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RoqEL22 07-12-2009 02:56 PM

The Reptilian New World Order?
By : Jjump22

Honestly, the topic you are viewing right now is no longer just a thought. It is a well established fact which has already been implemented and is well on its way to success. For decades and beyond, New World Order has been a thought that few have the strength and will power to dwell upon. Yet, as we entered into the new century, the New World Order has gained its right as a globally recognized political law. Due to this simple reason, it can no longer be recognized as a theory.

Our current civilization is entering into the Age of Aquarius, according to an ancient zodiacal calendar that is as old as our human civilization itself. The sign of Aquarius is affiliated by astrologers with fraternity, or brotherhood, which is the foundational stone of Freemasonry. The age we are currently exiting is the age of Pisces, its zodiac symbol being the fish, an important Christian symbol. Note, that the age of Pisces was extremely relevant with the age of Christianity. The age of Pisces gave way to the age of Aquarius in 2002 C.E.

In viewing a dollar bill, have you ever thought to consider the official Great Seal of the United States of America, most commonly seen on the back of the worlds most popular one bank note. Beneath the ancient pyramid on the Great US Seal is the Latin inscription: “Novus Ordo Seclorum”. “Novus” means new, “Ordo” means Order, the Latin word “Seclorum means a Worldly state of being without religion. So the ultimate meaning of Novus Ordo Seclorum is, “The New World Order of the Ages“.

Evidence of New World Order being implemented is already evident in our current world. The United States is not a country as it was thought to be, it is a corporation controlled all the way from overseas by the global elite. It’s not only the united states, but over 80% of the worlds landscape is currently futuristic farmland, where the slaves serve with a little more freedom than indentured servants. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 not by the government, but by bankers in the elite ranks of our civilization, who in turn control the governments, who appear to control US. There is much technology available to us RIGHT NOW, that could eliminate much of our worlds sorrows and troubles. Yet, most of us believe we have the most advanced technology known to man available to us right now. The sad truth is that, once the new technology of the elite becomes old, it will be passed on to society as new.

The many wars and battles fought through-out history may seem to be historical and very important events to the untrained mind. The global elite have always funded both sides of wars for profit, entertainment, and more power. The most recent war in Iraq was believed to be fought for oil and resources, yet there may be a more sinister and secretive reason for invading Iraq and assassinating Saddam Hussein. There are believed to be two star gates under the sands of Iraq, as well as alien technology left behind from centuries ago. There are currently two star gate under the control of the U.S. government in the United States. There is much more going on in our current age that meets the eye, and you must pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings, it is the only way you will truly know, without meditation.

The most notable passage of the implementation of the New World Order was stated by the man himself, George Bush Sr. . A snippet of the transcript to the world on live television goes as follows “Once again, Americans have stepped forward to share a tearful goodbye with their families before leaving for a strange and distant shore. At this very moment, they serve together with Arabs, Europeans, Asians, and Africans in defense of principle and the dream of a new world order. That's why they sweat and toil in the sand and the heat and the sun. If they can come together under such adversity, if old adversaries like the Soviet Union and the United States can work in common cause, then surely we who are so fortunate to be in this great Chamber -- Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives -- can come together to fulfill our responsibilities here. Thank you. Good night. And God bless the United States of America.”

Notable organizations believed to be involved in the New World Order are the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers and the Federal Reserve. Families that are involved include the Rothschilds, Reckefellers, Morgans, DuPonts and the Bush family. The idea of this NWO is total population control by a one-world government, as well as a mass depopulation campaign to limit the number of slaves to be controlled. Many believe it to be religious in nature, as a plan to usher in the antichrist. Interestingly enough, the book of revelations speaks of the antichrist, his one-world government and one-world religion . Events that could possibly lead up to a scenario such as this is a movement by the United Nations or some other global establishment to force control over many nations. Also, the implanted microchip that everyone would be forced to receive. Watch for more surveillance in public areas and the gradual erosion of our freedoms and rights as individuals.

Before this article is finished, it would be a noteworthy addition to state that the Bush family and their many associates are members of a ancient reptilian bloodline, now in humanoid form. Do your research, for the truth awaits you.

