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sign00 03-26-2011 02:28 AM

Alchemy and The Philosopher's Stone is Real
This is a strange story so bare with me.

I'm a member of and 2 days ago I got an announcement they sent to all their members saying that a manuscript called 'The Book of Aquarius' had been anonymously emailed into their site. After reading it they thought it important enough to email all their members about and put the whole book up for free on their web site. The book is free for everyone, you don't have to be a member.

Now Forgotten Books is quite a big company, they publish thousands of books in different countries, so I downloaded the book and have just finished reading it.

The book is remarkable. The anonymous author actually claims to be making the Philosopher's Stone, which they claim is not a myth but a real and physical thing. Not only that, but it is even more powerful than the myths.

Of course normally I wouldn't just believe something I read on the Internet, but the author supports everything they say with hundreds of quotes from real alchemy books. So I looked up some of the alchemy books and they actually exist! And the quotes are actually in those alchemy books. Everything he/she says is supported by books written hundreds of years ago, so I don't see how this can be scam, unless he has a time machine too!

Somehow the author of this book has managed to decode the mystic language of the alchemists, and they even tell you how to read the alchemy books yourself, which makes it possible for anyone to read the alchemy books.

I know not many people will believe me but please check this out for yourself, since it is free.

But it goes further. The author also goes into detail about 2012 and how the golden age we are going into is actually when the Philosopher's Stone is free for all people. He/She even goes into stuff about enlightenment and metaphysics.

Here is a quote from the introduction.


The purpose of this book is to release one particular secret, which has been kept hidden for the last 12,000 years. The Philosophers' Stone, Elixir of Life, Fountain of Youth, Ambrosia, Soma, Amrita, Nectar of Immortality. These are different names for the same thing.

Throughout history this secret has been used by a very few to extend their lives hundreds of years in perfect health, with access to unlimited wealth, among many other miraculous properties. Some kept the secret because they understood that the time was not right for the secret to be free for all people, but most kept the secret out of their own jealousy, ignorance, egotism and corruption.

The Stone's history and the history of the human race up until this day is a strange story full of secret societies, hooded cloaks, and mystical symbols. Such theatrics are childish and shallow. It's pointless to look for the light in the shadows.

The Philosophers' Stone operates and is made by entirely natural and scientific means. Truth is always simple, beautiful and easy to understand.

The Philosophers' Stone is real; you can make it at home. The Stone makes old people young, heals all forms of sickness and disease, extends your life, turns any metal into gold, and more, as you will learn. This isn't a myth or a metaphor, it's a fact.

Don't judge this book before you've read it. This is not one of those airy fairy books written in all kinds of mystical language, filling pages with words that makes sentences but not sense. This book will make more sense than anything you've ever read before.

The age of secrets is over. I'm writing this book in common English. There's no need for mystical language or metaphor. This book contains no hidden meaning or codes; everything is stated plainly and directly, in the shortest and simplest of words necessary to convey the meaning.

Chapters 1 - 2 are the introduction and foreword.
Chapters 3 - 17 cover the theory of alchemy.
Chapters 18 - 28 cover the practical instructions for making the Stone.
Chapters 29 - 31 cover further information on the Stone.
Chapters 32 - 46 cover the history of the Stone.
Chapters 47 - 48 cover some more philosophical topics.
Chapter 49 is the alchemists' prophecy.
Chapter 50 is the afterword.
Chapter 51 is the bibliography.
What do you think of this?

Here is the link to download it for free:
Forgotten Books :: Book of Aquarius


galexander 03-27-2011 05:19 AM

Re: Alchemy and The Philosopher's Stone is Real
At the risk of sounding incredibly stupid for even thinking of taking such a thread seriously................are you seriously trying to tell us that the Philosopher's Stone is an extract of urine?

To me this comes across as little more than a bad joke.

The problem I have however is who would go to such incredible lengths just to have a laugh at a few loonies?

And I can't resist asking..........have you made the Stone yourself and does it work?

ErroneousDylan 12-15-2011 12:42 PM

Re: Alchemy and The Philosopher's Stone is Real
I am here as a new Member from another forum where this lying clown has been successful in scamming several equally stupid, lame and naive people.

First, the poster sign00 is also the author of this Book of Aquarius drivel.

See here where he gets caught and has to admit his deception.

Alchemy and The Philosopher's Stone is Real, page 2


Second, he has launched several sock puppets which follow him from forum to forum I found this out by worming my way in to his inner group of 12. All scammers.

Last, sign00 has stated that his real reason for scamming everyone is that if by some chance someone stumbles on the Stone, it will, and I quote him off his own forum "

Quoting sign00 from his own forum...

As for what to do with the Stone and the effects it will have on the world. I am confident that it will destroy everything and reduce the world to chaos.

No fears though, the Stone will create such enormous wealth and we can't be killed so, hey, all is okeydokey...

Uh oh.

Although some people still seem to be of the opinion that the Stone will give wealth and we will all continue living pretty much as we were, except not dying and overpopulated... this couldn't be further from the truth. It reminds me of the movie Daywalkers. It will be nothing like that. People are already piling their investments into silver and gold deemed as the "safest" investments for the future. Civilization is busy preparing itself for destruction in every area.

WTH is the use in making the Stone if our wealth is....worthless? If the planet is imploding, and we have no wealth, where will we go? How will we live?

This doesn't sound like such a hot idea after all. Making sign00 Stone, what he calls a "great Work" ain't so great MOF it's an epic fail to end all epic fails.


ErroneousDylan 12-15-2011 12:44 PM

Re: Alchemy and The Philosopher's Stone is Real

Originally Posted by sign00 (Post 74014)
This is a strange story so bare with me.

Liar, this is the same post that you lead off with on the Above Top Secret forum.


What do you think of this?
I think it smells like the trash that you are.


vesreurdyereF 05-17-2012 03:02 AM

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