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reachless 08-14-2010 02:05 PM

The way it is...
Social Engineering is closer to home than you think.

To start with: everyone already is without knowing anything to they be.
As you go on, the already you there, becomes however it will be. Whether you
advance your being or more-so if your being suffers at the hands of the world
of now, you will still be ----> whatever you is to be; according to your already
are and roughly the way you will be. You will still be you, inside yourself.

What is you, that you already are?:

You there, already are, are out from, whatever your roots in all been so far to
date (historically), has cranked you out, to be like. We all begin from our very
own self-points of be. Where we mix with our already there selves. Going on
to become, however we will have gone on to become. You either advance
your being through your living on OR your being suffers in the face of what
came your way as you went on being. INSIDE: you are still you. ;)

Do you wonder if you are like other people OR if other people are like you?
There could very well be a good reason for wondering :rolleyes:.

Some of us are more willing to be as the human lifeform would be >others.
Myself, I have been deadened away from my roots and this lifeforem in life.
However, I am not dead.

I could still be this lifeform (human) for who knows how long AND eventually
turn into some other lifeform ---> whenever(?).
I may also wave "bye bye" to this lifeform and be ---> who knows what(?).
As it is I can go either way. (not at the snap of fingers though)

Lots of people around but are they people like you can see? The less
contact we have with people, the more we can see them there. The more
contact we have with people, the less we can see them there.

People around us want to put us to the side BUT not without being there to
us. It is wanted for us to see them there INSTEAD of ourselves. They want
us to let them have what they want AND do not want us to have it anyhow.
These people, are not people, like we can see. What are they? Mostly
they are "automatically" ran in relation to ourselves "seeing" them there.
The world around is "rigged" up to be au contraire to ourselves every ping
of the way. The world around does not have a life of its' own. They only live
as long as "we" are spectators in the world. Once "we" are no longer
spectators in the world, the world ceases to be there, like "we" have known.
Prior to this, the world is simply there instead of "us".

Socially Engineered to be there so, from the begining of our days to the
end of our days in this lifetime. It is wanted for "us" to lose out.
The puppeteer of it all, simply has it all over us be. "We" do not survive
this lifetime in the world around "us", from this lifeform. Yet "we" still are.
This is all hidden from us as we are directly here in the midst of it. HOWEVER
those of us that look within ourselves, come to see, the way it is.

You may not know it to such extent BUT you would be on track to coming to
know it as you so far would have it known to yourself.
If you are looking within yourself to see.

Those of you "who" are not one of "us" --> :D

reachless 08-15-2010 04:15 PM

Re: The way it is...
Do you see people outside of you as already there how they are?

Are you already there and founded in yourself to be?: if not, how can people
around you be so? They aren't. It is wanted for you to see them so.

reachless 08-16-2010 08:42 PM

Re: The way it is...
Speaking from my own experience:

My life in this lifespan of this lifetime as this lifeform. Human. No reason to
think of some other lifeform as myself. to start with human.

As far as I know I have my head above waterline as far as what goes on here.
What's going on is all going on from outside interests somewhere. No real up
front presence about it except directly affecting me. Unknown to me to known.
The knowing is mostly aware of it as having been mostly except it continues.
Where I am could very well be an isolated area where it's occurring. They want
to lord it over one being itself. Currently they have foreign control over me.
All that goes into one being they are there in place of what would be me.
It goes like whatever me is wanted nothing to do with by this is me.

They have no problem nullifying me for all intents and purposes. So up front
I am of no concern to them. As far as living on goes I don't even have to pan
out. Consensus from where ever is unlikely to manage anyways. To live on
is where one starts from even though.

Mainly they want to have it on I exist
to the point where there is nothing that can be done about it. Not yet are
they able to exert themselves in the direction of another so BUT it is what
they are working on. It all goes back further in time than present day life.

There is no outside of oneself. There is only oneself. Oneself is in the dark.
From their foreign controls riddled throughout ones entire all the only point
in oneself is at the consciously out of oneself. This would also include
connecting wheres in oneself EXCEPT they are foreignly occupying that way.
The conscious awareness directly out of oneself is dubbed over by them.
They are operating from above and beyond.

They have no problem having it all over oneself up front SO what is their
problem in getting what they want? One does not survive directly in itself
from what they can do.