RoqEL22 07-12-2009 02:59 PM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
What are your thoughts regarding the establishment of the New World Order? What can we do to stay focused and over come this challenge? Is it a battle to limit the focusing of our minds on our chakras, is it a battle to keep our souls in this realm? Please share your thoughts.

omgwhtrtheydoin 09-18-2009 12:48 PM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
You`ve lost the plot......the new world order, can only bring good. Your right the technology to stamp out crimes and enable us to live in a safe environment is there already but it cant be used to its full potential because paranoid idiots keep jumping up and down about invasion of our rights, and invasion of our privacy.....I`d quite happily give up my privacy if it meant tht we could live in safety, that our children could play outside with out fear that some weirdo is gonna take them away, or my girlfriend could walk home late at night without the fear of being attacked........surely our right to live in safety and without fear is more important than our right to privacy. Yet everyone keeps barking about is how much they value their right to privacy.

The new world order is real, its happening and its going to suceed....and when it does the world will be a better place for it, so people stop fighting it, open your eyes and realise for yourselves.

Ratziel 10-05-2009 06:19 AM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
There is nothing good about the NWO I'm sorry to say. We would all love to believe our government is trying to make the world a better plece for us but it couldn't be further from the truth. We are being used for food and resources. We are nothing more than a monetary product to the ilite. These world leaders aren't who they appear to be and this great global plan to bring everyone under the same government is nothing more than the biggest political deceprtion of all. Eliminating war and debt is nothing but an idea used as bait and guess what, everyone is going for it hook line and sinker. I swear people will beleive anything they hear from media or the mouths of these non human agents disguised as word leaders' politicians and freemasons. There will always be war and conflict as long as they remain in power. And when it is not war on thy neighbor it mark my words it will be an exterior threat they wage war against, ie an alien threat or een true creator god him/herself And the longer you wait to empower yourselves with true knowledge and real insight the smaller your window of opportunity will get to sort the lies from the truth and elighten yourself not only with knowledge but with a true connection to the source of life. It's only paranoia if it's not true. And I have experienced first hand contact with members of a galactic federation working primarily on the side of nature and humanity. These conspiracies are not theories., They are real. I have been shown first hand the things that take place in and around the dimensions of this planet and have also been awakened and endowed with my own insight and power to the point of which it was revealed to me that there has been intergration of highly evolved species into my bloodline as well as many other humans who remain unaware of their origin and true nature. If you want our help then you must exept the truth and stopp gobbling up the lies. As far as the new world order, We are talking about reducing the worlds population by up to 70%. AND THEY DONT NEED PERMISSION FROM US to put this plan into effect. It already is. Do not trust ANYTHING you hear from your world leaders' military or popliticians.

Ratziel 10-06-2009 01:40 AM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?y the first
This is what has been shown to me, take it as you will. The Earth was young when man found her, but man did not originate here. There is much proof of this look for it and you will find it. The dna of a highly advanced human race was carried here from star beings of light consciousness. Co creators if you will, extensions of the divine creator. These star beings have had many names and have been presented in many ways by many cultures. Not to mention playing important roles in virtually ALL religious, esoteric and spiritual scriptures. Gia or mother Earth was the first volanteer by the star council of light and creation to be remanifested into a denser physical form as an expression and extension of the divine feminine. The spirit of God. This was some time before she wasdeveloped enough to give birth to her own new life. Then came the other co creators and star gods. Having created other worlds and other bodies for themselves before, they carried the dna of many different expressions of themselves with them. The idea was to upgrade the already existing constructs by combining different qualities from different humanoid species using the dna or life essence of these previous versions of themselvs. The advanced human dna that was used in our creation contained genes from more than one genetic construct or species. Other previous expressions such as Dragon like humanoids falling into sub categories ie serpent or reptillian, Tall blond hair blue eyed humanoids with elf like features, birdlike humanoids, dark skinned humans with round almond or yellow eyes and yes also apelike mammals. Some of these light beings descended to this realm in temporary bodies that where prototypes of the vehicles that reflected what the human species was suppose to become. These prototypes where in the likeness of the angels and/or the olympian gods. The project was designed by the creator and co creators to experience life energy and it's transformation through several layers of consciousness and expressions. When Earth was first physically created it did not vibrate on third dimensional frequencies. Our physical plane was what is now the sub metaphysical planes ie feiry plane and fourth dimensions between the third dimension and the spirit and dream planes of the mid and upper fourth demensions. There where animal like mammals that where guided by the light beings and aided in thier evolution to a certain point so that the dna of this advanced human race could be encoded to the dna and genetic construct of the existing primitive mammals. These beings where derect lower expressions of the star beings that created them, in face the beings incarnated themselves into thier new vehicles to create perminant bodies to present balance to Gia as Earth guardians. This is what we are suppose to be untill we where corrupted. I will finish later I must go.

