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nomad 07-16-2005 10:02 AM

Physics Mafia Rules You everyday.

Why Electric Cars? - Answers from Electric Car Drivers

No engine.
No gas tank.
No tailpipe.
No emissions.
No noise.
No kidding!

(And no money goes to greedy oil companies, dictators, or terrorists.)

So what’s an electric car, really?

High performance batteries store electricity, and an electric motor provides propulsion with zero emissions and zero fossil fuels. No gas tank to fill, no oil to change. Electric cars are very reliable. No oil changes, no tune ups. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have 1/10th as many moving parts as a gas cars - No engines, transmissions, plugs, valves, fuel tanks, distributors, starters, clutches, mufflers or catalytic converters.

Sounds great! Can I get one?

The automakers produced great electric cars to meet California’s Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate. A few thousand people have driven the cars. But industry spent millions lobbying in Sacramento, sued in federal court and successfully eviscerated the mandate. Now Toyota, GM, and Honda are confiscating and destroying thousands of electric cars, despite offers of cash from satisfied customers. A small number of ZEV-mandated electric cars were offered for sale in California. They sold out quickly. The automakers won’t even sell you the electric cars they’ve already made. They are crushing them instead. They only sell gas cars.

It makes you wonder...

• What about the pollution created making the electricity? Aren’t you just moving the pollution? No. Even using coal, emissions are lower with EVs. And moving the pollution away from population centers is a good thing. But there’s more. Utilities have plenty of spare generating capacity at night, which could charge millions of EVs. And while we can clean the grid and increase renewables like wind and solar, even the cleanest gasoline car becomes ever more polluting. An electric car never creates emissions. It just gets cleaner as the grid get cleaner.

• Where do you charge? Usually in my garage overnight, but there are public chargers as well. See

• Is it expensive to charge? A buck or two to fill up.

• Aren’t electric cars inefficient? Battery EVs are the most efficient cars on the road:
Toyota RAV4 EV 887 BTU/mile
Toyota Prius Hybrid 2250 BTU/mile
Toyota RAV4 Gas 4423 BTU/mile

(BTU = British Thermal Unit = measure of energy)
That gives the RAV4 Electric the equivalent of 112 MPG rating!

• Aren’t Hybrids a better alternative than 100%-Electric Cars?

Lower emissions than most gasoline cars. Gasoline only. Can’t plug in.
Somewhat better gasoline mileage than regular gas cars. Still dependent on oil companies and foreign despots.
Longer range than pure battery electric Not zero emissions.
Most produce no emissions when car is stopped. Still require normal mechanical maintenance & repairs.

• How many miles can the RAV4 EV go between charges? The RAV4 EV has a maximum range of about 120 miles on one full charge. But you can add charge anytime. I charge when I shop at Costco. And it’s free.

• How fast does it recharge? Faster than me. It charges about 20% per hour. The total time to charge from 0 - 100% is 5 1/2 hours for my car.

• Isn’t hydrogen a solution? No. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are only 25% as efficient as battery EVs when the hydrogen is produced from electricity. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are 1.4X less efficient than if today's cars burned natural gas. Where and how will the hydrogen be stored? Who will pay for this new infrastructure? (U.S. Taxpayers?)

Plug-in hybrids offer the best of both worlds! Say no to oil! Tell the automakers and dealers you won’t buy another new car until you can buy an electric or plug-in hybrid car. See our Take Action section.

Smart choices you can make for all of us:
Buy an electric scooter or bike.
Take public transit (lots of electric!).
Put solar PV panels (photovoltaics) on your roof.
Buy a CNG car. (compressed Natural Gas)
Buy a diesel and use biodiesel.
Buy or make an electric conversion.
Join the Electric Auto Association.

Use the combination of solar energy and electric cars - PV/EV
- solar on your roof and an EV gives you true zero emissions driving.

Electric Car Specs - Facts and Figures
Toyota RAV4 EV Specifications:
Range 125 miles
Top Speed 80 mph (governed)
Weight 3480 lbs.
Motor 20kW permanent magnet
Batteries 24 x 12V NiMH
Voltage 288V system
Charger 220V, 30A; 5kW inductive
Battery Capacity 25.9kWh

Dreak 07-16-2005 10:20 AM

Re: Physics Mafia Rules You everyday.



so much for Electric cars.

I dont think Electric is safe m8.

UNLESS they make some kind of anti-EMP fielded device that would run independantly of natural or man-made cause for disaster.

even now..If an EMP bursts happend locally or globaly It would suck to be you if you didnt run on a simple Diesle design vehicle or power unit.

I think for the moment Ill stay away from "the electric field" untill they zap the thing and make it unstoppable :-D

07-16-2005 10:28 AM

Re: Physics Mafia Rules You everyday.
Freezing gas prices

nomad 07-16-2005 11:42 AM

Re: Physics Mafia Rules You everyday.
Here's the link with the video.

There are literally hundreds of such examples of

more efficient systems ... they get blocked at the

patent offices of the world ... and seldom make

it into mass media beyond a few leaks here and

there ... same thing with disease industry ...

there are HUNDREDS of cures to Cancer but because

they are usually free or of little cost you will

NEVER hear of them in the mass media.

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