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OpenYourMind 10-24-2008 09:10 AM

NWO proof in rap music

Ive never really took time to sit and write this, but, i think i should now...

Lets start with rap, a amazing form of music which requires a huge amount talent and creativity. Recently while listening to Dr. Dre & Others - East Coast West Coast Killaz rap video, with the illuminati at the back of my mind i hear;

" Gentlemen we have a problem which has the potential to become a very serious problem, the east coast and west coast speration is exactly the weapon the enemy need to destory our EMPIRE, so what we need to do is bring together some of the biggest, strongest and smartest forces in the millemium and this will be the begining of the aftermath "

[In the foreground Dr.dre smokes a cigar, in the background there are graffiti eyes on the wall (A illuminati symbol?)]

So im thinking, well that odd, why have that in the song, but i carry on watching afew minutes later the 'crew' walk passed a big picture with another eye on (At this point im looking for symbols and hints in the lyrics). Then its just usual rap until a womans mouth appears on a TV with a tannoy at about 3:05 into the video and says;

"Welcome to the New World Order,
You are now under martial law,
All constituional rights have been suspended "

Now thats all i got out of that song but ive heard music by eminem and dr.dre with refrences to the illuminati which i cannot remember.

You can find this video at and the lyrics at DR DRE LYRICS - East Coast/West Coast Killas

-Connor, im new to the fourm and would also like to say hi to you all :)

Sorry if this is the wrong section, first post...

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makaveli 10-24-2008 11:56 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
do you listen to tupac? Tupac knew about the illuminati since a young age since his writings had lots of eyes on the i and his last album was killuminati. In my opinion the CIA installed their own artists (not nesacerly real agents) such as p diddy jay z and perhaps even nas. Easy E caused a major shift in rap music so that the problems of the getto became known to the world and therefore in my opinion they infected him with aids. Tupac who was familiar with the concept of the illuminati was asked by diddy to join his bad boy lable. Bad boy was financed by the black new york mafia wich probably is the backchannel of the CIA. After Tupac refused (by the way his mama was black panter and half of his family was in jail for terrorist things so cointelpro definitly kept an eye on him) and after that lots of tradegies happened in his life. Most notable are the rap case in which a girl claimed to be raped by tupac (which if completly bullshit just look at the courtcase) and they guy who introduced the girl to tupac was most likely a govermen agent (check that out to is interesting stuff). Biggie and p diddy set tupac up with guncharges and evently tupac was shot 5 times in a NY lobby of which he always claimed biggie and diddy where behind it since they where the only ones that knew 15 minutes before the incident that he was coming. Recent research by a guy (sorry forgot his name) explained that diddy probably didn't even knew pac was going to get shot they thought it was just going to be a beating. Tupac mentioned multiple times the strange reaction he got after being shot and escaping trough the elavation and meeting up with biggie and diddy "as if they saw a ghost". One of the rappers was even crying. They knew there was going to be an incident they just didn't knew it was going to be that bad. I even feel sorry for diddy and biggie who had know idea what they where getting themselves into but I guess they deserved it for betraying their friend.
Afterwards tupac was locked eventually bailed and started together with suge knight (of death row records) the fight which was labled by the media as an east coast west coast war. They eventually finished tupac off and went for biggie. Since the media set up the entire east coast west coast thing most masses of people accepted it probably had something to do with the fight they where having nomather how ridiculious that sounds to real rap fans and fans of the two particular rappers.
Jay Z is withouth any doubt one of "their guys" and is completly NWO style. After the death of tupac bassicaly the music lables started demanding a certain imagine from their artists which basicaly marks the beginning of a new era of watered down rap music where everybody sounds completly the same. The same thing happened excactly with reggay music where there are also lots of theories about induced cancer. Their are even documents of the CIA out their stating the concern they had with the new reggae music on the youth of america.
As a matter a fact the whole music industry is really fishy with lots of unexplained mysterious deaths and anomoulys facts.
There is no doubt in my mind that shakur easy e and bob marly where assasinated by CIA.
Not really relevant with your doctor dre song but just thought I'd mentioned it.

Check out:
Tupac shakur ft. Outlaws : They don't give a fuck about us
As a small illuminati mention in it

Jay Z 's stuff is full of occult and illuminati stuff.

Nas : Where y'all at
Also as an illuminati mention sort of.

Layzie Bone ft. Bizzy Bone : Conspiracy
Talks about illuminati and about easy e most likely being infected with aids by his doctor.

Thats all I know for know.

