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Ban Freekmasons 11-16-2010 02:50 AM

Masonitis has gone viral
Masonitis has gone viral. People and place-names with Bal/Ball/Bell/Bill are all code and devil worship by puppet masons. This all means Baal or Beelzebub (satan) to them and a curse on non-masons. The Bible mentions the evil heathen god Baal and the occultic criminal elite and their tools (masons) are mad about this Baal/Bell (satan). They know who I am and have tried to kill me numerous times. My whole life is a parable with the bible. I need you to know that God Jehovah (aka Yahweh) is very, very real. I am hear to show you the invisible. I give you my word everything is true and can be backed up no problem. This all happened.

We told you in our last post (CM14) that satan is also known as the Green MAN (fact). On the day before the pope came to Scotland (Sept 2010), my wife and I were in the car park at Dunelm Mill (Clydebank Shopping Centre). This dark Green Helicopter appeared and hovered low (about 300 feet) just in front of us. It would have been seen by thousands. We watched it for 10 minutes and decided to leave. It stayed behind us for the first two miles then disappeared. Twenty minutes later, we parked in Milngavie and the same Green Helicopter crept up low and hovered beside us. It would have been seen by thousands. What was it's purpose? do you think they know something? smile. Anyway, we had a laugh and gave them a wave. I also got it on video-cam. The next day, the same Green Helicopter (Satan aka Lord of the Flies) is on TV flying low above the pope as he travels on the M8 motorway from Edinburgh to Glasgow. I had never seen this helicopter before or since. The 2/3 main helicopters in Glasgow are the emergency services which have been over our house for years, all documented. The puppet masons will now have to fix their log books. I'm not looking for revenge or hatred, I only want to prove to the law abiding people that all is not what it seems. Puppet or not, we all have to question the criminal elite.

The pope is also escorted by "11" police motorcycle outriders. His first visit for 28 years (English Gematria for MAN =28). The EG for Helicopter = 111. All puppet masons know about the helicopter being used as a psychological weapon and gives the puppet masons false empowerment. The pope came to Bella-houston Park in Glasgow. On the Sunday, in his speech the pope mentioned the words Common Purpose. This is brotherhood code for the criminal elite Freemasons. Research "Common Purpose" and if you say it fast, it sounds like "Compass" and you all know about the crooked "Square and Compass". The puppet masons use these tools to build war chests for their plunder. I do not hate the pope or anybody, only ignorance. In a nutshell, the elite brotherhood do not care about you. They call us "useless eaters" including their own puppet masons. We all used to be in denial of the truth. Not any more, do your bit and make others aware. Know your enemy and their main tactics, "divide and conquer", we fight us and they count the money.

When I was 12 years old (in 1967), I was considered unruly as a child. I used to steal scrap metal from derelict buildings.
The followers of Tubalcain sent me to Balgowan (Baal) Approved School (reform school) in Downfield, Dundee (dun=39). One of my pretend-friends in Balgowan was a guy called "Bella". The staff took us to the public swimming baths in Dundee. Bella knew I could not swim and as we walked past the deep end, he deliberately shoved me into the water. I could see him laughing and ignoring my desperate situation. As I was going under for the third and last time, a stranger came to the rescue.

About two years later, I was sent to Mossbank Approved School, by Hogganfield Loch in Glasgow (I call it Moses bank, read my Moses-field experience). I am now acquainted for the second time with "Bella". We were still pretend friends, at least he was. Four of us were upstairs in the dormitory just before tea-time. Bella had acquired a long scarf and wrapped it round my neck and the three of them began pulling it tighter. I though they would let go, but things were getting serious. I blacked out and the next thing I remember is me having an OBE (outer body experience). I was floating up above and around and looking down at my crumpled body and blue/purple face. I could see the three of them laughing and ridiculing me as my body lay there. They then left the dormitory. I felt really good but I knew my journey was not complete, I was transposed back into my body. I awoke and felt terrible and spent 15/20 minutes to recover. Anyway, I went downstairs and into the dining hall and you should have seen their faces. I was content to survive. In those days, I knew nothing about puppet masons. I have always known that something just wasn't right. I wonder if Bella is still alive, he'll be about 55 years old. I am not interested in him, I just need you to know that God's Karma is for real. I have lot's of Bell/Baal true stories for you and none of them pleasant. Good will live forever and evil be destroyed forever, you have God's guarantee.

