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truebeliever 02-13-2005 10:55 PM

I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
For anyone who has read my posts you will find my comment surprising.

My friend has just got back from Indonesia and brought with him a DVD called "Voices Of Iraq".

I have only watched 1/3 of it. I had to turn it off it's too distressing.

I thought it would be uncensored footage of fighting and the results of the American occupation.

150 video camera's were distributed throught Iraq.

There are some extremely touching moments and interviews with people who suffered under Saddam.

I knew Saddam was no angel but what he did to simple political prisoners was beyond belief.

The man was Stalin incarnate.

I've yet to watch it all and perhaps it will balance itself with views from the other side.

I will post a short exerpt on my site shortly detailing what many Iraqi's thought of the Abu Grahaib incident. You may be surprised.

In one interview the Iraqi man said... "that was nice torture. You should see what Saddam would do".

In another (i know it's not something to laugh about but i could'nt help it). One Iraqi man says..."hey, being undressed by a white woman soldier and having your penis played with? Most Iraqi men would like that"!

I'm sorry. It's just an interesting take. No doubt the man is a Shi'te who were treated badly by Saddam. You have to watch it to understand.

Before I am accused of being an Illuminati/satanic/neo con/right wing/imperialist stooge, please have the maturity to seek a balanced view of the situation.

Whenever we cheer the local Iraqi insurgency remember our fellow human beings are dying.

Lets hope for peace in Iraq. Then, American soldiers can return home to loved ones and the U.S will have to leave...U.K from India style.

I'm sorry, i cant agree with the carnage there anymore after seeing this.

Anyone who wishes to recieve an extract from it NOW...please send me your e-mail to my normal account at and i'll send you a WMV file of 1-3 meg.


truebeliever 02-14-2005 01:01 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
Also, Allawi has been absoloutly flogged in the elction!

Kurds and Shia's have romped home.

If the insurgency is stopped and peace and rebuilding begun then 'W' will have no choice but to bring the troops home.

'W' and the forces he represents have no interest in coming home till a few scores are settled.

The war must go on. So, will it be like the Mossad run Hamas? Will the insurgency continue unnessesarily?

Iran must be attacked post haste. The bigger the conflageration the better.

To Americans in fear of a big attack on home soil...i doubt it will happen despite all the hoo ha on the net.

I believe the talk is being encouraged by the Bush administration. Maybe a few pin pricks in conjunction with an attack on Iran.

Relax. Bush and his masters do not have enough psychopaths on the payroll to pull off a biggie on home soil. just made the doco i saw more pertinent. I gather most Iraqi's are glad to be rid of Saddam. American forces are not the evil ones though evil deeds have been done.

At least to some extent U.S forces have been made accountable. Once I get this doco up you'll understand my change of heart.


Ozziecynic 02-14-2005 01:26 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
:roll: I disgaree TB you know why because the U.S helped finance Saddam in this first place the way they helped finance bin laden.Rumsefeld visited saddam a few time in the 1980s i ve seen the pictures.

And no iam no longer surprised by your views not after you admitted you are libertarian. Your far more conservative for the status quo than i intially thought maybe your just a spook! :roll:

truebeliever 02-14-2005 02:06 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
I have only one thing to say OC....


Whoops that damn colour again...

I'll try again, damn colour...grumble grumble..


Ha ha ha last my dastardly plan unfolds!!! Soon i will rule Club Conspiricy and the Earth shall be mine!!!!

Ha ha ha ha mortal peasants! Behold your true master!!!..."psssssss...Lord Rothschild! Your microphone is on!"...Oh I've done it...

No old friend. I just watched a DVD where a large portion of the population who lived under Saddam speak of the results of his rule.

Yes yes yes i saw those images back in 1988...I know ALL about Saddams rise to power and who supported him and that includes most of Europe who sit over their poo pooing the Yanks.

Yes yes yes yes...just reserve judgement until I post that DVD on my site.

Lets remember OC that innocents are being maimed terribly and killed by the insurgency as well.

They are not little angels!

If the insurgency stops then the U.S will have to come home..will it not?

How close have you been to death?

Ever seen a person beg not to die?

I have, it's not pretty. I supported the insurgency absoloutly at the beginning. Enoughs enough...people are dying and the Iraqi people deserve better.

So easy to comment from far away. The average Iraqi wants peace and then an end to the occupation.

As for me being a 'Libertarian'. Libertarian values are the closest to the way I think. However, I dont like to be pigeon holed.

Ultimately i just want to be free to live my life in peace with out dickheads in the State apparatus sticking their nose into my business.

And how is my wanting an end to the slaughter in Iraq supporting the status quo?

More innocent Iraqi's have been killed by Religious fanatics in truck bombs then trigger happy, dex amphetamined, 19 year old troopers from Kansas at raod blocks.

