three times three, and under a living arch."
- Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite

"By this time the sun had attained its greatest altitude, and shining in al its splendor, darted its rays immediately into the aperture, which enabled me to distinguish those objects I had before but imperfectly discovered. In the center of the vault I saw a pedestal of pure virgin marble, with certain mystic characters engraven thereon, and a veil covering the upper face of the altar. Approaching with reverential awe, I lifted the veil, and beheld what I humbly supposed to be the sacred word itself."
- Masonic ritual quoted in Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

The meaning of the sacred word is revealed later in the ceremony. Making a "living arch", three masons grasp each other's left wrist at waist level and their right wrist over their heads. They then intone:

"As we three did agree,
In peace, love, and unity,
The Sacred Word to keep,
So we three do agree,
In peace, love, and unity,
The sacred Word to search;
Until we three,
Or three such as we, shall agree
To close this Royal Arch."

"They then balance three times three, bringing the right hand with some violence down upon the left. The right hands are then raised above their heads, and the words, Jah-buh-lun, Jeho-vah, G-o-d, are given at low breath, each companion pronouncing the syllables or letters alternately..."
- Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite
"In the ritual of exaltation, the name of the great Architect of the Universe is revealed as JAH-BUL-ON....Each syllable of the 'ineffable name' represents one personality of this Trinity:
JAH = Jahweh, the God of the Hebrews
BUL = Ba'al, the ancient Canaanite fertility god associated with 'licentious rites of imitative magic'
ON = Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld"

"...During the years between 1723 and 1813 the invocation of the name of Christ in the endings of prayers gradually died out. In masonic quotations of scripture the name of Christ came very pointedly to be deleted from the text."
"It is perhaps because the Freemasonic God, as revealed to Royal Arch Masons, is so far from being 'that Religion to which all men agree' that it was determined that Holy Royal Arch workings should not be conducted in Lodges but separately in 'Chapters' under the control of a Grand Chapter and not of Grand Lodge."
- Stephen Knight, The Brotherhood

Knight's analysis is only partly correct and his conclusion is almost certainly off the mark.

"...The assumption that Jahbulon means Jehovah [Yahweh], Ba'al, and Osiris is itself pure conjecture. No one knows for certain what it means, or even how the name was originally pronounced before it underwent changes from centuries of strictly verbal communication."
- John J. Robinson, Born in Blood

In the initiation ceremony, the candidate is told:

"It is a compound word and its combinations form the word Jah-Bul-On. Jah the first part, is the Chaldean [Sumerian] name of God and signifies his essence and majesty incomprehensible; it is also a Hebrew word signifying 'I am' and 'shall be', thereby expressing the actual, future and eternal existence of the Most High. Bul is an Assyrian word, signifying Lord or Powerful, it is itself a compound word signifying in or on; and Bul signifying Heaven on High, therefore this word means Lord in Heaven or on High. On is an Egyptian word, signifying Father of All, and is also a Hebrew word implying strength or power, and expressive of the omnipotence of the Father of all. All the significations of these words may, therefore, be thus collected: - I am and shall be; Lord in Heaven; Father of all."
- Masonic ritual quoted in Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

"The first part, 'Jah', is the Hebrew word for their god, very probably with a Sumerian connection. It can be seen in this form in the name of the prophet Elijah, which is actually Eli-jah, meaning 'Yahweh is my god' (El being the ancient word for a god)."
- Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

"Simply, Ba'al is a Hebrew word that means lord or master. Numerous deities were addressed by that title in the Middle East, but their names have not come down to us." It is an honorific title "that is still used by the Jewish faith. For example, one who can work miracles in the name of God is known as a Ba'al shem, the lord (or master) of the Name."
- John J. Robinson, Born in Blood

On is also the Hebrew word for "one". Jah-Baal-On could thus be interpreted to mean "Yaweh, the one Lord over all" which would be very much in keeping with the Christian nature of the Royal Arch rites. Most students of Masonic lore, however, prefer to place the origin of On in ancient Egypt.

