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duvoduvo 07-28-2009 06:30 AM

What 911 conspiracy???
In fact the truth behind 911 will NEVER be revealed by the US goverment just like your parents never told you what Christmas gifts you were getting. In fact the US government will NEVER reveal ALOT of information regarding ALL kinds of conspiracies. WHY???

Its like this... ... If you were the head of the goverment and your entire life, finance and family depended on the state of health of your government would you publicize all the negative and illegal activities you are partly responsible for? HELL NO!!!

But I will tell you this, and this is no conspiracy...

...First what is a conspiracy?

A conspiracy is something or happening that has been plotted or planned by a group of people or criminals or whatevever the case may be... A conspiracy is always played out by a group or groups and not a single individual or person... The plot is not revealed and hidden in order to maintain secrecy and that is a what makes a conspiracy... This is not a full description but I think you get the general understanding.
Now what if I told you that the US government was DIRECTLY and SOLEY responsible for HIV/AIDS... Do you believe me? NO!... Why?... Because I am
but one person with no evidence or collaberation to prove this and so I don't expect you to believe me... Now a conspiracy works the same way, the secrecy of it is to ensure that one party does not collaberate the other parties story and so sealing the plot or conspiracy and thus the conspiracy is born.

BLAH BLAH BLAH... I Know... But here is the BEST part... What if I told you that 911 was NOT plotted by a group or groups? And what if I told you that HIV/AIDS was a conspiracy?... Do you believe me?...
Well here is the truth that I know...

The US government has every right to deny any responsibility or knowledge
of 911! Why?... It was NOT a conspiracy and thus the sole individual or person responsible, whether CRIMINAL or not, is ENTITLED to rights... Such as the right to personal privacy NO MATTER the circumstance! IT'S THE LAW and the US goverment is OBLIGATED to UPHOLD the LAW!!! And so the US Goverment can also deny ANY knowledge whatsoever as the sole person has no collaberation of events and hence the law states that there is no proof even if the person acknowledges ALL the FACTS behind the event!... At least in the publics view...

HOW WOULD I KNOW?!... Look at it like this... A certain doctor from the USA is thrown out the country because of his illegal practises that the government was PARTLY RESPONSIBLE for as he worked for the government and the US state feels it is in the best interest of the nation to keep it silent or at least NOT press charges as it will give rise to ALL sorts of conspiracy theories that will do more damage to the nation than one doctor, so...
...The US governments best policy would be to banish this doctor... This doctor then goes to africa, continues his research where nobody will ever know of his activities and thus the theory of HIV/AIDS is born! So WHO is responsible? NOT the US state!!! Why? Because this doctor acted alone and thus the government CAN, and RIGHTFULLY, deny ALL PART in the crime!!!

Funny is'nt it! The, (Quote), "Most Powerfull Country In The World!" is responsible for HIV/AIDS but they also have the RIGHTFUL right to completely deny it!!!... ...So who is responsible for 911?!...

... ASK yourself this...
... Who stands to gain the most by 911?... The terrorists?... The Arabs?... Or
the US? NONE OF THE ABOVE!!! Why?!...

If the Terrorists acted they would surely be a target by the US and have you EVER heard of a terrorist STUPID enough to make personal enemies with the most powerful country in the world??? HEEELLL NO! Hostages - yes, Hijackings - yes, Bombings - yes, But war on the US??? NO!!! Show Me Just One Documentary where terrorists attack SUPER POWERS and I will give you a MILLION DOLLARS for IT!!!

Arabs or Muslims?!... I,m sorry but if terrorists are smarter than that to directly attact a SUPER POWER where would ANY Muslim nation be STUPID enough to DESTROY an already shakey diplomacy with the WEST???

The US Government? HELL NO!!! Why?!... Are you RETARDED enough to just decide to cut off your own arm? IF SO, I do not in any possible way believe that an ENTIRE body of government is that STUPID!!!

In completion I have given some of these subjects alot of thought, years of thought and I would like to thank the USA, The UNO, The Middle Eastern Nations and all the other people that have contributed to my studies of terrorism, war, disaster, and militantism and SPECIAL thanks to all the people that have provided some PHENOMINAL media coverage of all world events, THANK-YOU AGAIN GUYS!!!!!

Oh YES... Who has the most to gain??? Well It can ONLY be one person that does not fear persecution, the USA or war... ...And I believe I might just know who!?...

Who fears nothing... Someone on top. Who can plan and plot such event... Someone on top. Who would have one arm around the shoulders of the US Government and the other arm around something to gain?

Someone with alot of problems that need rejuvenation by lifting their image, their influence and their finance and who better than someone that is ROYALLY SPOILT in the past BUT NOW has to deal with real world problems that never were an issue in the past and has NOTHING left to lose.
Could this person be sitting on possibly the LAST THRONE of an already DWINDLING and CRASHING ROYALTY? I wonder who that could POSSIBLY BE?


duvoduvo 07-30-2009 11:13 AM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
To BlueAngel - Possesion is 9/10's of the law and the government controls the law so saying the US Gov was involved is heresay without hard facts. If you have any proof let me know about it.

duvoduvo 08-02-2009 11:35 AM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
Sorry BlueAngel But no proof makes your words 1/10 of the law, nothing personal you understand, just probing for info. Thanks anyway!

neo1962 08-04-2009 01:26 PM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
It's true that the government will hide all this from us, but it doesn't matter, we already know the truthand have so much proof.
I have collecting most of the proof and put it together on my blog:
Uncensored News: 9/11 Inside Job Theory Proven Real? (Part 1/3)
It has videos and pictures so you don't need to take my word for it.

duvoduvo 08-05-2009 04:51 AM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???

duvoduvo 08-07-2009 04:43 AM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
To BlueAngel,

This one is simple! Simple mathematics is your solution here, compare their product price to other cheaper competitors and if their profits are more than the equivelant by say the cost of a mini-cam of sorts then they have not only openly admitted it but like any fool actually added the extra cost as well, which their must be as I am sure not even the US Gov hands out free spycams not even to their own agencies, "Nothing in this world is free!".