I dont like the Iraq war. I dont like 100,000 dead Iraqi's. But the truth of Iraq is yet to be told.

Watch the DVD I post and then I think you'll understand why I've done an about turn.

ENOUGH KILLING...end the insurgency, rebuild, ask Billy Joe from Kansas to head home to his trailor

Provide an e-mail and i'll send a few tit bits..."oooooo look out he's trying to track me" OC run!


I seriously thought about not posting this as I knew people would respond in this way.

Reserve judgement.

ASIO and F.P are too busy planning their Christmas Do and which hookers they'll invite to bother with this site.

To pay someone to post here would cost and they have to justify there budget.

This site as are all others is populated by people with a big bunch of views and many different personalities.

Trying to owrk out who's the Illuminati stooge is a waste of time.

..."please have the Mossad hit squads visit this man Gerald"..."yes Lord Rothschild. Will you be going as a Lizard or your human form to the gay boys ball"?..."i think i'll go Lizard style today Gerald".

55132 02-14-2005 03:59 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
You have fallen for the us propaganda machine. They are not their to liberate the people they are there to liberate the oil for the greedy corporations. And to help the talmudic jews of israel to further control the world.

The USA never liberates countries that have no oil nor that have powerful armies.

The insurgency you called are the patriots fighting against the new oppressor, the oppresor that do not permit the farmers to keep there seeds, whether or not they are the ones putting all the bombs is besides the point.

Anybody has the right to change their view but for sake of there own dignity it should be based on facts. Or maybe you have lied to us all.

Tell us that you are realy a talmudic jew, That you prefer the nwo. But don't present idiotic statements as a reason for switching sides.

How can you say that you saw the testimony of the majority or iraq people. Do you mean to tell that on that dvd where the testimonies of 12 million people? I bet you really believe that their where democratic elections held? that the majority of the people voted and that all sides where represented.

Have you ever seen on the establisment media any Iraq people floating and cheering the us banner?

Do you know of any iraq civilian counter insurgency?

I quess your the type that would give in to anything that would not trouble you with having to think or take a stand.

Yes its easier to follow the flow and just float around.

I quess the bliss of ignorance is a strong pull for the weak and ignorant mind. Or do you get paid from homeland security?

truebeliever 02-14-2005 04:54 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
Why is it when ever someone posts something on a site that certain fundmentalist nutcases dont agree with you have to be working for...THE OTHER SIDE.


You must think me terribly ignorent. I know exactly why the U.S is there. I know all about the Likudniks and their ilk spread throuought the U.S adimistration.

Like Ozzie you froth at the mouth, it gets in your eyes and you dont read my post.

You obviously have never read any of my posts.

Are you from Iraq? Have you been there? What the fuck makes you the expert? You sound like so many simple parrots that can only read from certain sites and certain books and repeat the same old shit.

I note so often that the same old lines from the same old web sites pop up over and over. Nothing more dangerous than a fuckhead reactionary who thinks by quoting the same old worn out excuses for the war he's onto the truth.

The truth is as deep as you want it to go.

You have not an original thought in your head. You are a reactionary who see's the devil under every rock, every shadow.

Used to the simplistic argumentative taunts of fellow Americans you arrogently think we're all that ignorent.

For your information the wars not about oil but about chaos and distraction. You visit Mike Rupperts site to often and probably Joe Vialls.

Unlike you I am not stuck in dogma.

I want the truth and I dont want the McDonalds version of the dissenting truth that so many parrot on this site and others.

Like so many you revel in the slaughter and wish you were there. Wish you could fight the good fight! But you cant. You hav'nt got the guts and your McDonalds fed arse probably would'nt fit in the plane seat over their.

If you must know, i've just watched the other 2/3, and the DVD's shit.

I was waiting for the view of the Sunni's and their is none. Towards the end it is BLATENTLY PRO U.S.

It was so blatently pro U.S with only Kurds and Shi'tes interviewed I was wondering why they bothered.

Good propaganda at least tries to make a semblence of balance.

This has none, though it still provides interesting insights to daily life.

Whatever your name is (i guess you think the Mossad hit squads will get you)...i can reverse your entire post back onto you as you parrot the same old shit at someone who already knows it.

I am from A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A and over here we laugh at our government we dont worship it. You have mistaken me for an American.

Keep you simplistic spittle to yourself.

My name is Brendon Lee O'Connell

I dont hide behind numbers like some pathetic dreamer that actually thinks what he says is worth sending the suicide squad over for.

I'll still be posting extracts.

Saddam Hussein did not rule Iraq like a jolly green giant. The Iraqi people were not blissfully happy under Saddam...are you saying they were happy? Then it is you who are the victim of extremist propaganda as bad as the Western press!

