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corsair522 09-16-2006 05:58 PM

why gentiles kept in the dark
corsair522.. .. found what was to me an astounding bit of data from old testament. No need to debate 'truth' or lack of truth in following. It seems far more interesting to ask, 'why is this information not widely known...particularly among gentiles.'

at url's such as ... ... and , we can read of FOURTEEN daughters of jacob least all these daughters written about in talmud. I have to believe gentiles are pretty much ignorant of such details.

Once again, it seems fruitless to debate the veracity of the declaration. How can ANYONE 'prove' that jacob did indeed have 14 daughters. Or that he did not have 14 daughters.

it looks as though talmud has 11 of the 12 sons having a twin sister. Then it seems daughter dinah was not anyone's twin. Benjamin apparently was one of triplets.... with two sisters.

complications snow--ball when talmud reports that 11 of the 12 sons married their half--sisters. Some talmudic scholars have joseph marrying the daughter of dinah ... female named asineth.

the tanakh DOES give a clue to the incest--angle when simon weds half--sister dinah upon death of her husband schechem.

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