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revolution60 11-14-2009 11:25 AM

Re: how to fight the machine?

Originally Posted by albie (Post 62773)
World and economy? Who gives a snake shit about that. My world is my mind. I don't give a toad turd what happens to anything else.

You want to present the truth of what the world is really like? why not get yourself some actual evidence rather than posting ambiguous info that cna be construed however you like. Why should I trust your view? Look at you guys. Who are you? Your nobody. People on a website regurgitating paranoid delusions that you cannot back up with solid fact.

Why on earth should I trust someone like that?

I don't trust the rich dudes either, but they aren't telling me a load of crap about aliens and reptiles and evil jews.

god i would slit your fucking throat if i met you in public..

worthless cunt..

JohnFK 11-15-2009 03:52 PM

Re: how to fight the machine?
Pressuming the machine runs Windows: win+r -> shutdown -s -f -t 0

joshua17 07-01-2011 12:59 AM

Re: how to fight the machine?
Actual evidence is hard to get for people like us, the governnent hides that from us. U dont have to trust our view, u can listen, agree or disagree. its all about the thought process. And yes we are just people, but someday our voices will heard and we will speak. I could bring up a whole heap of what is wrong with this world and with us a race. I could talk about aliens and lizard people, i could go on and on about religion. Because I know what i believe in, i have an opinion, i have a voice, and here is where we use it. if you do not wish to be a part of it, leave.

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