He was a ruthless Stalinist who was supported and finaced by the West including most of Europe.

When it was convienent they destroyed him.

Enough death!

I am a Christian and I will not revel in the deaths of 19 year old ignorent Americans.

I will not revel in the deaths of Iraqi innocents by indescriminate truck bombings.

Iraq can take a leaf out of India's book.

That being said. After watching that DVD there is going to be civil war in Iraq. That I do not doubt.

Whatever your views on Iraq. If you are a Christian you cannot tolerate killing by any side.

Enogh of this!

55132 02-14-2005 05:35 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
Only when i read stupid posts like the one you have posted here is that i feel compelled to try and bring you to your senses. As I said before anyone is entitled to change there views and present there case, something you have not done.

I don't care if you are iluminati, a spy or a talking wombat, present your case if you have one.

As I read your new post i am still waiting.


truebeliever 02-14-2005 05:58 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
""As I read your new post I am still waiting"".


Who the fuck are you?

Ha ha ha (i'm laughing my head off)!

Piss off disk head...please just piss off.

You have nothing to say and then demand a post from me...(i'm still pissing myself)!

For everyone else, i'm still getting over the last 2/3's of the DVD. It is indeed blatently pro u.s but still has some importent points to make.

One of those points is that Saddam was not Father Christmas.

I cant post it...the bit rate to view the subtitles makes the file too large.

I'll reserve my judgement for slightly sensitive subjects next time.

As for you the best Oz tradition of insults...Get A Dog Up Ya!

I'd actually like someone to ACTUALLY make some points based on my posts rather than the Limbic System, dog level spittle that usually passes for debate at this forum.

But before I ignore you...please make your case...are you for the contuinued slaughter?

There are 20 million people in Iraq by the way. Not 12 million.

There are also an awful lot of Kurds and Shi'tes who do not want the U.S to go away just yet.

Do not respond to the gut level crap of the Western media with equally gut level crap of your own.

I want the slaughter to stop. I want Iraqi's to have their land back.

I doubt this is going to happen.

If i am at times mistaken, it is better than being trapped in the dogmatic mud shit of the fundamentalist opposition to the fundamentalist provocatures.

Draken 02-14-2005 06:51 AM

Saddam and the US

The war must go on. So, will it be like the Mossad run Hamas? Will the insurgency continue unnessesarily?

Iran must be attacked post haste. The bigger the conflageration the better.
The fact is that the West have been funding and supporting Islamic fundamentalists probably for the purpose of creating the Muslim violence they then legitimately can claim to want to stop. If you consider the longterm strategy of the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Brown&Root and the like, you realise that as politicians in charge of foreign policies they make decisions that they know will, 10-15 years later, become a huge problem that totally plays into their hands when they are all "retired" from politics and board members and consultants with shares in the companies mentioned above.

Hence, it's in their interest to create and support Islamic fundamentalists so that they then have a legitimate reason for going there "to stop the terror", only 15-20 years later.

The problem is that Islam is in no way any more violent than any other religion but the the British royal family/Jewish international bankers/Illuminati Satanist black magicians have been supporting and funding extremist, violent groups like the Wahabbi faction - a counterfeit Islam, creating division and hostility within real Islam for several hundred years, for the purpose of eliminating it as practically the last stronghold of God and the last resistance against Lucifer and the NWO.

This is how they created Islamic extremism in Afghanistan. I would't be surprised if this is going on elsewhere the US claims "Islamic terrorists" are active, like Indonesia:

* 'Bush & the Media Cover Up the Jihad Schoolbook Scandal'
By Jared Israel

If the US is in Central Asia to fight Islamic fundamentalist terror, how come the US is shipping millions of Islamic fundamentalist textbooks into Afghanistan?

* 'The ABC'S of Jihad in Afghanistan* Courtesy, USA'
By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway

Source of above article. Washington Post reports the US has shipped 4 million radical Islamist textbooks into Afghanistan for the school kids.


If i am at times mistaken, it is better than being trapped in the dogmatic mud shit of the fundamentalist opposition to the fundamentalist provocatures.
"When does a man become a man? When he knows his own mistakes and hurries to correct them"
Bayazid Al-Bistami

truebeliever 02-14-2005 07:08 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
Thank you Draken.

I am not an Island and your support is appreciated.

I am sick of the destruction. It's what they want.

If the Iraqi's are smart, including the Sunni's, they would all join hands and kiss, and then kindly ask the American armed forces to leave.

Instead I fear someone is benefitting from the chaos.

I wonder who that could be....hmmmm....

So many of the posts i get in reply should also end in..."do you want fries with that"?