Currently they are snagged on having to be there instead of me. As far as
whatever they have ran into in one being itself goes. What's behind it does
not seem to have a me instead of them already there by the things they can
do. The foreign controller has to be there instead of me though. Even for just
a little while if not however longer able to be so. The foreign controller is not
going the way of going to be there instead of me. So eventually I'll be.
However there is no for me to be. Ones self is already naturalized to the
foreign controller instead of anything to do with me. Makes me foreign to
myself as things are.

They are heavy on altering ones state of be by the things they can do.

I have died many times prior to now looking at one time too many = no more.
They have been able to affect me to continuing on through it all. Looks like
they are not able to do that anymore now. What's there and I be has been
naturalized to the foreign controllers over I be instead. It needs their presence instead of mine. Looks like it's going to have my presence instead
of theirs.

This could very well be happening in a contained area of the world where I am
Unknown if there are similar going ons elsewhere in the world.

Of course I can see how it can all be so no matter how it all is. Mainly in the
way of to my awareness. They want to hide behind me but they cannot.
Whatever it is that is there naturalized to them instead of me is what they
want to hide from EXCEPT of course I have yet to be heard from on this.
Whether I pan out or not is another thing.

As things are they are at a loss to wrap things up to their like-ing. I'll live.
For a little while at least if not longer. Currently looking at forever is mine.
Of course that remains to be seen in actual. Nevertheless though.

Seeing forever from in oneself could be more natural than strange. It may
only seem questionable from unknown to oneself. They have us in the dark.

Life on this planet is at the losing end of things. However they are not
bringing us to a quick end. Things are all messed up however and the
unknown lorders over want to keep things messed up for us. Digging out
from under is what we are looking at. We are not looking at being together
on it though. It only takes one to see its way through it all. There are others
around. To start with I'll be another one in the fray of things.

How it all turns out is subject to one that can hold prevailing sway over it all.
All in the eye of the beholder. Currently as far as I go I am that prevailing
sway. However it remains to be seen how I actually end up.

Meanwhile there are plenty of others around that are looking at being that
prevailing sway of it all as well. There are also plenty of others around that
want nothing to do with it all being anyhow as well. Mainly they live off of
however things are without the bother. New-be's keep the flame going.
New-be's don't get off and going without seeing it all somehow as one in
the outside world of it all. How things are seen is subject to the one seeing.
There is no outright how everything is to be seen.

You can see things your way as well. You'll just have to deal with everything
like anyone else to do so.

You have you to go by. There is no outside of oneself.

GO BY YOU no matter how far you can or can't see. GO BY YOU.
GO BY YOU as best you can. Everyone starts out from as they are. Nobody
starts out from where they end up. They pushed me to the outer limits in an
effort to work things against me being me in I am so they could get what
ever it is they want. However they have to date fallen short of their desired
result. Oneself is what in oneself is still exists. They do have me nullified
so far though. This lifetime was a write-off as far as I went. It's not the end
of me though. What's gone on with me could very well be happening in other
areas of the world as well.

You have you to uphold in yourself. Do so the best you can. Everything can
be seen in oneself but not everything is oneself. You won't be able to see
everything that you need to see already. You can see through to yourself
one thing at a time though, eventually. Take things in stride as you go on.
Don't worry about all kinds of stuff that isn't anywhere in sight of your being
so far. It can all be there to you later more-so than you have to be there with
it all long before. See yourself in yourself being as you go on to be. See you
there in it all - see it all there in you. You could rise up in it all just as well
as another. You never know. Go with yourself as best you can and time will
tell. Everyone has their limits, mostly right now, in the long range everyone
could be limitless. You don't have to be THE ONE in it all. You really do
have to be yourself though. You are what's there when it comes to a you.
There is no one outside of you, when it comes to a you. There is only you.
It's your life. Your life is of no concern to another. Your life is your concern.
Your concern and your concern only. You are the only one when it comes to a
you. However, not all is you and you only. You have to carry most of the
weight though. Others will have to do what they have to do BUT it won't have
anything to do with you directly. You directly is you and you only.

How I have gone on in this lifetime has not worked out in my favour.
However, overall, I am fine as far as I go. Got it in for what's me. Not me
directly though. Just what makes a me up. It's all in foreign control.
Naturalized away from I directly being me.

Off and going on my own may or may not be better than so far. According to
how things actually go. Ca sera, sera.

Go by you as best you can. Try not to look the other way of yourself.
You is all you really have.

Others want you away from yourself. They have their ways. Why do they want
it on you?

You will find out by being you.
It's your life and it will be your lifes' story that you live.
Is your interest above all others.
There obviously is outside of you BUT there is no outside of you.

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