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redrat11 09-08-2007 11:14 PM

Nowhere to Run-Nowhere to hide...
Name me one conspiracy forum worthwhile? Give me some info that no-one else has shared. It does'nt exist, where has all the good posters gone? I used to ask, who gives a flying F! what good did they do to change reality? Jack S.

Oh look, G. Bush is gonna bomb Iran in a few weeks, the truth is everyone has a opinion to give, and in the end it's worth J.S. other than to the person posting.

Henry Makow is a stooge, but again, what other forum is'nt owned buy Jews? Oh, you fools so you think if you buy a forum here or there you'll make a difference, think again, the main servers are where's the power is at. guess who controls that? and don't think for a minute they're not 2 steps ahead of you.

Go ahead, take the tour of the planet.

see where all your thoughts are processed.

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