Draken 02-14-2005 07:26 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
I edited my last post while you answered it, and included a few good links - don't miss 'em! ;-)

Ahmad 02-14-2005 08:24 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
Peace Draken,

"creating division and hostility within real Islam for several hundred years, for the purpose of eliminating it as practically the last stronghold of God and the last resistance against Lucifer and the NWO."

I always read that, but i believe it's far from being true.

Islam is as corrupt as any other religion. God's religion was and is always one, but because they favoured man made books (Hadith) to God's word in Quran, now they have two completely different religions, the sunni (followers of Muhammad's way) and the Shi'a (followers of Ali, Muhammad's cousin and they have different "Hadith" books!). Who wants to devide the people except Satan? in order to destroy his most ardent enemy, the human being.

Now, the question is, if the "muslims" are on Satan's side (which is 100% true), why is he trying to destroy them? Apparently Satan doesn't favour anybody! it is his ultimate goal to destroy all these factions, that he previously devided (through corrupting the one religion, Submission).

Yes, the Iraqis (except the few righteous among them) deserve this suffering, God is punishing them for deviding the one religion and following Satan's scriptures (Hadith) instead of the final testament for all humanity (Quran).

I for one can't take the side of the invadors nor the side of the Iraqis, may God save the sincere among both sides.

See my new article on the Maylai massacre for a proof that both sides still have few righteous stuck among them.

marypopinz 02-14-2005 08:53 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.

I understand your point.

My first husband was a Christian Iraqi. He and his brothers fles from Iraq to Egypt where they hid for a year. They did not want to go to war to kill Iranian men they did not know nor be killed. They fled. They stayed their until they gained safe passage to the states and a family member in New York, I believe, who would sponsor them. My husband was 17 when he left. Can you imagine having that experience at 17?

Why did they flee and hide? If they were caught, like you mentioned, Saddam was masterful at punishment and torture. He made it an art, you could say, so finely honed was his understanding and ability to torture. The control he executed amongst his people was... Get caught or let the wrong ears here something against him and you and maybe your entire family disappeared, similair to stories of Cuba I met from another extended family member. One day you were there, the next you were gone and the neighbours had to not get caught speaking of such events. Oh dear. He is demon of satan himself - no doubt.

And what was his up-bringing?

My point being, yes non-Saddam violence is mild in one way. What is not mild is the witnessing of violence amongst the civilians - before it was stolen away into the middle of the night. Albeit the soccer stadium was often used for public hangings. Now the rescuers coming in and just murdering people in families willy-nilly, here and there, and raping chaste Moslem women must be a real head jar for a strong male role modeled society. It would be hard not to have a certain population of the male society driven to bear arms and retaliate at any cost to protect the women and children - hence the guerilla's of many war-torn countries.

Unfortunately, many young male children now bear arms in this day and age. How wrong is that?

I digress.

I hope my ex-husband is safe and well, where ever he is now hidden in the United States. I have had no contact with him for four years. My eldest daughter is somewhat confused regarding his whereabouts and so am I.

Mary XXX

truebeliever 02-14-2005 09:20 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
I thought, oh no i'm going to get a pasting by Poppins! Then i remembered your former husband.

I just want it to stop.

We should all want it to stop.

Best to all.

truebeliever 02-14-2005 09:31 AM

Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.
I'll even issue a sincere apolagy to 55 whatever.

I became the spitting snake i most despise.

I'm just sick of the aggro and in response let rip.


truebeliever 02-14-2005 09:38 AM

Re: Saddam and the US

In the end of the DVD it went endlessly on about 'secular' Islam and getting religion out of politics.

It was so pro NWO i felt a fool.

The only good of it was reminding me what a prick Saddam was.

I dont care how many Universities and hospitals he built.


Sometimes the Irish comes out in me. The loud mouthed uncouth Australian as well. Must be the 38c and humidity today.

nohope187 02-14-2005 09:47 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
This was too good to pass up. Hey True, you want fries with that? I can actually say this cuz I do work at Mcdonalds. hahaha! :-P

truebeliever 02-14-2005 09:56 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
Ha ha...

God I just re read my posts...what a raving looney! I must have had a flash back to an all out street brawl.

Gee my spittle was flying. Wonder I could see the monitor.

And yes I will have fries. And a chicken salad.

55132 02-14-2005 10:05 AM

Re: Saddam and the US

It was not my intent on attacking you personaly it's just that i gat mad that an intelligent person would fall for the simplest propaganda technic in the nwo books.

I am a trained filmmaker and an ex journalist (never in the bigtime) and i know how things work.

So please excuse my demenor.

But to answer you

1- No I am not an Iraq I am a euro american who is ashamed of what his country has turned into.

2- No i don't like what the insurgents are doing but they are responding with the only technology the have "terror"

The american army has killed way over 100k people in the that country mostly civilians. People and families minding there own business, so i totaly cannot blame the insugents.

