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Darth Cacodaemon 07-24-2009 11:06 AM

THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men
Society for years has bagged on Men. Yet, when they want us to kill for them or to take insane risks, they come running to us. Why is this?
The war to emasculate men, a form of psychological castration, has been going on for now about 20 years. Women are taught that men are simple minded children. Many women's magazines give instructions on how to "tame" a Man.
Our society celebrates the emasculated punks who impregnate females and then runs off, never taking responsibility for their progeny.
Not only that, but grave injustices are done to men everyday. Society sens the message to Men that we are disposable, simple minded creatures. We can see this inequality when Men are forced to sing up for Selective Services, while women are not. We see this when a female pervert molests a boy, and she gets off because she is "too beautiful" to go to prison.
These injustices are wrong. We are not simply drones you squeeze out your birth canals to fight wars as automaton cannonfodder. We are not simply a paycheck for some reckless gold-digger to exploit and then throw us aside when she has cleaned us out.
It is time Men demanded equality and justice. We must insist that Women sign up for Selective Services. We must insist that Female perverts go to prison for sexually raping teenage boys, and rot there for a long, long time.

The old days of 'Women and children first is over"! If you desire equality then do not demand on your privledge, ladies. Equality means you can die and shed blood with us Men if selective services needs your warm body for war. Equality means we call a woman that rapes a teenage boy what she is- a sick, twisted, depraved pervert who should be chemically casterated once she is released for doing 15-20 years in prison. Do not tell me you're "too beautiful" to go to prison. You'r not. So what if you are raped in there? No gives a flying fuck if a male Pervert is gangraped in prison so why she we give fuck if a train of women covicts rape your pervert ass? Serves you right, you goddamn pig!

RoqEL22 07-26-2009 12:01 AM

Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men

Leonardo 07-26-2009 01:51 AM

Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men
Good grief, darth. Don't get so worked up about it, man.

Who cares what women think?

You didn't actually think all that stuff mattered did you?

It's all good, man. Remember your balls.

And remember, no matter how much women bitch, belittle, castrate, insult, vampirize, manipulate, and abuse men, you're always called to be the man and put that little yapper of hers back in its place.

Truth is, women don't know what they want. They never did, they never will. It's a man's job to tell em what they want.

Most of em happen to want me.

Milly 07-26-2009 08:25 PM

Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men
I hear you. I don't understand why we burn bras and say we want equality when we don't really want it.

Along with the draft-dodging, I think it's very strange that women are allowed to have their own gyms, schools, etc., while they continually try to bust their way into specialized, private institutions.. for example a long running and historic all-mens military school is forced to admit a woman based on perpetual whining... only to have her end up being hazed and dropping out.

Then again, I'm a woman who is comfortable with the idea of classic gender roles. This isn't to say that I expect not to work, or have things handed to me on a silver platter (I like working and being productive, it's good for the self-esteem), but rather that I personally like the man to wear the pants in a relationship. I do, however, demand mutual respect. But I feel that that's how classic gender roles are set up... one party brings home the metaphorical bacon, the other cooks it, and everyone wins.

Leonardo 07-27-2009 05:56 PM

Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men
Good grief, Milly??!!!

Are you serious!


I don't ever think I've heard the like. guys think I joking. I'm not



Did you hear what she just said, Darth?

She just actually said she was 'confortable' with traditional gender roles


They had almost turned me into a fag and now there's some girl saying she wants to be a gril! I guess NOW I'm supposed to want to be a MAN, eh? After a lifetime of being turned into a metrosexual, now they all want me to be a MAN AGAIN!!!


Leonardo 08-03-2009 05:26 PM

Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men

Laokin 10-06-2009 01:02 PM

Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men
Lol, too true. Woman are fucking nut cases. (In general) They tell you one thing, you do it, they bitch at you for doing it.

Catch 22 always. Women have hormonal problems, which get in the way of rational thinking for the most part. This is why men are better drivers, better shooters, better athletes, better at pretty much anything physical/logical.

Men are even better chefs. We just usually don't have time to learn recipe's or feel like wasting the time preparing a 2 hour meal to be eaten in less than 5 minutes.

Men = Better.

Women = Production.

Men do the hard work, women pick up the slack.

When men can have babies, women can have their equality.

upagainstit 02-26-2010 05:27 PM

Re: THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men
My Views:
The story on males and females, according to me:

Life as it currently is, since our ancestors being vanquished,
unknown how long ago, where, what, how,who,when and why...
Since then, however - here we are.

Life, as it currently is, is more "man-made" than a natural state.
As far as us males go, it doesn't matter upfront.
However, females are more "concerned" on this count, than us males, are.

Up front, females were made for males, more so, than
males were made for females.
This is an "artificial" existence, more so, than natural - to us.
Like I said, it doesn't matter to the males BUT females are more concerned.

Males and Females:
obviously, males were made to be in charge, females were made to
say things like - "yes m'lord".

Instead of "complying" females have "gained" the upper hand.

Males, continue to be males, throughout the "life-cycle".
Females, have changes:
up to 14 years old - females are interested in males
at 15 they go through some-kind of "transition"
at 16 they are on a different course to around the end of child bearing years
at 35 or so and up - who knows "where" they are (?).

Looking at Females from a "Nature" Perspective:
It's obvious to us males, that females have a more "physical"
involvement with bringing "new life" into the world, than we males do.
Females are probably "closer" to Nature than us males are.

Females can be "likened" to - the Black Widow Spider.
If they can "do us in", they will.

As things are, females cannot see us males, anywhere suitably enough.

Females have the upper hand, they are pretty-well in charge,
and they don't want to be in charge, not "really" anyway.

Bottom Line:
If we males, cannot manage things - from our ends,
the females - will eventually - be the end of us.

Females, seem to be, more "concerned" with:
the species being able to survive, in "already" now, ways.

Males, seem to be, more willing, to give - AS IS - a go.

We males, are more useful, to life being, than females are.

The above is the way - it looks - up front.

We males, have to fight the females AND win.
Us males, loosing out to the females, is not an option, for us.

Currently females are making "mince-meat" of us.

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