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uswgo 10-30-2010 11:35 PM

Craigslist requires all to verify phone numbers or else...
Source: Craigslist now requires Phone and SMS Verification - USWGO Alternative News


Author: Brian D. Hill

Flashback: YouTube now gone Orwellian - Now requires SMS from every new Registrant

Craigslist is now the next site forcing SMS and Phone verification just like Google has. It has been discovered tonight when I was going to put a Classified Ad for USWGO to wake more masses up, then I ran into a roadblock page where it told me that I can no longer post classified ads on craigslist until I verify my personal information such as a phone number or cell phone number.

This is the screenshot that proves it:

craigslist account Telephone and SMS Verification

So why is all of the sudden one of the most popular public classified ads sites are now forcing you to divulge personal information against your will, then force you to verify that information anytime you want to post on Craigslist? Well then let's check their Terms Of Use for their little excuse for why they need your personal information.

I then checked their TOU and found out there was nothing in their TOU mentioning about Phone or SMS Verification.

So does this mean that they are modeling their systems just like Google in order to further control free speech advocates from using the Internet to post the truth without fear of persecution.

Since craigslist is a private site they have the right to do whatever they want so now that people cannot simply create extra insurance accounts anytime the Moderators seem to censor any political classified ad that they deem to be inappropriate, then they can ban your account and bar your phone number, plus they could sell your number to information harvesters including the CIA and NSA.

More and More websites seem to becoming Information Harvesters demanding personal information such as address verification, phone verification, some places require social security numbers, and even SMS verification so that they can start tying web identities to physical locations and real people. Many political activists and political whistle-blowers have been relying on not being forced to provide truthful information because of fear of persecution and visits from Homeland Security. Now on Craigslist, and google that may no longer be possible due to forcing SMS and phone verification.

So does this mean that more and more websites may follow down the road of forcing verification of our personal information in order to threaten and intimidate us to staying quiet and not speaking out or even blowing the Whistle? What Craigslist has done may be the case. Could this be the trend for all sites to eventually start forcing phone number verification?
Craigslist has gone to the dark side!

retro_stripes 10-31-2010 08:29 PM

Re: Craigslist requires all to verify phone numbers or else...
Considering that google has geotracking to the street view on nearly every cell phone and many laptops have gps in them and they take your info (don't install google chrome, but it probably doesn't matter) you were probably screwed years ago.

retro_stripes 10-31-2010 08:57 PM

Re: Craigslist requires all to verify phone numbers or else...
meh, i don't care anymore either. might liven things up.

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