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Laokin 10-06-2009 01:16 PM

Re: The Feminism Project

Originally Posted by RoqEL22 (Post 59884)
I do not know if you all have noticed, but the idea of feminizing society is now in effect, as it has been for a long time. As I walk down the streets I see young folks my age, men to be exact, wearing tight pants and feminine looking clothing, not to say anything is wrong with it. Yet, when you start to see the very nature of males converting to the opposite pole, there is no doubt that men are losing their masculine orientation. Anyone have anything to add to this?

Ah, this is untrue. You are referring to the 'EMO' pop culture. It's just people conforming to something different just for the sake of being different. There are 10 manly men to every one of these emo boys. It's a fad, and it will pass just like all the ones previous to it.

Bell Bottoms aren't feminine? Please. That was a 70's thing, they are now called Goucho pants, woman only articles of clothing. I guess you imply that John Lennon was less of a man because he wore bell bottoms?

As for women wearing pants/shorts, it's called comfort. Just because they are of the opposite sex means they should be forced to wear skirts? Illogical.

Lets talk about Kilts for a second.

Kilts are a skirt for men, some of the most manly men (Scottish Warriors and Vikings) wore kilts. Dress attire has nothing to do with men or woman, but comfort and personal choice of the person wearing said article of clothing.

My point, it's entirely subjective.

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