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Jimbo 10-25-2007 10:42 PM

Link-List - Jimbo's
Link-List – Jimbo’s - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

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<a href="" target="_blank">Aliens – Abduction Series by Steve Neil 4</a>

Link-List - Jimbo’s

This is sort of like an incomplete list of many of my “Threads” & other “postings”. I don’t usually start single threads w/o a purpose, like for example, named after an Internet article. I usually start a thread w/ a name that means something & I will be adding more information onto it, as if adding information into that topic. Kind’a like a thread containing a researched topic. Eventually it will grow, but I can find everything in there, rather than being spread all over the place. You know what I mean… And another thing, if you want to chat, get into a chat room, or get on the phone.

Link-List - Jimbo

A New World Order Primer - According To "Jimbo"

This list is not complete by any stretch. I just started compiling it, & I started doing it just so that I don't loose track of past postings, postings I even forgot I posted, so long ago, postings I might want to refer to, or even postings I certainly do not want to loose. Suggestion: Every user should have 1 page (just like a regular post, except it is) located in its "User Page" that can always be “edited, cleared, erased, or just updated & “only by the user”. This way I could put this stuff in there. Sort of like a “personal organizer, a note-log, or even a personal web-page w/ "links & stuff".” Anyway you want to think about it, w/ No plans & No rules. Everything goes…

Collapse Of US As A Super-Power

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

American Gulag............Coming Soon

The Militarization Of America & The Posse Comitatus Act

Trashing The U.S. Constitution & The Bill Of Rights

The 911 Coincidence Guide

Who Owns The World ???

Control Structures Of The NWO

Are They all a Bunch of Nazis?

War Crimes, Geneva, & The ICC

US Special (AIDS) Virus Program ???

Avian Flu Military Depopulation Project

Economic Indicators: Charts

This Video Is Beyond Comprehension

The Future of Mankind - 2012 - Michael Tsarion – gG Video

In A Multiverse What A Wonderful World

The End Of The Calendar - As We Know It - December 21, 2012

Are We Approaching A Coup D'etat On Freedom ???

Propaganda - Degrading You & Your Life

Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low

Mission Accomplished, For Who ??? - ”We The Few” - in the Billionaire’s Club?

When, Next Major Event, War, Or Terror Attack ???

True Democracy's Checks & Balances

US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide

World Economic Collapse - Don't Panic

A 911 Primer - 911 Revisited

Impeach Bush!!! - War Is Peace

Fascist Democracy

Financing The NWO - The Negative ROI Economy

Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

Another "Hiroshima & Nagasaki" ???

Nuking the Economy

Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

The Real American - Rachel Corrie – Peace Activist – The True Angels Among US

America & The "Police State"

One-World Global Religion ???

The Nazi Bush Regime

Are Zionists Preparing a New School Shooting?

The Power of Words

False Flag Ops For Dummies

John Lennon's 'Imagine'

The Zionist (Yisraelim) Takeover ???

Personal UFO Experiences

The Economic Tsunami - & The Shock Jolt

Lies Of "Mass Destruction" - LMDs


Proof Of God

Destroying Social Security

6-6-6 Retailing Trend Slowing Down

Are World Wars Orchestrated?

Car Model Runs On Water – Amazing !

United States Still A British Colony ??? - Wake-Up Call !!!

On The Patriot Act, Liberties & World Government

Re: In God We Trust - Post #9 - The Church?

I Feel Safe Already !

The NWO's Trilateral Commission - The All Seeing Eye

Imperialism & World Domination

The Gonzo Journalism Series

Who Will Benfit From Economic Collapse?

Malicious e-Mails

Prediction: Massive Earthquakes To Hit The USA

Forced Schooling and Prison - Dumbing Us Down

721 of 740

NOTE: Please do not post anything on this thread. This is my thread. Create your own thread & call it something like “Link-List – Black_And_Blue’s” or what ever your username happens to be. Do the same thing. Make a list of all of your main threads, & that way you can quickly go there later on. Thank you.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"... An “Informed Citizen” makes a good “Patriot.”

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