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heavensent 10-28-2005 02:55 AM

Is there anyway of stopping NWO?
I would like to hear about peoples views on how we can stop this destructive plan of NWO and why people cannot just realise what is going on around them? Sometimes i wake up and feel as though i am alone, and i am the only one with a sane mind. People have become so complacent and dont even think of challenging laws, regulations, and all issues that affect them. I have been aware of the end since i was 8 years old. When i was a young girl i would often say to my mother "Why is the world hurting?". My mother always replied the same way. "You cant save the world, and you cant stop the awful things that happen". I always thought that this was a cop out and have been on a journey ever since trying to make sense of this world.
I believe that there are ways that we can stop the uncertain future of absolute destruction, and we can avoid a life of undergroud base slavery. Or plagues, or lack of resources, or 2/3 of the planets population being wiped out. I just dont know how? lol
All i know is that i dont want to think that our future is going to be the way it looks like it will be.
Does anyone have any ideas because it is people power and collective thought that is going to win this battle? We have to make a stand and start talking out, without being afraid and let everyone know that there can be a better way. I am not going to let a 200 year old plan make the precious time i have on this earth be miserable and deterr me from having a family and a happy future.
Any ideas?

truebeliever 10-28-2005 03:02 AM

Re: Is there anyway of stopping NWO?

truebeliever 10-28-2005 03:07 AM

Re: Is there anyway of stopping NWO?
The desire to change the world is a childish illusion.

You can only be responsible for your own immediate surroundings.

I have gotton over the greater pain of this when I actually realised that I was'nt God and was NOT responsible.

I talk to people about the Elite program of control EVERY day. I get better at it and come accross more knowledgable EVERY day. People who laughed at me 5 years ago ar'nt laughing but their are always replacements.

When you talk of the NWO program and what you say becomes reality...people will respect you're views.

Focus on the Oil scam. The banking scam and the drug scam.

People can relate to all these things.

Already the "Peak Oil" scam is falling apart and watch the backpeddling. How? Every day people talking about something that affects ever day people.

Shannow 10-28-2005 03:30 AM

Re: Is there anyway of stopping NWO?
do I want to view it ?

Shannow 10-28-2005 03:40 AM

Re: Is there anyway of stopping NWO?
I always like the song "Heavensent" (Dokken)
Ozzy didn't "want the world to change, he didn't want the world to change him"

As an Aussie, and starting to understand where we are, I have no fucking idea on how we, as the people who are represented by out Governments ar3e to make a move.

George_Bush 10-28-2005 05:16 AM

Re: Is there anyway of stopping NWO?
Frater Nothing says that Jesus Christ is doing a fine job of it right now.

Frater says that Jesus wants the New World Order to meet the New Heaven Order.


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