"1. JAH. This name of God is found in the 68th Psalm, v. 4. [Yahweh]
2. BAAL or BEL. This word signifies a lord, master, or possessor, and hence it was applied by many of the nations of the East to denote the Lord of all things, and the Master of the world.
3. ON. This was the name by which JEHOVAH was worshipped among the Egyptians."
- Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor or Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite

"During dynastic Egypt Ra's [the god of the sun during dynastic Egypt] cult center was Annu (Hebrew 'On', Greek 'Heliopolis', modern-day 'Cairo')."
- Shawn C. Knight,"Egyptian Mythology FAQ"

"ON is but another name for the [Egyptian] god Revelation 1:8, in the original, inspired text of this verse, the Greek word Christ used was 'On' - the 'existing one'."
- Brad Steiger, Worlds Before Our Own

"My feeling is that 'Jah-Baal-On' was simply the names of the three great gods, of the Jews, the Canaanites and the Egyptians , all of whom were referred to as the 'Most High'."
- Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

A Freemason correspondent does not remember these secret words being given in the Royal Arch Degrees so the ritual may have changed since Duncan's book was written.

"Today about one in five Freemasons are Royal Arch 'Companions', these constituting a more fervent, more indoctrinated, closer-knit inner circle."
- Stephen Knight, The Brotherhood

55132 05-11-2005 05:18 AM

Re: Albert Pike


Let us hear Masonic author Manly P. Hall describe this two-dimensional organization of Freemasonry. Masonry is comprised of two distinctly different organizations, one visible and one invisible. Hall describes this two-level organization: [Hall was honored by The Scottish Rite Journal, who called him 'The Illustrious Manly P. Hall' in Sept, 1990, and further called him 'Masonry's Greatest Philosopher', saying "The world is a far better place because of Manly Palmer Hall, and we are better persons for having known him and his work"]. This is what Manly P. Hall said:

" Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity -- an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect ... it is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate and yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible. The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of 'free and accepted' men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns. The invisible society is a secret and most August [defined as 'of majestic dignity, grandeur'] fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcannum arcandrum [defined as 'a secret, a mystery']." [Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p. 433]

Many well-meaning men are members of this visible society with no knowledge whatsoever of the inner invisible society. In fact, Albert Pike had some things to say about the brethren in the visible society: "Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism, and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead; to conceal the Truth, which it calls light, and draw them away from it." [Morals and Dogma, p. 104-5, 3rd Degree]

Did you hear these key words from Pike? Masonry is a religion after all, after the order of the Satanic Mysteries, the equally Satanic Hermetic Philosophy, and Alchemy! Masonry conceals its secrets from the brethren in the outer visible society, no matter their rank; only the Elect in the inner invisible society ever know the truth. The poor brethren in the visible society are spoon-fed "false explanations and misinterpretations" of its symbols" -- for what reason? -- those poor guys in the visible society "deserve only to be mislead".

If a man were known to revere Jesus Christ in the beginning of his membership within Masonry, he would be immediately shunted into the visible society, and would never, ever learn the truth. You would never be considered an Adept, or a Sage, or one of the Elect, for those terms are reserved for the members of the invisible society. You would be one of those who were deliberately lied to about the doctrines of Masonry, and given deliberate misinterpretations of its symbols, so that you would merely THINK you knew the Truth.

Pike then completes his instructions to intentionally mislead those members of the visible society, by saying: "So Masonry jealously conceals its secrets and intentionally leads conceited interpreters astray." [Ibid., p. 105]

Members of the visible society are referred to as the 'masses', and you do comprise 95% of all Masons. Listen to what Pike says about telling the truth of the organization to the 'masses': "A Spirit", he said, "that loves wisdom and contemplates the Truth close at hand, is forced to disguise it, to induce the multitudes [that is you] to accept it ... Fictions are necessary to the people, and the Truth becomes deadly to those who are not strong enough to contemplate it in all its brilliance." [Morals and Dogma, p. 103, 3rd Degree; Emphasis added]

If a person is not capable of accepting the Truth that inner-core, invisible Freemasonry really worships and serves Satan, then such Truth would become "deadly" to you. Therefore, "fictions are necessary" so visible Masons would not be so devastated that they would leave Freemasonry and expose its inner secrets.

A very recent book also speaks of these two organizations. David Ovason, a noted astrologer, has written a book publised in 1999, entitled, The Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capital: The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C. This book is not an anti-Mason book; in fact, a glowing forward to this book is written by none other than C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33 Degree, Sovereign Grand Commander, The Supreme Council, 33 Degree (Mother Council of the World), Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Washington, D.C. In other words, the conclusions of this book are highly thought of by one of the most important current Masons in the world today! Listen to what this book says about the two organizations of Freemasonry,

After speaking of the "cosmic astral journey in Masonic terms", Ovason speaks of the meaning of the more common symbols of Masonry. "... Bromwell injected a profound level of esotericism into the bland-seeming symbols used within the Lodges. These proliferate on the so-called tracing boards and carpets ... used by Master Masons to demonstrate Masonic symbols to the neophytes. When not used as an instrument of education, the tracing boards and carpets remain as symbols of the Lodge -- of the inner and outer way of the Craft." [Page 99] So, David Ovason admits that Masonry has both an "inner" [Invisible] and an "outer" [Visible] society. And, Albert Pike has boldly stated that the "neophytes" are deliberately taught untruths about the meaning of the symbols!

