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EnlighteningTheMind 10-28-2009 03:03 PM

Oh where oh where has social security gone, oh where oh where can it be?
Okay I would like to ask you all out there something... I would like to know what is up with the Social Security system in the United States. What I mean by that is where did the money go that was supposed to fund this thin, and why isn't there any money left? I mean, I studied math it was one of my favorite subjectsbecause numbers don't lie. Well when you do the math on this Social Security issue, either somebody is seriously lying, or the idiot that they have calculating the numbers flunked basic math, in elementary school of all places, and I'll prove my point in a minute.

There are a lot of people on here and elsewhere who honestly believe that the government wouldn't lie and that there is no conspiracy out there at all, or they don't believe in conspiracies because they can't be proven. Well try this on for size. if the Government is straight up as some believe and would never do anything to get over on or destroy the American people where is the money for Social Security? you do the math each week or however you get paid there are for sure at least 2 things taken out of you check

1. Taxes
2. Social Security (or some form of it anyway)

If this is the case and this is constantly coming out of one's check and everyone has to work to pay into this system, why is Social Security broke as they claim, or is not going to be able to fund future generation? "What are people going to stop working?" I think not, so what is the real problem and where is the money really going or funding?

In closing I have an email from one of my listerners who sent this to us to air on the show and it says...

"Hi I have been listening to your shows and I like how you ask the tough questions and discuss topics and issues other's won't. My question or concern is, where and what is happening to Social Security? My husband was a worker all of his life he hardly ever missed a day of workand he worked for 45 years until he was forced to retire from his job due to failing health. He then drew from Social Security for six month's until he died midway through the seventh month just before his seventh month check would arrive. Would you believe I got a call from Social Securtiy telling me not to cash the check and to send it back because he did not live the entire month; therefore, was not entitled to the money. Ridiculous! so you tell husband paid into social security all those years and only drew six month's worth and then was abruptly cut off and Social Security is broke? Where has all the money gone? If this sistuation has happened to me can you imagine all the other people who have had the same sistuation or one just as bad...Where is all that money?

I ask the same thing, if you would like to comment on this please feel free to do so, if you would like to listen to the show where we will discuss this and other topics please log onto Enlightening The Mind click on the blogtalk radio icon and it will direct you to the show the show airs live every Wednesday's 9pm EDT 7pm MDT and 6pm PDT you can also catch the archive show if you can't listen live thatnk you all for your comments and I look forward to hearing from you all soon on this and other issues that shape and affect how we live our daily lives!

Enlightening the Mind.

EireEngineer 11-02-2009 12:23 PM

Re: Oh where oh where has social security gone, oh where oh where can it be?
All Social Security funds get rolled into the general fund, just like income taxes, and then get spent like anything else. Of course it doesnt help that 2/3 of federal spending is on auto-pilot either.

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