And know the demon in the white house is preparing to do the same on Iran.

truebeliever 02-14-2005 10:15 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
Yes, it's hot here. Thats my excuse. Regardless...

He'll never do it to Iran.

Bombing from the air. Possible big set up with tactical nukes involved. Israel of course in on the scam.

The U.S military does not possess the resources to invade.

No war with China, N.K or New Zealand.

Lots and lots of talk though.

In the end...who am I. I dont have a clue. I'm going surfing.

They change the script every time we get a handle anyway.


nohope187 02-14-2005 10:34 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
Isn't the UN trying to get everyone to unilatterally (I don't think I know what that word means anymore) disarm themselves? Maybe, so everyone can have a nice false sense of security? I don't know. :-?

55132 02-14-2005 10:37 AM

Re: Saddam and the US
The only army the "un" wants is the "un" army. they think we are suckers.

nohope187 02-14-2005 02:38 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
For the most part, Amerikans are suckers because the UN building still stands in Manhatten. I don't see it going away anytime soon. :evil: :-o :roll: :-?

55132 02-14-2005 03:31 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
Though I agree with you about most amerikans I was refering to us the aware

nohope187 02-14-2005 03:37 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
There isn't enough aware people to make a difference, though as it is all too easy to get lost in the crowd.

alumbrado 02-14-2005 06:52 PM

Re: Saddam and the US

nohope187 wrote:
For the most part, Amerikans are suckers because the UN building still stands in Manhatten. I don't see it going away anytime soon. :evil: :-o :roll: :-?
You'll be surprised that a growing majority of Americans have lost faith in the United Nations and wanted the whole UN kicked out of the US.

Another thing, the ground where the UN now stands on was once owned by the Rockefeller family. John D. Rockefeller III "donated" a check of $8.5 millions to the first Secretary-General of the UN in the 1940s. It is still a Rockefeller-owned property, maintained by the Rockefeller Foundation.

You'll be also surprised the people of New York City just about had it with the UN folks! Parking fines. The UN still owe the city millions of dollars in parking fines and the UN doesn't seem all too willing to pay for all for the accumulated ticket infractions. Traffic. New Yorkers have constantly complained about the UN community relations not doing enough to let the locals know about street closures due to any head-of-state or high-mighty ranking official's visit.
A good New Yorker insight for you:

Before you're making sweeping generalization of Americans as suckers, know that there are some Americans who would agree with you on the UN. Don't call them something stupid before you would realize there are some who would share some of your sentiments. :-?

Ozziecynic 02-14-2005 10:57 PM

Re: Saddam and the US

The U.S military does not possess the resources to invade. No war with China, N.K
:-? I am to the Negative in response to this!
They may not have the resources but they will attempt it anyway becasue it is part of their grand strategic Neo con plan for the mideast.
Its all outlined in the neocon guidebook " A Project For A New American Century" about toppling all mideast regimes.Iraq is just the first among many when they are finished with it they will turn on political dissidents in their own country Howard and Blair will attempt the same in their respective countries! :-?

btw TB how is you know so much about all this!How is it you know so much about zionism and Freemasonry! Now i pose the question are you a YID or part YID! As you said you are fat.Ahh maybe your some beefcake Rabbi ADL or JDL member some carry firearms to and also believe in Libertarianism!Now that would explain alot! :lol:

truebeliever 02-24-2005 09:13 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
Oh O.C...

No, my last name is O'Connell.

That should clear that up.

Well, not exactly fat, a spare tyre.

I dont really have anything against Jews per sa...just the ones that think the world revolves around them.

I will tell you something, go out on a limb...i could just about give you their exact plan down to the finest detail.

How? Inside knowledge? Grandiose bragging?

It's a little like 'wrote learning' and actually understanding the fundamentals of your subject.

I could wrote learn that 2+2=4. I could wrote learn that 12+12=24...or I could learn the fundamental principal behind mathematics.

There is a founding principal.

Combine this with a love of military matters, good general knowledge and a good understanding of the human mind and you can start to make pretty accurate predictions about what is to come.

Goerge Bush is a human being as is Lord Rothschild. They live and love and also destroy because of the vast power they weild.

Perhaps many of us would not be so different.

Once you've worked that out you can stop projecting all that is evil over them and start to understand the same motivations that have motivated the rich and powerful since day dot.

Factor in the new technologies and the day to day situation and wullah!

It also helps if you can laugh at the idiots who are actually paid to appear on the telly.

Working it out is not so hard.

For instance...the draft. Everyone is talking about the draft and how it is inevitable. Well they've been saying that for 2 years.

I have said for 2 years their will be NO draft and that the issue was simply another distraction.