New Age author, Bill Cooper has this to say about these two fraternities, one within the other. "Most members of the Freemasons are not aware that the Illuminati practices what is known as 'secrets within secrets' or organizations within organizations." [Behold A Pale Horse, p. 79]

The final example of this "fraternity within a fraternity", the Invisible residing within the Visible, comes from the oldest New World Order planning document known to be in existence. This document is one of the best examples of Automatic Writing, and it details many of the changes societies throughout the world must make in order to achieve the Kingdom of The Christ. This document is known as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and is being followed carefully today. Listen as the supernatural author speaks of the two organization within Freemasonry. The author is speaking of the guise by which the Illuminati will ultimately seize dictatorial control.

"7. For what purpose then have we invented this whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the gentiles without giving them any chance to examine its underlying meaning? For what, indeed, if not in order to obtain in a roundabout way what is for our scattered tribe unattainable by the direct road? It is this which has served as the basis for our organisation of SECRET MASONRY WHICH IS NOT KNOWN TO, AND AIMS WHICH ARE NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS SUSPECTED BY, THESE GENTILE CATTLE, ATTRACTED BY US INTO THE SHOW ARMY OF MASONIC LODGES IN ORDER TO THROW DUST IN THE EYES OF THEIR FELLOWS." [Protocol #11 - The Totalitarian State, Paragraph 7; Emphasis was in the original]

Notice that this supernatural author described the Freemasons of the Outer, Visible Fraternity as "Gentile Cattle" which had been deliberately drawn into the Fraternity for "show" so as to "throw dust in the eyes of their fellows". It turns out that the Masons of the Invisible Fraternity think quite lowly of the Masons of the Visible Fraternity!

But, why should we be surprised, for Albert Pike called the Visible brethren who are just trying to learn what the symbols of the Lodge mean, "conceited interpretors". [Morals and Dogma, p. 105]

By the way, for those of you who have tried to convince me that Albert Pike is discredited today, listen to what David Ovason in his book on the secret Masonic architecture of Washington, D.C., says about Pike:

1. "Albert Pike -- probably the most learned esotericist in the United States ..." [P. 31]

2. "... Albert Pike was a fine scholar in some areas ..." [P. 92]

3. "The learned Albert Pike ..." [P. 366]

4. "... Pike died in his rooms at the temple on April 2, 1891. Seven years later, Congress approved the raising of the Albert Pike memorial ... The statuary is imposing. A larger-than-life, full-length satute of Pike stands on a high pedestal, attended by a lamenting woman said to represent the spirit of Masonry." [P. 321]

Remember, this book was glowingly recommended by the current top leader of Freemasonry, C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33 Degree, as noted above! Obviously, if Mr. Kleinknecht thinks this highly of Albert Pike, then all those people who have tried to convince me otherwise need to take this matter up with Mr. Kleinknecht! The fact is, Pike IS Freemasonry today.

There IS one short paragraph that properly and concisely defines the heart and soul of the Invisible Fraternity of Freemasonry. Let us return to Manly P. Hall for this quote:

"When a Mason learns the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy." [The Lost Keys To Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall, published by the Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, 1976, p. 48; Emphasis added]

The Scottish Rite Journal praised Manly P. Hall in 1990 as "Masonry's Greatest Philosopher". One 32nd Degree Mason wrote back to me, stating that he had never, ever heard of Manly P. Hall; yet you can see his book was published by the Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company. The only reason this high-ranking Mason had never heard of Manly P. Hall is that Hall was a leader of the Invisible Fraternity, while this Mason was participating in the Visible Fraternity!

Another 33rd Degree Freemason, Foster Bailey, sponsored his wife, Alice A. Bailey, into Co-Masonry, where she became a key leader. Alice was also the top leader of the House of Theosophy from the 1920's to the early 1950's; she was a prolific writer, admittedly a channeler for a spirit by the name of Master D.K. She had significant revelations to add to this subject of Inner, Invisible Freemasonry.

"There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most circles of the esoteric societies. [Bailey, Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 513]

Bailey is saying here that, once you get into the Inner, Invisible part of Freemasonry, there is no distinction possible between this heart of Masonry, the true Universal Church [which we know to be the church of Antichrist], and of the similar inner-most circles of the other secret societies throughout the world.

