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SeC 04-25-2009 02:07 PM

Confused World
Confused World

"The main (strategic) performance is the resistance of the enemy without fighting to break ... and the land of the enemy intact and healing to take over" was Sunzi well before 2500 years and developed his famous strategy of deception, of the infiltration and the decomposition of the opponent. "Heroic" politicians thought otherwise and lost their lands to Sunzis disciples. The built over it and the surveillance and espionage apparatus accordingly. Which country today has the most news organizations and intelligence and for infiltration, the purchase of politicians at home and abroad, Economic Hitmen, riots and so-called terrorists, the most money from? The structure of international terrorism and the "century of war against terrorism" are just a diversion and deception maneuvers in the "crusade for civilization" - and for what kind of civilization!

"We need our dominance and superiority of our Western civilization realize" [...] "The world must be verwestlicht" and Silvio Berlusconi, according to the Frankfurter Rundschau on 28.9.2001 in Berlin said, then went on "The West will continue to conquer peoples, just as he succeeded in the Communist world and part of the Islamic world to conquer. " At that time, no politician horrified left the room and nobody has asked, in whose power he is what he vortrug announced.

In March 1999, the U.S. Senate the Silk Road Strategy Act adopted, which among other things, was called "The region of the southern Caucasus and Central Asia, oil and gas in sufficient produce to the dependence of the United States by the energy from unstable regions of the Persian Gulf to reduce. " This was followed not only the U.S. maneuvers in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and with less success in Tajikistan. Finally, did the attack on Afghanistan under the pretext getürktem. About the objective of this company, the spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense at the press conference on 3 January 2002, clear statements. The war, he said, was as good as ended, but the presence of U.S. troops there will be sustained and will continue to expand. What he did not say was that this tribal feuds and fights of champagne - which it previously had little - stimulated and duration should be and were.

Meanwhile, the "Silk Road" from the West rolled up. It extends from the northeast to the northwest border of China and includes 17 from the Soviet influence out and newly established political units. These include the former Yugoslav republics of Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo in the Balkans, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in the South Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia, and finally, Moldova and Ukraine in the north of this already during the "Great Games" geopolitically competitive space. Of the 17 countries taking part only of Serbia, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, not with their own troops in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The last two of the West created mini-states of Montenegro and Kosovo are just beside Albania bases internationally active, criminal gangs in the illegal sales of weapons and narcotics.

That should have in mind when considering the external key change in the U.S. under Obama hears: "We cherish the partnership with the main regional powers, we will build constructive relations with other major nations again, in the future will have a strong voice -- China, Russia and India, "said U.S. Secretary of Hillary Clinton on 22 April at the Foreign Policy Committee of the House of Representatives in the U.S. Congress. "The U.S. is not capable of the most important problems of the 21st century such as the struggle against dictatorship, terrorism and poverty and overcoming the consequences of global economic crisis alone to cope [...] But without the leadership of the United States is nothing succeed. " Poverty, terrorism, and governments are unwanted by the actions of the U.S. is not fighting but vastly stimulated and been imposed. On the other hand, quite rightly emphasized Hillary, the combination of diplomatic efforts and military power was the main method in the foreign policy of President Barack Obama. Only for what purpose is it used? This deceives the naive, well-"media believers.

On 23 April, the first meeting of the Working Group within the framework of the 18 February in Geneva created "mechanism to prevent conflicts on the Georgian-Ossetian border in Georgia instead. At the meeting, representatives from South Ossetia, Georgia and Russia as well as observers of the OSCE and the EU. On the same day the government reported in Zchinwali that the night before the South Ossetian village of Georgia Otrehu from one and a half hours long with Kalashnikovs and machine guns had been shelled. They accused the EU observers before inaction. "Georgian armed forces have done in this area have been soldiers of the Georgian Defense Ministry stationed," said the South Ossetian Interior Minister Valery Walijew. South Ossetia had the fire not been reciprocated. "There is no doubt was trying to fire a counter-provoking. This was aware before the meeting of the working groups under the Geneva agreements. And as always, the EU observer seen and heard nothing," said the conflict competent Special Representative of the South Ossetian president, Boris Tschotschijew.

Felt the day before the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko at a press conference in Kiev for an unusual statements coerced him: "The Russian-Ukrainian relations have for Ukraine, a national priority" Ukraine is ready to work with Russia all sorts of problems to be discussed, including the Black Sea Fleet and the gas. Indeed, had the relationship between the two countries since the inauguration of the Orange revolutionary in 2005 noticeably deteriorated. Yushchenko insisted that the fleet is possible before 2017 from the southern Caucasus deployment zone will be deducted and caused the irritation of the gas. In the election in Moldova has recently launched a coup attempt inspired by the orange revolution in Ukraine failed.

In an interview for the internet newspaper had Russia-NATO ambassador Dmitry Rogozin, 23 April, relations between Russia and the alliance as a marriage without love means. The planned NATO exercises in Georgia, "Cooperative Longbow" and "Cooperative Lancer" (with soldiers from 19 NATO and non-NATO countries) was "to support the aggressor Saakashvili and a country which has committed aggression." Was the campaign against the American Zchinwali Rose revolutionary and dictator in Georgia, Saakashvili, not even the Georgian-American exercises "Immediate Response" in July 2008 went ahead? According to the assistant to the U.S. defense minister, Joseph Benkert, the present exercise is intended to protect the sovereignty of Georgia. The Rogozin said: "This is not the usual practice that a year ago, was planned. NATO is dishonest, they claimed that the events of August 2008 with the exercise have nothing to do". And further: "Since we can not prevent the exercise, we will let actions invade the security of Russia and its allies in the South Caucasus guarantee".

Thus, for the 7th May-planned Russia-NATO meeting of the Chiefs will not take place. The activities of the Russia-NATO Council was once Russia's initiative against South Ossetia in August 2008 was thwarted by the NATO-sided and should have been straight back on track. But only half Rogozin is consistent: "The meeting on April 29 the Ambassador and on May 19, the Foreign Minister should not be canceled." Also, the "Afghanistan Transit" of NATO assets will remain intact. "It's about strategic interests, we will have a common enemy." He thinks most of the Taliban, but are really the enemy of the United States and not its instrument. Even when obvious, it is on the Locked ensured.

Rogozin is not mistaken as his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who the day before in the BBC Russian Service had said: "For us NATO is an important key factor for security in the region euratlantischen, including at our borders" even if the approaching of Russia military infrastructure of NATO on its borders could not ignore, especially since the enlargement of the alliance of air patrols, the modernization of airports and the establishment of military bases in the countries concerned will be accompanied. Yes, what is for now, wishful thinking or reality?

Securities brokers and dealers who are seen prior to 2007 never heard a critical word was in a rush, in view of the recent catastrophic economic crisis, with talk. Indeed, breaking the internal and external trade as dramatic as much as ever, roll on the already highly indebted federal, provincial and municipal tax losses amounting to unimagined. According to experts' opinion could be included in the next four years, government revenues by up to 200 billion below expectations remain - or even more. But is the crisis? Is it not the fact that you need for expensive money bought securities that now are worth nothing? The new crisis chatterer now you want to sell other papers, so you "your money" before the safe rescue sinking. But as Voltaire said, should the value of the securities will continue to back the value at which they started from were born - to zero.

Did the so-called "crisis" really that unexpected? Did bankers really do not understand that it is compatible with their financial innovation is nothing other than change of cavalry after a computerized milk girls operated? Keep the financial science and the training of executives of the banks really so schwachköpfig how they should be when "the crisis" would have so how nacherzählt anywhere? You see the characters on the wall, but they do not want to believe - because it is convenient?

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