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Barbara 11-15-2005 07:33 PM

Germar Rudolf Deported - Wll Face Prison in Germany
November 15, 2005
Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor

Germar Rudolf Deported. Will Face Prison in Germany

Former Max Planck scientist Germar Rudolf was deported from the United States today after the Roberts Supreme Court turned down his last appeal, signaling that America is no longer a refuge for the persecuted.

Of all the scientists who have scrutinized the Auschwitz gas chamber yarn, Rudolf was the most meticulous and dispassionate. His deportation to face a prison sentence in the German-Israeli banana republic is a tragedy. To claim that he incited racial hatred because he cast doubt on the dogma of homicidal gas chambers is like arresting a scientist who questions the Catholic dogma of the Virgin Birth because it might "incite hatred" of Italians. This is just too stupid.

Rudolf leaves a wife and child behind in America. He has another family in Germany, from a first marriage which ended after his German wife deserted him when he went public with his gas chamber skepticism. In persecuting a man like Germar Rudolf, who anyone would want for a neighbor, a son-in-law, a teacher or a juror, "The West" of Bush and Blair, "The West" we are supposed to defend against Islam, is increasingly little more than a billy club for Zionism, without a shred of honor, justice or compassion. Cowardice has seized "The West." It deserves to be scourged by Islam for doing dirty work like this against an intellectual of Rudolf's stature, who does not have a biased bone in his body. This heroic man is being hounded and jailed at the behest of anti-German bigots and haters. What a perverse irony!


Man Deported To Face Conviction For Inciting Racial Hatred
Former Chemist Disputed Deaths Of Thousands At Auschwitz

November 15, 2005

CHICAGO -- Germar Rudolf took a final look at Chicago while aboard a flight taking him to Germany, where he was wanted for his 1995 conviction of inciting racial hatred by disputing the deaths of thousands of Jews held captive at a concentration camp. Rudolf, 41, was deported around 6:30 p.m. Monday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said ICE spokeswoman Gail Montenegro. Rudolph was sentenced by the German government to 14 months in prison for publishing a "scientific" report disputing the deaths of thousands of Jews in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, according to an ICE news release.

He was wanted for violating Germany's Holocaust denial legislation, which was enacted to combat anti-Semitism and protect the memory of Hitler's victims, the release said. Rudolf, also known as Germar Scheerer, fled Germany in 1996 to avoid imprisonment and had then lived in Spain, Great Britain, Mexico and the United States, according to the release.

Rudolf was ordered to present himself to the Chicago ICE office for deportation on April 7, but did not do so and remained in the United States as a fugitive, Montenegro said. (This is a boldface lie --Ed.)

On Oct. 19 he appeared at the Chicago office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to apply for a green card based on his marriage to a U.S. citizen, she said. A records check revealed his outstanding order of deportation and he was immediately taken into custody on Oct. 19, Montenegro said.

Rudolf, a former chemist and author of "Dissecting the Holocaust," tested bricks in the gas chambers for traces of Zyklon B, a cyanide compound used to allegdly kill Jews during the Holocaust. His report claimed that because he did not find evidence of Zyklon B on the bricks, it was unlikely that mass gassings of Jews occurred in Auschwitz.

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