But, then, Bailey makes an even stronger statement revealing the Inner, Invisible Masonic fraternity. "The Masonic Movement ... is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries, and the seat of initiation. It holds in it symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organisation than can be realised, and it is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists." [Bailey, Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 511]

Since the meaning of the word, "occult", is "hidden", or "invisible", we know that Bailey is here speaking of the Inner, Invisible part of Freemasonry. And, not only is does this Invisible Fraternity exist, it is intended to be the training ground for the coming advanced occultists!!

THIS is the Invisible Freemasonry, about which you have been kept in ignorance all along! To verify this fact even further, we encourage you to go to the publishing and distribution house of Invisible Freemasonry, Kessinger's Freemasonry and Occult Publishing; Kessinger's publishes all the old, formerly very secret Masonic books of the Invisible Society. The address is and we encourage you to peruse the subjects they have listed at the very bottom of their Home Page, noting the extremely Satanic, anti-Christian subjects of which the Invisible Fraternity is comprised! We have noted a few of these subjects below as Kessinger's has listed them:

Alchemy; Ancient Religions; Astral Body [Satanic practice]; Astrology [Forbidden in Bible]; Auto-Suggestion; Babylonian; Blavatsky, H.P. [one of the most Satanic Black Magick practitioners of all time! Her teachings were studied by Adolf Hitler and provided basis for the Jewish Holocaust]; Buddhism; Card Reading; Chaldean [Babylon and Chaldean Mysteries were brought into total annihilation by God for their severe Satanism, and is the same Babylon condemned in the Book of Revelation]; Christian Mysticism [This is the "Christianity" of Masonry, where every single doctrine is reinterpreted]; Christian Science [Fully anti-Christian but compatible with Masonry]; Clairvoyance [Satanic to the core and forbidden in the Bible]; Color and Sound [Critically important to Satanism]; Cosmic Consciousness [SATANIC]; Crystal Gazing [Forbidden in Bible]; Divination [Forbidden in Bible]; Druidism and Celts [Elevated human sacrifice to highest levels]; Eastern Doctrines; Esoteric Christianity [Redefining Christian doctrines]; Evolution [And you just thought Masonry was compatible with true Christianity]; Fortune Telling [Forbidden in Bible]; Geomancy and Gematria [Satanic]; Gnosticism [Fought against in the Epistles of Paul in the Bible]; Hermetic; Holy Grail [Satanic allegory to produce Antichrist]; Hypnotism; Islam; Karma [Satanic doctrine teaching Reincarnation]; Love and Sex Consciousness [Completely Satanic]; Magic [Forbidden in Bible]; Nature Worship [Sun Worship primary worship of Invisible Freemasonry]; Palmistry [Satanic Divination]; Phallicism [Worship of Male erect Sex Organ!]; Qabalah [Satanic Reinterpretation of Hebrew Old Testament]; Reincarnation; Rosicrucian [Satanic to the core]; Serpent Worship [Not only is Masonry a religion, it worships the Serpent, actually Satan himself]; Telepathy [Satanic communication without audible language]; Tarot [Divination forbidden in Bible]; Transcendental Physics; Zoroastrianism [Satanic cult destroyed by God in Old Testament].

THIS is the heart and soul of the Invisible, Inner Fraternity. The absolute darkest part of this heart is Phallicism, worshipping the erect Male Sex Organ. The obelisk is the major symbol for this worship, which is why you see obelisks everywhere associated with Freemasonry! It is time to stop being deceived, don't you think?!

Listen to Albert Pike speak of the obelisk: "Hence the significancy of the phallus, or of its inoffensive substitute, the obelisk, rising as an emblem of the resurrection by the tomb of buried Deity " [Morals and Dogma, p. 393] Now, you know why you see so many obelisks atop the graves of Freemasons, for it is "an emblem of the resurrection of buried Deity"; the Invisible Mason believes he is becoming a god throughout his life, so the obelisk at his grave is simply the visible manifestation of that belief.

The obelisk was originally created by the Egyptian Mysteries of the Pharaohs, and is spoken of in the Bible. Listen: " King Jehu said to the guards and to the officers, 'Go in and slay them; let none escape'. And they smote them with the sword; and the guards before the king threw their bodies out, and went into the inner dwelling of the house of Baal. They brought out the obelisks of the house of Baal and burned them." [2 Kings 10:26, Amplified Bible]

God Almighty ordered the Satanic obelisks burned, but only after He ordered King Jehu to slaughter the worshippers of the obelisk, also known as Baal worshippers. Thus, the Invisible Freemasonry is devoted to the obelisk worship so forbidden by God as to be worthy of the Death Penalty. Keep this in mind the next time you contemplate the Washington Monument!