How do I come to this conclusion? The polls are bullshit and over %50 of Americans know the war on terror is bogus and the Western Intelligence services were behind the attacks on the 11th of September.

The American public remember Vietnam and know the U.S cannot win. Over %50 of Americans did not vote for Bush. Therefore...ergo sum...the American people will NOT support a draft. A vast majority of the American people want their 19 year old sons and daughters home...NOW.

But what of a catalysing HUGE terrorist attack you say on American soil?

I asure you everyone in the Intelligence services to one degree or another know the war on terror is a crock. Not all, but an awful lot to one degree or another.

To incinerate or kill in vast numbers, American people, on home soil, will result in a coup of some description.

There will be a revolt amongst the armed forces and the American people who just happen to be armed to the teeth.

Like rats in a cage they whack us over the head with a stick whenever one of us starts discussing with another rat that the end of the cage is actually open...WHACK! War, war war...blah blah balh...the same old game centralising power and keeping the peasants energy where they want it...going round and round in circles...

The NWO is backed into a corner. They know that if they proceed with a 'catalysing event' bigger and better than 9-11, they will force people who would otherwise do nothing into direct action against them.

If I believed for one minute that my government was behind the deaths of huge numbers of Australians I would be forced to act. I could no longer sit and talk about the issues, my own survival instinct and sense of rage would kick in.

There are an awful lot of buried SKK and SKS assault rifles buried in this country. Howard would'nt dare. Not that I believe he would. I dont think he's in on the main game. Regardless, he'd need more than his piddly carbon fibre vest. **Dear ASIO/F.P...that is not a veiled threat, just stating what you yourself know. I will never condone violence except in the most extreme event**.

As for Bush and Co...the American people will string the lot of them up. They cannot pull off a 'catalysing event'. They tried once and were thwarted by the net and alot of clued up ordinary people.

They will have to keep the people distracted by offshore wars and the usual endless talk of an Al Quida attack which will never appear.

Remember, any predictions that gain credence on the net will force the NWO engineer's to alter course. They are VERY afraid of the net. In fact they're shitting themselves as we speak.

I predict war in the M.E in many forms. Firstly endless talk of it. Then an aerial bombardment of Iran. This may culminate in the use of tactical nukes by the U.S if Iran can be framed for the use of WMD's.

There will be NO ground invasion of any kind. I dont even belive there are U.S Special Forces on the ground in Iran. The Iranian Elite Gaurd will make mince meat of them if U.S special forces (oz and brits too) are located and cannot call in air strikes to protect themselves.

As for certain agent provocetures like Rivero and Co who push that it will result in nooklear war with Russia...take your pills Rivero, you're an idiot and friend of Soros and Co. Actually, you're just a useful idiot with a reasonably useful web site...still waiting for the Microsoft goon squad Rivero! When are they due?

Speaking of Soros...he's in the States as we speak...PROMOTING DEMOCRACY! I mean, what more do you need that Bush is simply an energiser of the left? In come the European, billionaire Limo riding Lefty/Socialist's sell you the soloution...One World Socialist by a Ruling Elite of Intellectuals/Businessmen and Polititions. COME IN SUCKER.

Endless talk of war with China, North Korea...and thats the level at which it will stay. TALK.

Release of biological weapons onto the Asian mainland has probably already started. Most likely with the full co-operation of the Chinese Elites who have a huge restless population to quell.

Nuclear weapons have ended the usual methods.

The NWO program, currently headed by the East Coast Blue Bloods flows like this.

Bush and Co are to trash religion and whatever reputation the United States had left in the world with their utterly reckless and fundamentalist/unilateral actions.

Wars for oil will do as an long as there's chaos...the only vital requirement.

Read Dave Macgowans excellent analysis at

Europe will sit like a big fat spider off on the edges of the web tut, tutting the reckless, individualistic Americans..."if only they would co-operate for the common good".

While everyones looking off to the M.E awaiting armageddon, busy little NWO bee's will begin to foment the break up of the United States of America into as many peices as possible. A process begun long ago by the British and reaching it's climax today.

Floods of immigrants, provoking race hate, successionist movements (Rivero I see exactly where you're headed and it may be your head that gets it buddy), hatred of the Federal Government, destruction of the U.S economy and just generally chaos will suffice to divide and conquor.

Thank you Thomas Chittum for the insights.

No 'catalysing event' will be needed. The scared middle class will be begging for a Police State on steroids to restore order. The trap has been set and is about to be sprung...only a year or so away.

Bush will finish his 2 terms and after serving his perpose will retire to the Swiss Alps or wherever he chooses...wherever the Coke is cheapest perhaps?

In will come the NWO saviour...Arnie has been groomed along time...but it will remain to be seen after the work of Alex Jones and others.

