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mikeenviro 07-15-2005 09:11 AM

Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
The Inquisition was the foulest human undertaking. Amongst its attributes were that witnesses remained anonymous and charges against the accused werenít stated. The church fanned the flames of Inquisition and were the direct benificary of the depraved process. The church took over the property of condemned heretics and were paid off by the rich to escape accusation. The method of torturing confessions from accused heretics were the most demented ever devised. The evil man found this mechanism to be expedient for dispatching people who were competition or threats. All attributes of this process were underhanded and played into the hands of the Devil as many persons took an active part in the process.

The Reformation and Counter-Reformation were witness to much bloodshed amongst and between Protestants and Catholics. The church used the persecution of Devil worship to wipe out dissent and subordinate the individual to authoritarian control. Interestingly, the church leaders were punishing what they (church leaders) were practicing through esoteric knowledge. After the execution of a wealthy witch, officials usually treated themselves to a banquet at the expense of the victimís estate. In 1592, Father Cornelius Loos wrote: wretched creatures are compelled by the severity of the torture to confess things they have never doneÖand so by the cruel butchery of innocent lives are taken; and, by a new alchemy, gold and silver are coined from human blood. Martin Luther, who wrote that the Devil is the Lord of the World, scored high marks from the Devil when he encouraged the bloody crackdown on the rebellion he was instrumental in starting. Over 100,000 German peasants lost their lives in the Peasants War.

The crimes of the modern church has seen the Catholic church and, to a lesser extent, the Protestant Church move pedophiles from locale to locale. This act compromised the integrity of all parishes/dioceses involved as the secret criminal knowledge was used to spread the incrimination and control many. Also consistent with this theme is the murder of Pope John Paul I due to his effort to terminate the Freemason influence within the Vatican. The financial dealings between the Vatican and the mafia are another example of modern day crimes. The church leaders that have gone along for the ride with the Devil and his salvation through crime show have compromised the faith. Hereís where the biggest crime comes to roost. Should the doctrine of salvation through crime have validity, the church leaders urging their flock to behave themselves and not be saved while they get in the good graces of the Lord of the World, the Devil, would make them the biggest criminals.

Mankind has been given visual clues as to the merging of the Devil with Christianity. In an era of great wealth for the Catholic Church (late 16th century) an Egyptian obelisk (attribute of Osirisí lost male member) was moved to St. Peters Square. The tiles making up the grounds surrounding the obelisk were laid in the pattern of the Pagan wheel of the year marking the 8 sabbats of the year. The hats (mitre) worn by Catholic bishops and the Pope are a tribute to Dagon the fish god of the Phillistines. The Catholic emblems of sunbursts are tributes to the sun gods of the Pagans. Taking on previous manifestations of the Devil has perhaps eased the transition of Pagans to Christianity but, taken together with their penchant for crime, has made Christianity more Pagan than Chrestian/Christian. However, the obelisk and sabbat layout were effected over a millenia after the supposed migration to Christianity and that was no transition but a significant obesiance to the Devil.

The Gnostics preaching a faith where every person commit every type of sin or to foul up the works so as to attract the attention of Sophia (Wisdom) are ways of adding to the Devilís leveraged power over individuals and institutions. An excerpt from Luke 5:37-39 about old and new wine is an allegory for the creation of a new faith and how people prefer the old wine (faith). Yet this was written after the life of Christ but before Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. The Church fathers purposely made Christianity palatable to Pagans. One must also question the teachings of Paul who declares his body is committed to sin but his mind remains pure. That summation from Romans 7 allows criminals to violate mankind for profit and still remain a Christian. This doctrine of lawlessness is a carryover from Dionysianism and its empire of leveraged beings and institutions. Itís as if man professes Christianity but still clings to Dionysus.

Dreak 07-15-2005 09:35 AM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
"Christianity cloaking Dionysianism"


The Inquisition was the foulest human undertaking
The Inquisition was done with catholisism..not Christianity..

Christianity is for the most part "lost"

What you speak is not what Christ was all about m8..he was against the established religion.

There are (IMO) mis-interpretations in the bible have to sort out the truth for yourself ..

Why would the last verses of Revelation state that if you basicaly touch this book of prophecy then your screwed. ? ( If you did..then you would not be posting here..because you would be blotted out of the book of life. IE. you would never of existed )not any other books of the bible have warnings like that.

You may be referring to "Christianity" of the allready decieved and polluted religion that it has become..however once again..its not the Truth,the way,and the light..

I suggest to read the stuff in red m8 thats a good start :-)

mikeenviro 07-15-2005 10:30 AM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
How can you state "its not what Christ was all about"? Christ didnt pen any of the books of the bible. What you have are followers penning the books long after his death. The bible is a hodge podge that contradicts itself all over the place. Its got a little something for everybody including the criminals.

With respect to the last verse in Revelation about touching the book of prophecy, lets say thats a self-defence mechanism by the faith. Not all Christian faiths accept the book of Revelation including an early church father, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, who wrote about mans vice attempting to mimic the divine.

Whether it be Protestant or Catholic both have their share of crimes against humanity to contend with. The Greek Orthodox were no saints either, being dominated by the emperor. The point youre missing is that crimes against humanity are the goal of the "enlightened" church elite. This is just as in Freemasonry. Both institutions have an "unenlightened" outer shell of followers to give them an unquestionable sense of moral supremacy.

Dreak 07-15-2005 10:45 AM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism

The bible is a hodge podge that contradicts itself all over the place.
Where are contradictions ? ( all over the place ? )

long after his death ?? what about the authors before his time..Prophecy ?