OR you can investigate this way, find the electronic component's manufacturer's specification and like all componants compare to the manufacturer's specs and if they are not exactly IDENTICAL then it has being tampered with!

And if you can prove all Three proofs, even hypothetically with good cause, then Bob is your Uncle!!!

I cannot be fooled 08-07-2009 11:47 PM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
People are led to believe the government has all this power, that they make all these important decisions and they make the laws.. The truth is the people who control the money control the government, and thus they control the world.

Without major banks the government would have no money, just like you and I we take out a mortgage to buy a house, well the government takes out loans to pay for everything that runs a country, war etc, this money must be payed back but the only way to pay it back is to make money off the population of the world, so WAR, and taxes are the main income the government makes. The money made from these taxes and war etc are used to pay off the loans, but we are led to believe tax payers money goes to roads, schools, unemployment benefits, etc, this is totally inaccurate.

The system is far more complex than we are led to believe.

So 9/11 had nothing to do with the government, it was major banks wanting their money NO MATTER WHAT, and they forced the government to take any action to gain large amounts of money, so they decided to capture all known large deposits of oil to pay back the banks.

The whole world is run by banks, you can't earn any money without it going through a bank or you are a criminal in their eyes.

duvoduvo 08-08-2009 02:20 AM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
I see live up to your callsign BlueAngel, don't take jokes too well, huh??? Bet you can't guess what DuvoDuvo stands for!!!!

duvoduvo 08-08-2009 02:32 AM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
I like this junior member's reply, give us a name and keep posting!
At least he had sensible things to discuss other than hidden cameras in our cellphones and took the initiative to talk about something Government! :):):)

The Us gov sucks man!!! They are scared of every shadow that crosses their path and, unfortunately for the American people, they are even scared of bank managers!!!
Do you remember the war in South America involving Great Britain say about
1992 -1993? Something about terrorrists trying to empower themselves with french Jets and such? Well the US is so coward that they boast ALL this power over South America. I still do not know how the hell the UK was given the go to deal with the situation when it was such a meager war that the US could have solved it with nothing but army personel on FOOT!!! OR was it because the US banks on South American banks???... There's a thought...

I cannot be fooled 08-08-2009 05:18 AM

Re: What 911 conspiracy???
It's not only the US government that "sucks" It's government in general. To fully understand how a government works you must trace it back over 800 years and understand how this system was created and why the system was created before you can understand how it works.

It begins with a bank, the bank has wealth which in those days banks were wealthy private individual lenders who allowed other less fortunate members of society to borrow money from them, they were very wealthy people and because of their wealth they would write special "laws" to force the borrower to pay the money they borrow with interest. Usually these wealthy people were members of royalty or they worked for members of royalty so the king and or queer would grant these people special rights to make special laws in order to bring prosperity among the kingdom, but the royalty also wanted this wealth so the individual lender did not become more wealthy than the royal throne, so they introduced taxes which forced the private lenders to pay a specific amount of gold to the king or queen for the laws and rights to profit from lending money.

Then the taxes were made as laws so it forced all members of society to pay, the private lenders (banks) would lend money to blacksmiths so they could make a specific amount of weapons and armor the kingdom demanded, but they had to pay tax on the loan and one the profit they made from the items they were making, so the individual was always in debt.

The royalty etc would profit from these people making a hard living while they borrow money and struggle to pay it back all the profit goes to the lender and the king/queen.

Groups of people would be hired by the king/queen to take responsibility in the collection of the money and over time more and more people would be hired for different jobs until eventually there was a group of people doing all the thinking and acting on behalf of the kingdom.

These people were known as the government.. They had no real power but the majority of society knew them as being responsible for specific duties and this took attention away from the royal family and the responsibility of the kingdom was no longer directed towards the king/queen but towards the government.

This was a very good and effective way of pushing the responsibility of specific actions onto another person or group of people and the real people making the decisions never had to answer to what and how things were being run.

The government is the same today as it was throughout all history. Members of society take the roll of being responsible for specific decisions and actions made, they take responsibility for things going wrong and they take credit when it goes right.

The president of the U.S is very similar to a president of a company, the U.S president has only one real job, that is to sign paper, take responsibility for the entire country and the actions the country takes in war etc and to bring a sense of control to the population, it's like running a massive company you have to keep all of your employees happy or fool them into thinking they're happy so the business continues to make money.

But the president has no real power, he does not make any real decisions other people make the decisions and he stands up and represents those decisions and represents those actions as if he was the person responsible for the decision to begin with, when in fact all he is, is the face behind the responsibility.

That is why there are so many wars to create democracy, it is easy to fool the population that they have some sort of say in what happens in the world when all it really is, is an ideological way of living under a communist world government.

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