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crowneagle 01-29-2005 07:16 PM

Re: Kali Yuga & A Duel Of Wits!
Hi Draken:

I was just reading your site on "CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION, REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD", and the first statement is a great eye-opener.

"All revolutions are doctrinal. For it stands to common sense that you cannot upset all existing things, unless you believe in something outside them, something positive and divine."
— G.K. Chesterton

In my opinion, such a change cannot come about unless and until a "critical mass" of people
develop a higher consciousness that can not only come to terms with the "new doctrine" and comprehend its virtues, but can also create new conditions that would enable more and more people to raise their consciousness to this new level. The simple reason why this planet is still stuck in the "Kali Yuga" paradigm is because people have really lost touch with the Spirit.

A person that is more in touch with the Spirit will have more spiritual qualities....he/she will love others more unconditionally, treat others the way he/she wishes to be treated, develop more compassion towards all beings, develop more patience and detachment, become more focussed on duty and selfless service rather than result-focussed, and develop more faith that all of one's needs will be fulfilled. When this happens, we will have lesser wars, lesser mind-manipulation, more self-empowerment and a truly unified world, with the unity having the Spirit as the foundation.

Having the Spirit as the foundation is where the key lies. Each of us needs to make a conscious effort to get closer to the Spirit and change our values, principles and lifestyle so that they conform to the new level of closeness to the Spirit. If we do not do this, then we will have a "false unity" in the form of a "one world government", and this will turn out to be far worse than the existing systems.

The people furthering the cause of a "one world government" do NOT want us to raise our spirituality. They would rather keep us enslaved at a lower level, and that's really how they can manipulate us into accepting them as our "saviors". The media, for instance, is a very powerful tool in their hands to accomplish the same.

From my understanding of the time-cycles, a one world government seems to be inevitable, but it will not last long. Today more and more souls are incarnating with a higher degree of spiritual awareness. These souls will know intuitively what's wrong with the existing system and go all out to fight the system as well. Perhaps this is nature's way of driving the global spiritual elevation to a critical mass. But we also need to make our own individual effort in accelerating this process.

The good news is this: By the time Dwapara Yuga comes in full force, the Kali Yuga forces will be defeated. The one world government will also be defeated, and replaced by a new unified world that will have the Spirit as the basis for unification. Perhaps that's what the true "Aquarian Age" is really about.

Draken 01-30-2005 03:04 AM

Re: Kali Yuga & A Duel Of Wits!
Thanks for your time. :-)
This is exactly my point.

crowneagle, you wrote

Having the Spirit as the foundation is where the key lies. Each of us needs to make a conscious effort to get closer to the Spirit and change our values, principles and lifestyle so that they conform to the new level of closeness to the Spirit. If we do not do this, then we will have a "false unity" in the form of a "one world government", and this will turn out to be far worse than the existing systems.
This is The Key.

Everyone has to turn to themselves, not outside of themselves. Like Evola comments on Meister Eckharts sermon "On Detatchment": "The true Self is God, God is our real center and we are only external to ourselves. Fear, hope, anguish, joy, and pain, or anything that may bring us out of ourselves, must be allowed to seep into us."

I wish everyone would just stop watching TV!!! Break the spell.


The people furthering the cause of a "one world government" do NOT want us to raise our spirituality. They would rather keep us enslaved at a lower level, and that's really how they can manipulate us into accepting them as our "saviors".
Hence, the falsification, forgery, dilution and misrepresentation of Ancient Sacred Knowledge; mixing it all in a bucket and calling it New Age, in their vain, desperate attempt to discredit it, wanting us to throw out the Truth with the bathwater!

Like I said before, the battle being fought is a battle for our Souls, not our material possessions. Therefore the battleground is not really on this, material level, but on a spiritual level.

We need to wake up and smell the coffee and scramble our SPIRITUAL defences into action before it's too late.

You imply that the Maha Yuga, when it comes to its end with Kali Yuga doesn't start again "from the top", i.e. Satya Yuga, but like a ferris wheel continues up the Ages with Dvapara Yuga. I hope you understand what I mean.
Is this something that the Veda's state or is this your interpretation of matters?

I've always thought that after Kali Yuga it would revert back to "default" so to speak, and the cycle would begin again with another Golden Age and start the great devolution again.

