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55132 03-30-2005 11:18 AM

The Roe v. Wade of Euthanasia
Terri's Case: The Roe v. Wade of Euthanasia

Now that the courts have ruled that a disabled person--Terri Schiavo--must die, who is the next disabled category to go? Those with Alzheimer's? Those with incurable cancer? Those who are paraplegic?

Remember, Terri committed no crime. She signed no will stating her desire to be starved to death. How her injury occurred remains a mystery. She was on no ventilator. She was not brain dead. Her parents offered to take her home and care for her at no expense to anyone other than themselves.

But her husband--the man who years ago abandoned her and moved in with another woman and had two children with that woman but refused to divorce Terri--said he wanted her dead. Strange, but he said nothing about Terri wanting to die until seven years into her disability. For the past 14 years he has denied Terri any therapy. Thirty allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation were filed in court by the Florida Department of Children and Families. But the judges disregarded all that.

Instead, they said Terri must die. Not in a humane manner, but by starvation.

Liberals have been salivating over a case like Terri Schiavo's to use in pushing euthanasia. The promoters for activist liberal judges are poised for major gains.

How arrogant and powerful have activist judges become? Here is what Robert Schindler, Terri’s father, said about the judicial system that sentenced his daughter to a slow, agonizing death by starvation: "What I think you're seeing now is a display where the judicial system is…flexing their muscles. They're showing who's in command of this country. And we're not. The public is not, and the people you elect to Congress are not. The judges are. And woe to this country with those people in power. We've lost control."

The only body that can stop liberal activist judges from controlling this country is the U.S. Senate. In a few days the Senate will vote on ending the liberals' filibuster of conservative judges who see their sole responsibility to be that of interpreting the Constitution. What the liberals want are activist judges who will create laws they cannot get passed through Congress. The Constitution requires a simple majority of 51 votes. The liberals want to require 60 votes to end their filibuster.

This will be the most important vote taken in this session of Congress. Tell your two U.S. Senators to vote to change the rule to a simple majority as the Constitution requires. If the Senate fails to do that, then a minority of 40 Senators and their cohorts on the bench can, and will, force their agenda on every American.

Some good Senators are sitting on the fence, waiting to hear from you.

If in the US Contact Your Senators

Do it before we come up next on the list

rushdoony 03-30-2005 12:26 PM

Re: The Roe v. Wade of Euthanasia
This is speculation,
but could this Schiavo case
be a rehearsal for killing the Pope?
Can the RC church afford to have a weak Pope?
I don't think it's good for their image.
Maybe have to remove his feeding tube too or
stop spoonfeeding him.
Maybe Schiavo is just media prepwork
to get the public conditioned for "plug pulling"?
But then again I'm looking
for a conspiracy behind every tree.

DarkChilde3D 03-31-2005 01:46 AM

Re: The Roe v. Wade of Euthanasia
rush . . . I think that its sorta like apples and pranges, no? The Pope does not reside in America . . . he resides in Italy . . . but technically, Vatican City is its own country . . . they can basicly do whatever they want. They really don't need to see this Sciavo Case all whe way through, unless, of course, they just want to see what the public opinion will be.

truebeliever 03-31-2005 02:15 AM

Re: The Roe v. Wade of Euthanasia
Hey Rush i'll pull the plug on the Pope and the whole damn lot of them in that little paedophile/homosexual/scumbag filth organization called the Catholic church from whence they can start again.

Who cares. May the Pope rot.

Best to you Rush.

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