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Carbon 05-03-2006 10:38 PM

What did Moussaoui really know?
Today Z. Moussaoui was sentenced to life in prison for alleged connections to the other 'hijackers' in the 9/11 plot.

I honestly believe that the towers were brought down with explosives and that elements within the US were the ones responsible for the attacks. How does that story handle Moussaoui admitting to the plot?

The CIA could have hired the radicals in advance, gave them money, and told them to train and wait for the signal to try and hijack a plane. But instead, the CIA just found them and killed them shortly before to make is seem like they died in the attacks. In this case Moussaoui, and the killed hijackers, would still believe that the plot was carried out by al-qaeda.

The press concentrates on Moussaoui being given capital punishment, which is not as important as what he knows, if he is telling the truth, and who commanded him to attack the towers.

Shannow 05-04-2006 04:34 AM

Re: What did Moussaoui really know?
the press keeps reporting on his "insane" comments, and those that are reported seem more and more insane daily.

Sounds to me like a guy who is being paid to say insane stuff, gets life, and then disappears to live a rich and healthy life somewhere after he takes his own in prison...after leaving a lengthy "insane" suicide note.

Carbon 05-04-2006 09:20 AM

Re: What did Moussaoui really know?
I doubt that whoever is paying him could fake his suicide in prison, unless he's at Guantanamo Bay. If he's in a regular prison in the continental US, there is no way he's getting out.

Moussaoui is actually crazy... he actually believes what he is saying about wanting martyrdom, because he will go to the Muslim version of heaven.

He is a true radical, wanting to kill innocents to force support for his beliefs-- but he is mistaken. There is no heaven, no right to kill for ideology, and no way the towers collapsed from the heat of the jet fuel.

He is being manipulated to convince the American public that it was Islamic terrorism that was the motivation for the attacks... the story-time fairy tale that "Muslims attacked america because they hate our freedoms". That is what America believes?? Tell me!

Carbon 05-11-2006 05:03 AM

Re: What did Moussaoui really know?
Looks like Moussaoui was actually lying about knowing anything. Figures. So it does fit with MIHOP theory.

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