Who ever it is they will extoll these virtues...

Multi-laterlism over Uni-lateralism.

U.N over the U.S as world power.

SECULAR...i repeat...S-E-C-U-L-A-R fact they just want to get rid of religion full doubt, like Hitler, they will leave it too 'wither on the vine'.

LIBERAL...oh yes, free love baby. Yeh, lets stand for nothing and fall for everything..."hey you want to dance naked in the streets and wipe your arse with the flag and constitution"?..."well thats your right buddy! No fascists here! Just lovely liberal/socialists".

The public, suitably sauted in the juices of armageddon and certain world war will be begging...screaming...pleading for deliverence from the madness with the installment of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ORDER based in Europe.

The whole thing is a CON. Wars for oil, wars for this and wars for that...all utter bullshit as the public is lead by the nose straight into the arms of the NWO/Illuminist death bed.

In the end, after 20-30 years of benevolent fascism/socialism...or whatever you want to call it..FUEDALISM...the masters will say..."hey, you know, we really need to reduce the population to ensure the survival of the greater good. And hey! You dont look that useful...and hey! you're a little bit uppity and asking to many questions...and hey! you're one of those religious whacko's who belive in marriage and family and all sorts of cultish stuff...perhaps you should go first?...dont worry, it'll be painless...we're not barbarians...we're rational, thinking people after all".

And should you wish to hide? Well too bad...the RFID chip/security camera/subcutaneous microchip/satellite tracked/retinal-thumb scanned world we live in will make things hard if not impossible.

WELCOME! To our Brave New World and all we had to do was be scared into submission.

Let them know you're not scared. That you will fight for the principal of individual God given rights over the so called 'common good'.

Let them know you wish to settle this peacefully at all costs. Let them also know that should they overstep the mark you will "meet them in the stair wells and entrances with picks and knives" as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wished he'd done before they were transported to the gulags.

Dont worry, as they up the anti, they seal there own fate. Once people realise they have nothing to lose....'they' lose.

Whatever happens they'll have to back down.

How many will die is the question.

Hopefully not to many more.

Best. Brendon

P.S...cant believe I forgot about their TRUMP CARD!

Natural disasters! Asteroid collisions and MAYBE...a Hollywood production of Close Encounters.

Oh that HAARP just keeps on singing!

05-12-2005 03:37 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
"Distraction" is key. Their tool of choice. They have perfected iti into an art form.

However, I do believe that the Iraq war was waged so that they could control the oil fields, bomb, award contracts to themselves, rebuild.

If they keep us in a state of anxiety and fear over the war, they are free advance their agenda.

Otherwise, I don't see how you believe the Iraq war was waged as a distraction tool.

MANIPULATION through mind control!!

Distraction, deceit, destruction, disinformation!!

It's about power and greed. They do not care if American soldiers are killed for their cause. They don't care who they kill to advance their cause. Our soldiers are "killing machines" for the Military Industrial Complex."

Again, brainwashed to believe that our soldiers are fighting for American freedom. BS!! It is not the job of our military to free people in other countries. IT is the job of our military to first and foremost protect America from imminent threat and danger or enemy invasion, hostile takeover.

The hostile takeover happened long ago on our soil.

We will soon be living under military rule!! Dissenters will be thrown into concentration camps.

America, the most powerful military in the world could not protect the citizens of her country on 911.

Go figure!!

Jimbo 05-12-2005 05:30 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
Hostile Takeover While Standing-Down ??? :-o :-o :-o

BlueAngel, I couldn’t agree w/ you more. You hit it right on it’s face…

We can allow the most blatantly disturbing attack against all of our age-old ideals, principles, & metropolis, w/o a rational response of any kind, except to make sure we got it on film.

Thereafter, the only defense we exercise is that of making sure that we “secretly” fly-out everyone that could be possibly linked in any way shape or form, & out of the country, without any questioning or checks of any kind. We then pass the strictest legal act (& ironically labeled “patriotic”) by any standards, against “all” of our civil freedoms w/ the excuse that we have to be tough on “terrorism.” But only, if you consider a “Stand-Down” a tough measure. Ok,…

So, we know,
We can destroy other countries, & regimes.
We can pump foreign oil fields into “privately owned” pipe-lines.
We can turn our economy from an “it-could-be-better” economy, into an “it-can’t-get-any-worse” one.
We can destabilize the American job base, in less than 3 years, all the way down from the middle-class.
We can in-turn destabilize the economy of every working American & just report the percentage of those collecting unemployment checks (unemployment rate), while ignoring the rest of millions that can neither continue collecting a check, nor find another job or suitable one (the unknown American worker – unlike the unknown soldier - that we make sure we celebrate specially if they are from another country). However, we make sure that we enact laws by which we can give our jobs away to everybody else that is “Not-an-American” – w/o regard to which country or nationality.
We can undeniably ruin the educational system in America.
We can indefinitely send billions & trillions of dollars to Israel, including the latest in overly-expensive & sophisticated military weaponry. In addition, we give them loans, forgive their repayment, & the cycle goes on, & on, & on…
We can tax Americans beyond bankruptcy & then deny them from declaring legal bankruptcy.
We can pretend everything is fine.
We can even have talk shows talk about all the good, now that Saddam is in custody, while ignoring everything else that we know is destroying our way of life “now”, here at home for US, our children, & their descendants.

