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BlueAngel 09-06-2007 04:06 PM

Breaking News about Bin Laden

truebeliever 09-07-2007 10:14 AM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden

This is absolutely sickening. This man, who is not the mastermind of 911, but works for the "secret government" is planning to address the American people regarding the anniversary of 911. Stop referring to this HORRENDOUS ACT as an ANNIVERSARY.
"secret government" = ZIONISTS


The terroist entertainment networks has announced that Osama is releasing a new video. The media arm of al-Qaida has informed us this is his first production (images) in nearly three years. Oh, boy. We sure have missed him. Where does the CIA keep him hidden? One of their underground bunkers, perhaps.
"terroist entertainment networks" = ZIONISTS



I would say that any new video would serve to highlight what the "secret government" has planned against the citizens of America.
"secret government" = ZIONISTS

Can also substitute - NEO-BOLSHEVICKS, JUDEO/MASONRY, JUDAIC SUPREMACISTS. All are perfectly acceptable.

redrat11 09-07-2007 05:13 PM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden
Bin Laden Tape

Video Tape

Bin Laden Speaks (rubbish.)

"One should pause, think and reflect," the speaker says, according to the transcript. "Why have the Democrats failed to stop this war, despite them being the majority?"

The answer to that question, he later says, is "the same reasons which led to the failure of former President Kennedy to stop the Vietnam War. Those with with real power and influence are those with the most capital. And since the democratic system permits major corporations to back candidates, be they presidential or congressional, there shouldn't be any cause for astonishment -- and there isn't any -- in the Democrats' failure to stop the war." Watch segment of reported bin Laden tape

The transcript also shows bin Laden blaming global warming on large corporations.

"The life of all mankind is in danger because of the global warming resulting to a large degree from the emissions of the factories the major corporations," it says.

"And despite this brazen attack on the people [referring to global warming], the leaders of the West -- especially Bush, Blair, Sarkozy and Brown -- still talk about freedom and human rights with a flagrant disregard for the intellects of humans?"

The reference to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggests that the tape was done this summer.

In the transcript, bin Laden urges conversion to Islam.

"To conclude, I invite you to embrace Islam, for the greatest mistake one can make in the world and one that is uncorrectable is to die while not surrendering to Allah, the Most High, in all aspects of one's life -- i.e., to die outside of Islam," the transcript says.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Friday would not confirm that a new tape had been received, saying only that the United States follows a standard procedure to analyze any tapes it receives.

"We review it for authenticity, we review it to see when we think it was made, if it's a single tape or a compilation of outtakes. We look to see if there are overt messages or hidden messages," he said.

George_Bush 09-20-2007 08:46 AM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden

BlueAngel wrote:

1949 03-29-2009 02:53 PM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden
Hi Blue Angel,

Here is a nugget for you all. If you have an old computer say pre-2000
then go to the fonts. In Wingdings go to fonts 42 -45 it will show you a
airplane crasing into the WTC. hmmm, This was pre 9-11 so how did they
know enough to put it on the computers.. Aaron Russo what he has said he
is right on~! He got it from the horses ass's mouth.

Remember it has to be a windows 98 version..
Pretty sneaky eh????


1949 03-29-2009 02:55 PM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden
Bin Ladin is allot of things --but terrorist,, I doubt it. He does'nt have the
wherewithal to come in out the caves. HES RICH!!! Yeah and Stupid!!

1949 03-29-2009 02:56 PM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden
Bin Ladin is allot of things --but terrorist,, I doubt it. He does'nt have the
wherewithal to come in out the caves. HES RICH!!! Yeah and Stupid!!

AKA ANthony or Tony something elite scum patsy

Nobody 03-30-2009 01:07 PM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden
Hi BlueAngel


Al Qaeda is a CIA funded terrorist organization and bin Laden is one of their rats.
I would put it slightly differently.

Al Qaeda is a CIA database, which includes the name Bin Laden, in one of it's fields.

The reason why people make such a big thing about the beard, is that some sources claim Bin Laden has been dead for some time now. How does a dead man make videos?

Bin Laden videos are shown in the media, to encourage the idea that the war in Afghanistan is worthwhile. They are not going to say the war is needed because of the drugs and oil coming from the country. They are not going to say that the drugs coming from there, were virtually stopped by the Taliban, just before the war. They are not going to point out, that the drugs being grown there are at a record high now (excuse the pun lol). They are also not going to say that the US economy has only lasted as long as it has because it is boosted by drug money.

From The Wilderness: Information on Peak Oil, Sustainablility, and the events surrounding 9/11

Leonardo 04-10-2009 11:02 AM

Re: Breaking News about Bin Laden
Osama bin Laden...stupid?

Hmmm...leonardo thinking.....

You know...I have the strangest feeling that bin Laden isn't even partially stupid.

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