Finally, Serpent Worship takes us directly into Hell itself, for Satan stands directly behind this form of worship. This is the Invisible Fraternity of Freemasonry, and I bet you never knew it existed, did you?

Now that you know all this, realizing that they deal with the invisible inner organization. Remember this: we are not participating in a debating society, nor am I trying to win you over to my side. Your precious eternal soul is at stake here; you are participating in the most evil, deceptive organization in the world. Your very participation in the Visible Fraternity gives all demons the legal right to afflict you, to cause you great distress and grief, even though you are totally ignorant of the Inner Fraternity.

Your eternal soul is at stake; please read our articles with the greatest of care, and with your 'spiritual eyes' opened.

truebeliever 05-11-2005 06:03 AM

Re: Albert Pike
What exactly are you laughing about?

""You can tell that none of your links were written by York Rite or indeed any other rite freemasons"".

Thats right. They are links to the BBC who report on the many organizations DEMANDING knowledge of peoples membership. Now why would that be?

""What's the big deal about declaring membership?""

I dont know tell me?

""I'm proud of the fact, and bore anyone to tears who'll care to listen.""

Really? Go around professing your membership?

""I have detailed some fact, not speculation and conjecture.""

Really? Detailing facts? Now who has supposedly given you permission from your cult to be here? I do presume you got permission? Like my friend has said...the likelihood of you being a Mason is minimal.

Yeoshua 05-11-2005 06:26 AM

Re: Albert Pike
Yes it is minimal.
With a global population of 6,520,405,800

And a global level of Freemasonry membership at 6,151,272

That gives me a 1 in 1060.01 chance of actually being one.

So indeed my old adversary, you are correct in your statement that the chances of me actually being a freemason are slim.

Yeoshua 05-11-2005 06:35 AM

Re: Albert Pike
Oh, and Manly P Hall = 32 degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Of course he's going to think the sun shone out of Pike's arse, because he follows the same convoluted bollocks that Pike spouted.

Scottish Rite = Pikes interpretation of what he did not understand.

That was the whole point of my original posting!

MasonTemplar 05-12-2005 08:45 AM

Re: Albert Pike
"Those upon its top, the Grand Omnific or Royal Arch word, which we as Royal Arch Masons should never give except in the presence of three Royal Arch Masons, we first agreeing by three times three, and under a living arch."

"They then balance three times three, bringing the right hand with some violence down upon the left. The right hands are then raised above their heads, and the words, Jah-buh-lun, Jeho-vah, G-o-d, are given at low breath, each companion pronouncing the syllables or letters alternately..."

Sounds pretty "crafty" to me. Here's part of a little spell:
banish these horrid sins No more lies or ill feelings present be Lest they return to source Three times three Sand and Sea Wind and Sun, banish them their power is done. THUS THIS I WILL SO MOTE IT BE!

Here's another spell:

Three Times Three Spell
Wind in the north, run through the trees
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Sands of the east, rich soils beneath
Three times three, set them free, set them free
Fires in the south, awaken from sleep
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Water of the west, flow to the seas
Three times three, set them free, set them free

It works best if you have something representing that person, like a strand of their hair or a fingernail.

MasonTemplar 05-12-2005 09:08 AM

Re: Albert Pike
Last one:

A warning then, from me to thee,
you know the power of three times three
means what thou wouldst put out, my friend,
comes back at thee, thrice without end.

Ritual of this nature is not a good thing. Wittingly or not, it can conjure some not so savoury happenings.

Yeoshua 05-13-2005 03:11 AM

Re: Albert Pike
Hey MasonTemplar - The first part of your post is indeed included in Royal Arch ritual. As detailed in my earlier posting in this topic. So why repeat what I've already written? Oh I know you've obviously not bothered to read it Professor.

Your second spell - taken hot from

Is some kind of hippie witch spell, as is your third.

But what the fuck any of this has to do with Albert Pike beats the shit out of me.

You'd make a good journalist MT

"Shock Horror Bombshell Probe"
Sources said yesterday that bullshit is easier to come by than the truth an insider revealed. The shocking leak came moments before it was suitable to talk bollocks, and try to get other people to buy into the shite you're spouting. Close sources say that it's necessary to talk crap, as it is important to perpetuate the myth. The investigation continues.

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