What do you think?

eddie 01-30-2005 02:37 PM

Re: Tidbits From The Talmud thoughts on this some of it made up? :-)
i know,it's from the other side.look for the falsifiers of the talmud.sitemap,essays and papers.

crowneagle 01-30-2005 03:21 PM

Re: Tidbits From The Talmud
Hi Draken:

There are many theories about the durations of time cycles, but I go by what Swami Sri Yukteswar (the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda) says, since it not only makes logical sense, but also correlates very well with the microcosmic processes.

Here's a passage from Chapter 16, Autobiography of a Yogi (by Paramahansa Yogananda), that describes this:

Sri Yukteswar discovered the mathematical application of a 24,000-year equinoctial cycle to our present age. The cycle is divided into an Ascending Arc and a Descending Arc, each of 12,000 years. Within each Arc fall four Yugas or Ages, called Kali, Dwapara, Treta, and Satya, corresponding to the Greek ideas of Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Golden Ages.

My guru determined by various calculations that the last Kali Yuga or Iron Age, of the Ascending Arc, started about A.D. 500. The Iron Age, 1200 years in duration, is a span of materialism; it ended about A.D. 1700. That year ushered in Dwapara Yuga, a 2400-year period of electrical and atomic-energy developments, the age of telegraph, radio, airplanes, and other space-annihilators.

The 3600-year period of Treta Yuga will start in A.D. 4100; its age will be marked by common knowledge of telepathic communications and other time-annihilators. During the 4800 years of Satya Yuga, final age in an ascending arc, the intelligence of a man will be completely developed; he will work in harmony with the divine plan.

A descending arc of 12,000 years, starting with a descending Golden Age of 4800 years, then begins for the world; man gradually sinks into ignorance. These cycles are the eternal rounds of maya, the contrasts and relativities of the phenomenal universe. Man, one by one, escapes from creation's prison of duality as he awakens to consciousness of his inseverable divine unity with the Creator.

And here's a footnote about a larger time cycle:

The Hindu scriptures place the present world-age as occurring within the Kali Yuga of a much longer universal cycle than the simple 24,000-year equinoctial cycle with which Sri Yukteswar was concerned. The universal cycle of the scriptures is 4,300,560,000 years in extent, and measures out a Day of Creation or the length of life assigned to our planetary system in its present form. This vast figure given by the rishis is based on a relationship between the length of the solar year and a multiple of Pi (3.1416, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle).

The life span for a whole universe, according to the ancient seers, is 314,159,000,000,000 solar years, or "One Age of Brahma."

Scientists estimate the present age of the earth to be about two billion years, basing their conclusions on a study of lead pockets left as a result of radioactivity in rocks. The Hindu scriptures declare that an earth such as ours is dissolved for one of two reasons: the inhabitants as a whole become either completely good or completely evil. The world-mind thus generates a power which releases the captive atoms held together as an earth.

From what I understand, we are in Kali Yuga in the larger cycle of 4,300,560,000 years. And this Kali Yuga will be followed by Satya Yuga again (as you had said) after thousands, maybe millions of years. But in the smaller equinoctial cycle of 24,000 years, we have already passed the Kali Yuga of the ascending arc, and it goes in the reverse direction in an ascending cycle. Some people say that it's 25,920 years, instead of 24,000. If we assume that 24,000 is a correct number, then this is what it comes down to:

- The precision of the equinoxes took place in 499 AD.
- The ascending Kali Yuga would be from 499 to 499+1200 = 1699 AD. This implies that the Dwapara Yuga began in 1699 AD.
- The Dwapara Yuga has a twilight period of 1/12 of its total duration. Hence the twilight period would last for 200 years. This means that the twilight period woulf get over in 1699 + 200 = 1899 AD.

The traditionalists, however, state that the Yugas are of the following durations:

Satya Yuga = 1,728,000 years
Treta Yuga = 1,296,000 years
Dwapara Yuga = 864,000 years
Kali Yuga = 432,000 years

According to Sri Yukteswar (in "The Holy Science", of which he is the author), the traditionalist view is based on a misunderstanding. He says that at the end of the last descending Dwapara Yuga (about 700 BC) "Maharaja Yudhisthara, noticing the appearance of the dark Kali Yuga, made over his throne to his grandson [and]...together with all of his wise men...retired to the Himalaya Mountains...Thus there was none in the court...who could understand the principle of correctly accounting the ages of the several Yugas."