Im saying...the True Christian words are basically lost..


lets say thats a self-defence mechanism by the faith. Not all Christian faiths accept the book of Revelation including an early church father, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, who wrote about mans vice attempting to mimic the divine.
however..MOST christian faiths accept the book of Revelation. yes..not all..but most..

Its lost man..were are the "Miricles" that Christ said would be more then his time ?

Your looking more to destroy the words then to see what they actually mean. There is truth..

mikeenviro 07-15-2005 11:59 AM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
Regarding the contradictions in the bible I would refer you to Tim Leedom's book; "The book your church doesnt want you to read" for a rather definitive accounting of contradictions. This book consolidates the writings of many persons. My own personal example is the way lawlessness is handled in the bible. In some books lawlessness is forgiven and in others it is not. The perpetration of lawlessness is termed Antinomianism and is a very much debated source of differing opinions. Unfortunately, the Freemason and church elite take an unstated (but spoken through actions) positive stance for Antinimomianism.

You may want to peruse Elaine Pagels book "The Origin of Satan". In it (p. 173) she writes of the great Christian ascetic Anthony who taught his spiritual heirs to picture Satan as the most intimate enemy of all - the enemy we call our own self. In the "Life of Anthony" written by Athanasius, he describes how Satan tempts Anthony by speaking through his inner thoughts and impulses, through imagination and desire. If the Freemason and church elite werent enough to be concerned about, the common man and all his violent and evil intentions act as another appendage of the Devil that looks to incriminate and leverage more persons (own their souls, so to speak). This would also be consistent with the Protestant church fathers who wrote that the Devil is the God of this world. Not a pretty picture.

Dreak 07-15-2005 01:08 PM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
If thats all you want me to do is look at other books then your point is not valid.

What specific passages are you refering to ? please tell me so I can look those passages up myself.

or are you just goin on the basis of others interpretations of the Bible ?

If so..then You have no basis on what you speak m8.

Akbar 07-15-2005 01:25 PM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
The early followers of Christianity were true belivers in God. During their lifetime, Christians were being fed to the lions. So the early Christian leaders decided to conceal most of the truth about the religion under the paganism that existed at their time. Their thinking was that over a period of time the true followers of God would uncover the truth and bring it to light. So the Bible is a symbolic book. All of the stories are completely symbolic.
The religion became lost because the Christian leaders that came later withheld the truth from the followers. So God had to bring the revelation back again so it could reach the common man. So thus the holy Quran came to mankind. It came to a common man, not religious, secret, or governmental leadership. As long as the word of God is communicated to the common man properly then there is always the possibility of World peace. Isn't it ironic that the only revelation (holy Quran) to state that people from different religions will be in heaven together, is now being used as a means to divide the religions and bring war. Satan will never win. Truth will prevail.


mikeenviro 07-15-2005 03:37 PM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
Dreak, I offered you one of my own noted contradictions and that was the dual handling of lawlessness and related that to Antinomianism. That topic was not a discussion in either of the two books that I referred to in my previous writeup. As far as which passages of the bible discusses lawlessness that depends on which "inspired" bible you go to. The King James version has written lawlessness almost OUT OF THE bible altogether compared to other versions of the bible. This is a subject that stands on its own as a conspiracy theory related to the bible and the weakness of man. You may want to try a word search for "lawlessness" on your own over the various bible versions using the internet. For the brief period of time I have posted on this board I have presented discussions that are complex, not cheesy dialogue. I don't take other peoples ideas and say they are my own. Any literary work makes use of references to make certain points and I offer the references as a convenience to the reader. You have used the well worn method of tediously attacking very minor points and ignoring the bigger picture.

The Freemason and Christian elite have made use of an esoteric vision that is awash in greed, crime, and fraud and is the basis for many conspiracy theories. Authors (Mircea Eliade (oft quoted by Freemasons), St. Cyril of Jerusalem and Alexander Hislop at a minimum) refer to the manner in which man mimics the gods in vice. Man, and that includes the early Christian (not Chrestian?) followers, all derived reasons to absolve man of the taint of crime and the bible is no different. The elite have been on a mission to corrupt many persons and institutions with crime in order to control them. With leverage comes power. Leverage gives one the ability to control others actions through little investment of their own.

truebeliever 07-15-2005 08:00 PM

Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism
I personally stick to the 4 Gospels and consider the rest light reading and open to MUCH interpretation.

I think the message of Christ was quite clear.

That it could become SO fouled up is a travesty.

Like ANY centralised power structure the Church could not deal with the terrible temptation of power itself.

I personally love the "Lord Of The Rings Trilogy". We see so eloquently put, the terrible temptation of power and the refusal to put it back in the Earth where it belongs.

One must be truly humble and experience the practical effects of transgressions of God's laws. If one cannot feel the pangs of guilt, remorse and sorrow then how will God EVER manifest? We see God's hand in the endemic depression/mental illness taking over the Western World.

It will not be God who destroys the world but the arrogance of man.

I just watched a documentary dealing with the original scientists who unravelled the secrets of DNA.

One openly despised religion and the notion of a supernatural God. He spoke to a crowd (he's in his 90's now) of undergraduate and post graduate Uni students, and said in response to leaving Gods creation alone; I quote..."if we dont mess with the DNA, who will?" There were loud hoots of approval from the crowd. He was suitably happy with this response.

No better example of the complete "Luciferian" arrogance of man on Earth, I believe, exists.

God will soon be setting a few bounderies.

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