In 1970/71, I got sent to the Kibble (bible) Approved School at St. James, Paisley near Glasgow. By now, I am curious why the staff always put a nutter to sleep in the bed next to me. Fortunately, I have always been a humanitarian and would overly help the underdogs in life. I did not have a problem making friends. I worked in the joiners (carpenters) and our teacher Mr Sammy Hill would regularly take us to DUNure (dun=39) beside the town of Ayr. He also got me to cut up an old roof covered in asbestos. I don't know if he is still alive, but I have found out he was a puppet mason. Another teacher at the Kibble was a pedo mason called Andy Smith, he loved coming into the showers with us. He wanted me to go to a Rangers football match in DUNdee with my friend? a fellow detainee called DUNcan. I didn't trust Mr Smith and said no. They were both killed in a car crash coming back from the game.

Incidentally, when I was about 11 (1966), I had a powerful deja vue experience while standing in Sighthill Park, at Port DUNdas, Glasgow. It was beside a large power station (now demolished). There is no doubt in my mind that I had been here before. I was stunned and told my family and everyone I knew. I do not care what the left brainers say about deja vue.

Did you know Rabbie Burns was a freemason and the puppet masons (esp. celtic radio and the satanic BBC who dress up as good) love to promote him 24/7. The same people are trying to change the name of Scotland back to Alba (Baal). Scotland the brave has become Scotland the slave of the occultic criminal elite. Wake up you fools, research DUNblane and google "Hollie Greig". Don't let it bring you down, it's only (pedo elite) castles burning. You have to be a positive person to fight negativity. On with the teaching, is Milngavie pronounced "Armageddon" ? Will Scotland change it's name to New Jerusalem?. I live 5 miles from Jordanhill in Glasgow and used to live and work in Edenburgh (seven hills). No, I won't lead you astray, I am giving you your daily bread, truth for thought.

I told you about the large mural/painting of the Phoenix on Maryhill Road, Glasgow. It's on the side/gable end of the building, (able end), avenge, (grin). For those that know about Cain and Able.

Do not worry about me as I now realise that what is meant to be will be. I am here to tell you that you must take Nineveh seriously. Satan wants to corrupt and destroy as much as possible before he fries. Even the criminal elite can be saved if they find Jesus and ask God for forgiveness, Jehovah will forgive. Intelligent con MAN satan will take the selfish with him. Know this, God and satan know your every thought and action. You can fool neither, how else do you think I have got thus far?. This is your test. I never forget I was a sinner.

Welcome to the Christ Messenger part 15 (16/11/10). Tip, when researching online, don't just google it, try lots of searches. Go to Searchy UK Metacrawler: Search 15 top UK Search Engines and use the quotation marks to narrow your search. You can research more truth at Page has moved or Freemasonry Watch - Is the Devil in the details? | Freemasons News | Freemason Information

Love, peace and FR33DOM. JS Christie, always fighting for the underdog (underGod)

Plea for help from good people in Wales. There is a lovely, genuine old guy called Walter Taylor originally from Bala (presently living in Dolgellau). His life has been destroyed by the puppet masons, he has written two books about his ordeal. He is 86 years old and not in very good health. I spoke to him last night and he said that an electrician friend? told him of a woman called Mandy (49 years old) being a victim. Walter is going to see her next week. She has been telling Walter she has feelings for him and apparently now loves him. I tried to warn him but he's desperate for company. The puppet masons are expert at persecuting vulnerable people on their own. Walter has fallen out with his family and the predator masons are moving in for his money and property. I begged Walter to contact his family but he is too stubborn. Contact Second Family (UK) on 0141 560 0079 or mobile 07799 612 227 and help stop this evil human virus (masonitis), no joke intended.

brice_fallsteen 12-05-2010 04:01 PM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral
The Organization of Triangles, Inc. is a fraternal organization located in the State of New York, for girls aged 11 through 21 years. For over seventy years, the Organization of Triangles, Inc., has been helping to prepare girls to build "A Finer American Womanhood". The Organization of Triangles, Inc., takes pride in its philanthropic identity. As Triangle teaches the virtues of respecting and loving mankind, charitable acts are but one of the many material embodim ents of this lesson. Triangle's main philanthropic focus is the manifestation of funds towards the aid of crippled children. However, Triangle girls spend hundreds of hours each year working in nursing homes, children's facilities, and fundraising to aid such worthy causes. They take pride in their accomplishments, and in return receive the gratification of aiding someone less fortunate than themselves.