Nobody wanted to announce the bad news of the beginning of the descending Kali Yuga, so they just kept adding years to the Dwapara date (at that time 2400 Dwapara). By the deepest point of the Kali Yuga (around 500 BC) that made the date 3600. As the Kali began to ascend again, scholars of the time recognized that there was a mistake in the date (then being called 3600+ Kali, although their texts said Kali had only 1200 years). "By way of reconciliation, they fancied that 1200 years, the real age of Kali, were not the ordinary years of our earth, but were so many daiva years ("years of the gods"), consisting of 12 daiva months of 30 daiva days each, with each daiva day being equal to one ordinary solar year of our earth. Hence according to these men 1200 years of Kali Yuga must be equal to 432,000 years of our earth." This is really how the error came about.

Perhaps you can read the book "The Holy Science", and it gives very insightful information that also logically backs up the validity of the equinoctial cycles.

I hope this has been helpful. I'll write more about this later. In the meanwhile, you can also look through the following link for more information:

Good luck!

Draken 01-30-2005 04:24 PM

The yugas...
Thanks, crowneagle!

You've been very helpful, and I appreciate your info. I'll definately look into it more deeply.

We'll speak more later - I have to sleep. ;-)

Take care!

Draken 03-18-2005 03:35 AM

Re: Tidbits From The Talmud
Guys, just to clarify, this thread unfortunately strayed quite a bit off its original topic, not the least due to my posts with crowneagle. I wish to take it back on its original topic with this charming quote from the Talmud:

<a href="">The Infamous Rabbinic Mandate for Child Molestation: DOCUMENTED</a>

"If a grown man has intercourse with a little girl less than three years old, all agree that it is not a significant sexual act, for having intercourse with a girl when she is less than three years old is like putting a finger in an eye. Just as a tear that is shed when a finger is inserted in an eye will be replaced by another tear, so too will the virginity of a little girl who is less than three years old be restored, for her hymen will grow back."

Source: Talmud Tractate Ketubot 11b, "The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition," volume 7, p. 145; Rabbi Israel V. Berman, translator and senior editor (New York: Random House, 1991).


<a href="">The Truth About the Talmud
A Documented Exposé of Supremacist Hate Literature</a>

By Warrant of John 18:37, Galatians 4:16
Copyright ©2000 by Michael A. Hoffman II and Alan R. Critchley
All Rights Reserved

Independent History & Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816

The Talmud is Judaism's holiest book (actually a collection of books). Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in Judaism. Evidence of this may be found in the Talmud itself, Erubin 21b (Soncino edition): "My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of the Scribes than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament)."

The supremacy of the Talmud over the Bible in the Israeli state may also be seen in the case of the black Ethiopian Jews. Ethiopians are very knowledgeable of the Old Testament. However, their religion is so ancient it pre-dates the Scribes' Talmud, of which the Ethiopians have no knowledge. According to the N.Y. Times of Sept. 29, 1992, p.4:

"The problem is that Ethiopian Jewish tradition goes no further than the Bible or Torah; the later Talmud and other commentaries that form the basis of modern traditions never came their way."

Because they are not traffickers in Talmudic tradition, the black Ethiopian Jews are discriminated against and have been forbidden by the Zionists to perform marriages, funerals and other services in the Israeli state.

Rabbi Joseph D. Soloveitchik is regarded as one of the most influential rabbis of the 20th century, the "unchallenged leader" of Orthodox Judaism and the top international authority on halakha (Jewish religious law). Soloveitchik was responsible for instructing and ordaining more than 2,000 rabbis, "an entire generation" of Jewish leadership.

N.Y. Times religion reporter Ari Goldman described the basis of the rabbi's authority:

"Soloveitchik came from a long line of distinguished Talmudic scholars...Until his early 20s, he devoted himself almost exclusively to the study of the Talmud...He came to Yeshiva University's Elchanan Theological Seminary where he remained the pre-eminent teacher in the Talmud...He held the title of Leib Merkin professor of Talmud...sitting with his feet crossed in front of a table bearing an open volume of the Talmud." (N.Y. Times, April 10, 1993, p. 38).

Nowhere does Goldman refer to Soloveitchik's knowledge of the Bible as the basis for being one of the leading authorities on Jewish law.

The rabbi's credentials are all predicated upon his mastery of the Talmud. Other studies are clearly secondary. Britain's Jewish Chronicle of March 26, 1993 states that in religious school (yeshiva), Jews are "devoted to the Talmud to the exclusion of everything else."

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