Actually tupac talks all the time of the illuminati kind of "must be part of some big plan to keep a nigga in the state pen". Als that sort of lines constantly and his illuminati eye his blackpanter thing FBI interrogating him during his balletlessons when he was young his uncle being in jail for robberies affilitated with blackpanter his mother being charged with stuff almost 100 years in jail I think when she was pregnant but managed to get out crazy stuff what a life that man had.

OpenYourMind 10-27-2008 11:08 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
In the song keep your head up by tupac he also says " We aint ment to survive cos its a setup, but hey, keep your head up".

makaveli 11-02-2008 10:49 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
yeah I know his lyrics all full of set ups big plans to keep people down weird shit

BeenThereDoneThat 11-06-2008 05:59 PM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
NWO is a fantasy, and ya all is being teased and antagonized. To be illumined...what all Christians want to be. They are Jealous is all because the big lie lays in the Christian interpretation of the Bible, and the way that they judge everyone but the preacher. The true criminals are in church on sundays.Rap, is way for the people to say...basically...F#*% you.
That in itself, is illiuminati suggestion I suppose, since it takes 1 finger to get the message across. You all are paranoid. There is only 1 God and he made all this. If there is going to be a NWO...surrender early...cause you wont win.
God is the Mafia. He made rap.

BeenThereDoneThat 11-07-2008 01:28 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
And the Christain religion promotes hatred against Blacks and Jews...So what is your point. Everyone is a self righteous evil being? You can't cut your cake and eat it to...Unless you are the cake and Bruce is having a birthday! Just because others have had it tough, you can't be the judge of how they feel by missinterpreting a song like you misread the Bible. You are whacked BA.You hate Bruce, so all musicians are in bed with him I suppose. Your just a hater.Straight up!

Mr.NAFTA 11-07-2008 01:56 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
well first reguarding the video. you have to ask who had creative control and power. many artists absolutely hate their videos and the direction the director takes. one example Nirvana teen spirit, video had absolutely nothing to do with the song, i think kurt hated it. so did dr. dre even have any input as far as the eye, who knows. plus "the man" is a common theme in rap, in american, amoung many lower economic co-cultures, what better group to label as the man, then the nwo. plus it's not like just because they are rap artists they don't read. who knows maybe Hulk Hogan was promoting the nwo, when he started the NWO group of wrestlers, or maybe he just heard it, thought it was a kickass idea to exploit, and wanted a new direction. then again, maybe Ted Tuner only liked Hulk Hogan's idea because he's apart of NWO.

BeenThereDoneThat 11-07-2008 02:12 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
It is not a NWO conspiracy. It is a world wide consensus.When we the people surrender our rights, it is not an NWO victory, bit rather and old world song and dance.We all read into things differently, but we allow it to be interpreted by the way we believe. This is all nonsense. We allowed the world to be the way it is.

Nazareth-"Now your messin with the -son of a bitch" is not a story of the anti-christ...or is it? LOL, I think they meant JESUS>
Impregnating ones thoughts into words and then into a song is simply a release of anger, frustration, hard feelings or plain being Badd azz to impress the Homies.. That is all it is. Why do the want to kill cops?Because of prohibition and discrimination. The world in its MORAL interpretation gets it all wrong...JEEEEESHHHH..Quit pickin' on the black man. I am a wanna be Jew..pick on me.:cool:

shhhitsasecret 11-14-2008 01:29 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music
notice the hands on this image from the booklet of his album "all EYEZ on me"
you think stuff like that is a coincidence? it's not just that picture. there are tons of songs and images that are clearly illuminati related in rap music. especially album covers.

and it's usually the rappers who talk about the illuminati in songs and interviews that are their best pawns. if i worked for the illuminati i'd probably go around talking about how i'm against them too. then turn around and write songs promoting drugs, violence, and objectification of women.

whether celebrities are being manipulated or selling themselves out for money and fame doesn't matter. the only thing matters in all of it, is that the illuminati really wants your daughters to grow up to be sex freaks and your sons to be violent, easily manipulated and materialistic. and that is the basic message of most rap music. and your kids look up to these musicians more than their parents, and use these songs to shape their world view and self image from a young age. while you and your wife are working overtime your kids are at home for hours a day listening to this crap.

the only thing you can really do is try your best raise your children with strong values. the illuminati is at war for control of your kids minds, it is psychological warfare. and why announce it, if people aren't aware they are at war then they won't try and fight back. if they can't even recognize who their enemies are then how do they know when to defend themselves? i find a very strong faith in god is the best defense for myself.

makaveli 01-15-2009 09:24 AM

Re: NWO proof in rap music

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 52819)
Rap degerades women and promotes violence.

and the award for the best sustainer of stereotypes and generalising a group of artists in a divers music genre goes to....... blue angel

Seriously grow up.

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