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Ban Freekmasons 05-09-2014 03:09 PM

39 Curses to Scottish Independence
39 Curses to Scottish Independence

Scotland is the smallest, most corrupt, demonic little country in the world. It is 100% controlled by the devious, crafty, sick, criminal Freemasons. We live in an open prison run by a deranged elite who most definitely worship satan (aka lucifer). Our top Policemen (prison warders) are a cult who take their orders from the lying false jews. These same people are in THEIR media dressed up as good. They fully intend to destroy Christianity first and then the lying false jews (synagogue of satan) will sweep up the rest of you. This eventually includes our top policemen who are too selfish and ignorant to realise that they too have been used by clever satan. The agenda of the false jews is simple, to try to exalt their false god satan (fact).

Do NOT tar all Jewish people with the same brush, there are good Jews whom I love.

Almost all of your Politicians in Scotland (promoting the gay agenda) have sold their soul for temporary material wealth. Almost all are members of the sick satanic secret societies, that's why the freemasons refuse to give us a public register (legally fight for one). They also flatly refuse to do any live transparent, filmed interviews unless the questions are first taken behind closed doors to be analyzed and rigged in their favour.

Don't forget freemason politician Mike Martin (the ex-commons speaker) who used Taxpayers money to buy two large Masonic pillars for his house. Our local MP Jo Swinson who always got our 3 votes ran a mile when I asked for help in solving our son's murder (2 years ago) by freemasons. Jo Swinson's office said she would not be available in the near future due to maternity leave. During this time she communicated with a dodgy freemason policeman and is always advertising for local businesses to contact her. I have had similar dealings with MP Annabel Goldie. This woman was recently fishing to ask what other MPs did I communicate with. I have absolutely fabricated nothing so lets do this all on camera. Yes, lets do it, if you have nothing to hide, etc.

Don't forget the Dunblane, Orkney and Muir of Ord pedophile and other cover ups (all by Freemasons). At least research exactly who or what you are voting for.

Take the Scottish parliament building, estimated cost 10 million. Present cost 800 million and counting. The work was all done by freemason contractors and builders. This will all be brushed under the Masonic carpet because the Taxpayer is complicit in his/her own misery, you NEVER ask questions. Wake up you fools. I told you that you post their wages through the letterbox but we guarantee they will never open the door.

The pseudo terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport was a false flag. It was so badly done, but you believed it in the Rothschild's media. It was comical and if you try to see the evidence, the freemason puppets within the police will persecute you. When this happened, they even built an open ended (ha ha) security fence at Milngavie water works. Half of the ridiculous security fence is still there, with no logic to it whatsoever. The deaf, dumb and blind locals never ask questions. Let me help you. Write to the masons within the council (even better to phone and record them) and ask who sanctioned it and for what purpose. It is clearly an eyesore so why is it still there? The accompanying cctv cameras are long defunct and its just plain stupid as to why they are there.

It is your money that funded this and your money to remove it. Why do you let all decisions (behind closed doors) rule your life? Now let me give you a clue, all of East Dumbarton Council employees are in the masonic gang (job for life for criminal masons). Have you researched Common Purpose yet? For the first time in your life, why don't you just THINK and research? It does not have to be like this. Ye are lost in satan's field. Do nothing and that is exactly what will happen.

Why don't you study Masonic Theatre (Skits) and see how easy it is for the masons to do acting and scenes right in front of you? All truth-seekers know that 95% of the TV/Film industry are in the freemason gang so acting and skits are second nature to them. Why don't you research green/blue screen technology? (Used to deceive you) satanic Hollywood has been using it for decades. Did you know that the BBC reported that Building 7 collapsed 22 minutes before it came down in a controlled demolition?

Try fighting for transparency in Scotland and the Freemason's doctors will have you incarcerated and lobotomised. It is embarrassing to be Scottish because the people have become so ignorant and easily led. I am sitting here with mountains of concrete evidence that has to be exposed in an open, filmed, transparent environment. I have been challenging the freemasons (world wide) to do this for the last six years without reply. I have consistantly put my life on the line for your peace and freedom (a new world). I know you don't care. I am persecuted every day by the freemasons and their pretend brothers within Police Scotland (overwhelming evidence). I know you don't care and I know you hate Jesus but love luci's lies. Supernatural wrath is your desire, it has been granted.

Let me prove that the freemasons within the police can do anything and tell you anything. Last Sunday eve (4th May 2014) at 10pm the Glasgow Police Helicopter with 2 bright searchlights was hovering 200ft above our house. It would have been seen and heard by thousands. Bear in mind I live semi-rural and nothing small or major ever happens. I had just taken our dog out and documented this charade. This is what YOU pay for. I have a message to the satanic kids in the police chopper, I hope you had fun (tee hee). I give you my Word, I will remind you.

The demons in the Bible are still here (Legion). I have seen them with my own eyes (in the flesh). Unknown to satan and his tempted, they emit a foul, deathly stench. I can see their hearts and deeds. Sometimes I play their tune for a while before I give them a fleeting glimpse of God's eyes. Jesus holds the keys to Hades. Do not be afraid my Children, God loves YOU. I have made you God's police, fulfil your role.

Jesus turned the money-lenders (Bankers) tables over. He is doing it again. When will you ever learn? Message to all evil, run to the hills. Not one of you shall escape judgement. Seven eyes are better than one. Do you think I really care about man's politics or boundaries? This expose is to teach all of you. Jesus will own everything to the Glory of God the Father. Message to all Christians and to the righteous, don't worry. The book of Revelation is really very simple, Jesus wins (smile).

Welcome to "The True Church of Jesus Christ" (part 10) today Fri 9th May 2014. Love, Peace and FR33DOM (from evil)..... Joe Stirling Christie

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