albie 10-06-2009 04:14 AM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
Got banned from the David Icke forum, did you Ratziel? yeah. me too. for calling them dummies.

Politics is always going through a new world order. It's just a phrase that some have used to sell crank books with weak evidence to fill them with.

No longer a theory? Yeah, if you have a very weak idea of what constitutes evidence. If you have that then anything is now established fact.

Funny how there was a boost in reptile sightings after the popular TV show V aired.

Ratziel 10-06-2009 04:28 AM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
Not a simple answer. To answer this I must explain that. Since I can remember I have been visited by two distinct different parties of extradimensional origin. Since age 5 I have been frequently contacted by what I thiught in my youth was a spirit but later discoverd the being was much more. I had been in pychic contact through dreamrnig and telepathy with the beng throughmy teens. At age 15 I began meditation training and contact with the being increased. I began to see things I had never seen. My third eye as opening and dhannels of information began to flow directly through me. I had always had a thing for art and metaphysics but now my talents where increasing seemingly unaturslly. I saw auric energy, tones frequencies and coulors taking shapes and patters and interweaving with the life energy that I could see and feel around and inside of me. At the time there was another being who acompanied me in spirit as well. Together they taught me things that I could not have known or learned here in this life. I refered to the dominant being as Derek at the time though he told me that was not his true name. I saw him as a glowing gold yellow energy eminating around me and also consentrating in certain areas of my environment. He later revealed himself to Rowon, meaning the fury or the burning one n some ancient draconian translation. He has taught me much of alchemy, sorcery, and spiritualas well as physical combat. we have merged together as one being and my visionary and channeling abilities have increased signifigantlhy. I also have retained minor shapeshifting skill which I would love to prove:) As far as my bloodline goes I am a mut. I have some heritage that goes nback to mickmack native american culture though my mothers side they are shapeshifters branching from the Abanakiwhich are cousans and descendants of the Annunaki(ancient shapeshifters). We come from a dying breed of white light dragons. Most reptillian bloodlines are in only service to self and in alliance with the dark onesor are the dark ones. My family descends from a clan of light warriors who are in part members of the Star light Pleadians and other angelic orders. On my fathers side My blood goes into my great granpa small half cherokee but lso importantly my grandfather's scottish connection to freemasonry and well hidden behind the AMERICAN LEGION. He is one of the good ones but we know what reptillian and demonic legions lurk behind the dark mask of Freemasonry.

albie 10-06-2009 04:33 AM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
Is this you?

Tantra love sex and intimacy - Hsin Tao Workshop

albie 10-06-2009 04:36 AM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
I firmly believe this mental disorder is rife amongst the conspiracy community.

Schizotypal personality disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It means you can seem normal but still have delusions.

Ratziel 10-06-2009 04:41 AM

Re: The Reptilian New World Order?
Funny I just discovered David Icke a couple months ago. I have been recieving and sharing this informationfor 12 years now at age 29 in my human vehicle and never even read a catineda or Icke book til I was in my mid twenties. Never had the internet til 2004 and in fact always recieved information firtst in the form of a channel then months sometimes years later the info would be confirmed by other sources other authors or theorist ext. Mark my words and may the crator of life destroy me now if I am lying, My information pools either straight through me channeling or through direct contact of my many allies not to mention the use of certain ancient knowledge tools and techniqqes which I have not learned from any physical human and cannot mention in full. Call me a nut if you will I really don't expect any of you to believe me but trust me soon you will:) Bliss and light to you!

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