What a pity. And all thanks to the “Taxman”.

As for the title of this thread, truebeliever”, & can understand (by the way you present it) the irony of the situation, however, 2 wrongs don’t make a right (& I am not trying to correct you, I am just thinking out loud). If our soldiers were protecting our land from tyranny instead of Saddam’s, they wouldn’t be dying over there, & all of US would be doing a “hell” of a lot better – ironically.

truebeliever 05-12-2005 07:11 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
I just hope the Iraqi's work it out as peacefully as possible.

Just remember the North & the South are VERY peaceful. Not perfect but VERY quiet in contrast to the Sunni central areas.

Iraq is made up of more than Sunni's.

I beleieve Bush's masters want as much chaos as possible there. After all, how can he invade or threaten ANYONE else if the Iraqi's are all docile and rebuilding?

On the rebuilding issue...they seem to be going as SLOWLY as possible in the quiet South while the North (Kurds) are BURNING along. It just happens that the North is also over run with Israeli's. Both the military and private contractors...people also buying up private're almost there fella's...almost there...

I guess only the Iraqi's can bring peace to themselves. Even if they find it...certain forces will do everything to keep the place divided and conquored, especially that little place to the West.

05-12-2005 08:09 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
I do believe a Stand Down was ordered on that fateful day. Like you said, THEY were able to fly Bin Laden's family members out of our country; nevertheless, our military could not get one fighter jet up in time to intercept, fire a warning shot, ANYTHING!!!!

No, but the other day when a small aircraft was near the White House, the jets were scrambled in time to divert the plane by firing a warning shot.

Who was in charge when those jets hit the Towers? It wasn't Bush. He was sitting in a class room reading to children.

Bush was groomed for the job and his brother, Jeb, I'm certain will be up for the job some time in the future.

They don't just let ANYBODY become President of the United States. Both parties are controlled by the "shadow government/secret government" and/or corrupt CIA. Except for Carter and FDR (I believe FDR). Could be wrong, but for certain Carter. Carter's 2nd term at the presidency was thwarted by the October surprise which was, of course, for that reason.

Anyone with any intelligence would have to question why there were four jumbo jets off course, with lost communication and NORAD didn't even respond.

It's typical for NORAD to respond at any time during the year even if one jet is off course.

However, I'm sure there is enough disinformation out there so that the people, as usual, will never know the truth, and I along with others will remain "loony" conspiracy theorists because we don't trust our government.

Same scenario with JFK. They blew his brains out on national television. They wanted everyone to see, especially anyone who was one of them (like he was) and might be thinking about betraying them as he did. He was pandering to the people and they couldn't have that. They would never allow another Kennedy in the White House. John said in a speech at Columbia University, I think it was 10 days before his assassination that the "American people's freedoms were in jeopardy and before I leave office..." He knew they were going to kill him.

I think they intended on killing him that day from the Bell Tower, but he foiled the plan with his speech. However, they had to get rid of him as quickly after that speech as they could.

Chaos, confusion, distraction.

They practiced mind control heavily on my generation. They put my generation through hell. Drugs, Viet Nam.

The CIA is the biggest drug dealer in the world; funding their black ops. They control the Mafia. The Mafia is merely the middleman. Sex, pedophile, prostitution, child sex slave rings, all courtesy of the CIA.

I don't trust my government not only for the reasons I have stated above or any other statements I have made on this site.

I don't trust my government because of their victimization of me in MKULTRA/Project Monarch. Project Monarch is a "satanic cult."

Project Monarch has never been acknowledged by anyone within the government other than ex CIA director Colby once stating that yes it existed, but it's over now.


Colby drowned on his boat and he was about to divulge information about POW's and drug rings from what I understand. Maybe some connection to Colin Powell.

05-12-2005 08:14 PM

Re: Saddam and the US
That's a good point, TB, about chaos and confusion so that he can invade another.

Increased fighting amongst different factions, hostility grows to other countries, perhaps.

See, they breed hate!!

Just as they're breeding hate here in America by using issues to divide our country and people.

I thought earlier that they would incite Hezzbolah for reason to invade.

Not sure any longer!!

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