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BvL 04-28-2006 12:49 PM

ID cards: Coming to your country soon!
This is a true horror story and far more horrific than something like 9/11. This will affect everyone and ultimately enslave everyone. Itís more than just a card because it has a massive database behind it and this database will be tracking your every move. Your laws will alter to make things illegal that you had never considered a crime and 'offenders' will be caught. Every piece of data will be matched against every other piece to ensure you follow a path that is so straight and so narrow that living in a prison would have more freedom than maybe 10 years down the line.

Australia had a card introduced called the Australia Card but it was rejected by about 3/4 of the people and now they are reintroducing the idea. Britain is currently fighting like mad to bring the system down and we had five Lords rejections before they offered a compromise to make it compulsory after the general election, giving us a couple of years to build up the troops. America is introducing a system at the same time as Britain and China is doing similar stuff. This fight is international so here is a warning if you thought it was another countryís problem. Be prepared.

Here is the protest group I help to contribute to. All the details are here for you to check out.

Ozzy_dopster 04-28-2006 01:10 PM

Re: ID cards: Coming to your country soon!
And on a related note: when you are processed and assigned a court date, that is due process, guaranteed by the Constitution. But where, oh where, is the due process when the DEA break your door down, swarm into your bedroom at night, and shoot you dead because you made "Intimidating gestures"??? And remember, there are many documented cases of drug raids going to the wrong house. And remember, the informant tipline is ANONYMOUS.
Put it all together and you have the perfect cleaning operation.

Shannow 04-28-2006 04:49 PM

Re: ID cards: Coming to your country soon!
The new Oz card is's not a national ID card, it's just a card storing data and biometrics to reduce the instance of fraud against the social welfare system, by ensureing that you are exactly who you say you are, and that thet person is real.

It's in no way compulsory, like a real national ID card would be. The only people who must have it are those using the health system, and those seeking access to welfare services.

BvL 04-29-2006 12:38 PM

Re: ID cards: Coming to your country soon!
Well there is a million different reasons for how 'wonderful' these cards will be and when your country accepts them there will be a million different things that will 'save time & money' when they are in operation. However the real reason is control and information equates to power that translates into control. When someone has a dossier on every purchase you have ever made, every door you have walked through and every other conceivable point about your life then your freedom will be no more. They will have supercomputers to process this stuff. Read Zbigniew Brzezinski and find out what the elite have planned for you.

Here is a download of a super rare book that was withdrawn from publication the year it was published.

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