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this 08-05-2005 03:49 PM

Canada's new Qween
Henry has a new article condemning her. Probably his first bad article. I don't know if her race or gender is all that important, after all the real Queen is German which is a minority in the UK.

The new Qween is pretty, lets face it, and speaks English and French. She does reflect Canada's immigrant character so why not? What we need is Canada's first ugly Governor General, that would be breaking some new ground.

Thumper 08-05-2005 05:13 PM

Re: Canada's new Qween
you have to read his earlier articles about multi-culturalism to understand

this 08-05-2005 06:18 PM

Re: Canada's new Qween
Maybe I did read his previous articles Thumper.

Everyone is a minority, and increasingly those of european descent. His first bad article. Appointing some white male would have been no different if that male was a TV introducer or interviewer, as she is.

It's a figure head position, for a person who can be relied upon to make Canada look good, give interviews etc. Getting excited about it is not worth it. There ARE important issues, as Henry frequently writes about.

Thumper 08-05-2005 06:28 PM

Re: Canada's new Qween
well the idea is to have the most qualified person. I think he's arguing that this objective was sacrificed and a minority was picked instead in order to satiate the NWO goal of multi-cult.

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