Some charities which have been supported by Triangle include the Shriner's Childrens Hospitals, St. Jude's Fund for Children, Save the Children, Amnesty International, the Seeing-Eye Dog Fund for the Blind, as well as various nursing homes, including St. Alban's Veterans' Home, and the Franklin Nursing Home for the Elderly. Many activities for the Triangle incorporate visitations to such facilities, an example being serving a picnic lunch to theveterans on Memorial Day. Activities such as fundraising dinners and dances not only are fun for the girls and their friends, but do an invaluable service to the community.

LightCraft 12-11-2010 04:05 PM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral
Where do you come up with this drivel? :confused:

JBoy 12-25-2010 03:46 PM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral

This chapter, like Chapter Four, was written by J Edward Decker, of the FREE THE MASON MINISTRIES. I believe you will find it an eye-opener.

When the average American thinks of Masonry, the thoughts are of Children's Burn Centers and Hospitals, and the Shrine Circus, where handicapped children are often carried to the front row seats in the strong arms of weeping men who are wearing the red Fezes of their fraternity. Rarely do we see a parade without these same Shriners driving up and down the parade route in their little cars and motorcycles, dressed in clothes out of the Arabian nights, bringing laughter to the children lined up along the way.

On more serious occasions, such as the laying of public building cornerstones, or at a funeral service of a Lodge members, these same men, dressed in somber attire, wearing their ornate sashes, medallioned chains of office and ceremonial aprons, will perform with solemn dignity the rites handed down through the centuries of their secret ritual -"Good men," they say, "becoming better!"

Yet, once you get past the good-old-boy fraternal act, the funny hats of the Shriners and the sheltered reputation of the local Blue Lodge Masonic groups, there is something beyond the colorful mask, an aura of mystery, power and intrigue, complete with under oaths of false gods, blood oaths, conspiracy and back room politics.

The Fez itself, is an example of the double meaning behind most of Freemasonry's facade. Worn and even carried to the grave with pompous dignity, the history of the Fez is barbaric and anti-Christian. In the early 8th Century,
Page 50

Muslim hordes overran the Moroccan city of Fez, shouting: "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. There they butchered almost 50,000 Christian men, women and children, all in the name of Allah, the same demon god to whom the Shriners bow in worship (and proclaim him the god of their fathers) in the Shrine initiation ceremony.

The Shriner's blood oath and confession of Allah as God is found in the secret ritual book, THE MYSTIC SHRINE An Illustrated Ritual of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Shrine (pp. 20-22).

One must realize that ALLAH is not just another name for God. Allah is the name of another god and in usual occult fashion, the initiate swears that he will be inseparably obligated to this "most powerful and binding oath," in advance, and that he may never retract or depart from it.

During the butchering of the people of Fez, the streets literally ran red with blood of the martyred Christians. The Muslim murderers dipped their caps in the blood of their victims as testimony to Allah. These blood stained caps eventually were called Fezes and became the Muslim badge of honor. The Shriners wear that same Fez today. The greatest tragedy is that the Fez is often worn by men who profess to be Christians themselves. It must cause God to weep.

KSigMason 12-26-2010 06:48 AM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral
V I V A F R E E M A S O N R Y ! ! ! ! !

JBoy 12-26-2010 06:52 AM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral
Rotten Is Freemasonery

KSigMason 12-26-2010 07:20 AM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral
Freemasonry is goodness.

JBoy 12-26-2010 07:22 AM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral
Freemasonry Are Sorry-Ness

KSigMason 12-26-2010 07:28 AM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral

Originally Posted by JBoy (Post 72006)
Freemasons Are Sorry

For what?

JBoy 12-26-2010 07:34 AM

Re: Masonitis has gone viral
King Henry just declared u are insane and wants your sword turned in, u r thru child, in a mans armor

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